Massachusetts Sports Betting

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Is Massachusetts sports betting legal? After a few years of stalling and restarting, Massachusetts appears to be on the verge of allowing sports gambling by 2022. However, currently, sports betting is not yet legal in any game such as casinos, lottery, etc. The situation in neighboring states is different such as in New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, etc.

While sports gambling is illegal but there are other gambling opportunities that are legal. Massachusetts is famous for two big casinos and one casino for only slot games. You can also bet on horse racing through online sites in Massachusetts e.g., TVG

There are unauthorized sports betting operators offshore that can help you to wager on sports in Massachusetts illegally. However, these websites are illegal, and they can create problems during payment. There is no customer license for the protection of such transactions so if you bet on sports using these illegal sites there is no law that can protect you from such loss.

Can you bet on sports legally in Massachusetts?

No, currently Massachusetts sports betting is not legal. The House of Representatives is debating bills in the hopes of making progress before the end of the year.

Sports betting sites that may launch in MA

Once Massachusetts receives approval to open online gambling, all the major bookmakers will flock to the state. Definitely, they would want to make their mark on a slice of what promises to be a profitable Massachusetts sport betting industry.

Online sports betting websites in Massachusetts are still illegal. However, there is a list of sports betting sites that may launch in Massachusetts:

Caesars Massachusetts

It offers a fantastic sign-up incentive for new customers on its smartphone sportsbook platform, and they are one of the leading wagering operators in the whole country. Caesars sportsbook offers a great variety of payment methods, making it simple for gamblers to fund their accounts and withdraw cash. Moreover, it also makes banking quick and easy, and you will have no trouble maintaining your cash there.

Caesars’ smooth bet slip feature, which is accessible on both the smartphone app and the desktop website, makes it simple to keep a record of your current bets. Apparently, it offers a variety of services for future wagering, that can be both entertaining and lucrative. For example, if you’re a die-hard NFL fan, you have the opportunity to place a wager on your team to win their division, league, or Super Bowl.

Moreover, if you want to enjoy online sports betting using mobile there are some opportunities in place. Caesars provides casino sportsbooks on Android and iOS. Once you’ve logged into your profile and opened the app, it’s straightforward to place bets and receive wins. The interface can be a little glitchy at moments, and it has been known to malfunction. Luckily, this has no effect on existing bets, but it can make it very hard to find the correct line numbers sometimes.

Caesars offers a much more secure environment and more dependable and quicker banking choices. It also comes under the jurisdiction of the U.S. so it is a safe and more secure platform. If you want to know is it legal to bet on sports in Massachusetts using Caesars? The answer is no, Caesars is not allowed for Massachusetts sports betting as it is yet illegal to bet on sports there.

BetRivers Massachusetts

This sportsbook maybe launches shortly in Massachusetts. BetRivers sportsbook had a successful start in other US states. There is also a possibility that it may expand to Massachusetts to provide the same sports, wagering opportunities, and benefits to users. It provides a devoted online sports gambling interface through its smartphone app. Also, it delivers a convenient entrance to the field of college and professional sports, with customized casino games and sportsbook covers for every region it operates in.

The site has a much-customized service that differs by surface, but the sportsbook consistently delivers high-quality service throughout its huge variety of online catalogs. A welcome reward is available to players in all regions where the site is operational. The mark reward is valued at a 100 % double up to 250 %, with simple wagering conditions from 2021.

All gambling conditions associated with the welcome incentive reward are often specified in the bonus Contractual terms, making them simple to understand and fulfill. Deals from BetRivers are unquestionably beneficial. The incentives are plentiful and simple to use. Their internet banking system is also easy to use due to the organization’s involvement in whitelisted states.

The odds of this online betting site are best among other sportsbooks. BetRivers crunches information with its algorithms to come up with the best possible matches that will improve your upcoming wager significantly favorably and better.

You can also avail of live-streaming services on the desktop platform and sportsbook app. The smartphone app is a significant benefit of the deal. The BetRivers wagering app is a cutting-edge technology that enhances the smartphone gambling experience and also brings a new level of involvement.

BetMGM Massachusetts

This top-notch sportsbook has various attributes. The smartphone app is well-designed, and its site is well-organized. There are many sports and bets to choose from, as well as various payment options! The sportsbook’s regular promos, on the other hand, are one of its key traits. There is a promotion area on the mobile application and website of BetMGM which include all the latest offers for casino and sportsbook.

Besides, there are a variety of value bets and incentives available on their site. These promotions enable the bettor to save money on bets while also increasing your possibility of success. BetMGM has accomplished one thing greater than almost all other sports gambling operators in the United States. It has formed professional alliances with the best well athletes in the world. Further, it offers a diverse gambling menu that offers conventional bets as well as a good selection of side bets. There are odds on a range of live matches at the sportsbook.

The payout alternatives are as diverse as the payment options. Besides, the withdrawal process is quick and easy. Their team will assess your refund once you’ve submitted it. The bulk of transactions takes up to 48 hours to be granted. The BetMGM crew works non-stop to make this happen. If you have several transactions waiting, they will usually combine them into one transfer. In your profile’s banking area, you may view all of your withdrawal queries. You may track the progress of your withdrawal queries by looking through your previous transactions. As we know it is among the most popular sports gambling sites, it’s probable that when sports gambling is permitted in Massachusetts, they’ll team up with its trade location.

FoxBet Massachusetts

It is the result of a mutual partnership between Flutter Entertainment & FOX Sports that launched in May 2019. And it has the goal of providing legal internet and mobile sports gambling in the United States. It may have arrived late to the sports in certain US regions, but the joint influence of both partner companies and their technical and business abilities make FOX Bet a dangerous rival.

FOX Bet, being among the leading sportsbooks gives you a truly unique and exciting experience. There is no sports gambling site in the United States that provides such amazing insight from well-known broadcasters and analysts. They also have news updates and live scores are also quite beneficial. It also offers unique incentives, huge betting limits, a robust interface, and excellent odds upgrades.

The simplest way to explain their application is that it is simple to use and understand. Customers will appreciate the application’s in-play wagering features. These include live statistics, score alerts, and game monitors which provide a graphical presentation of what’s happening on the ground. FOX Bet’s mobile application was revised immediately after its debut to solve some technical problems, and now it works as fast as lightning. Customers can rapidly switch from one sport to the next, access the in-play wagering tab, and move from one part to the next with no delay.

Additionally, customers can also use FOX Bet’s in-play gambling service to secure themselves since the last odds adjustments. It has taken a bold tactic to launch its application in new countries. Governor Charlie Baker seems to be in favor of allowing sports gambling in Massachusetts, thus it seems that FOX Bet will be able to operate in the country soon.

TwinSpires Massachusetts

It is a well-known online betting platform in the US. TwinSpires has lured numerous customers from all across the nation to gamble there due to its popularity. It offers parimutuel betting on races conducted at numerous racetracks throughout the globe. TwinSpires also provides online legal horse race gambling at many locations.

Their website and mobile application interface are interactive and user-friendly. They have paid careful attention to each feature and their every update improves it more. Overall, they have among the most impressive online betting applications. TwinSpires user interface provides quick access to all live functions, as well as actual odds and payments.

A terrific greeting bonus is something you can actually expect from TwinSpires. They’ve earned recognition for having the greatest promos in the US gambling industry, so enjoy the benefits when you register.

They also have a great variety of gambling odds and regular bettors can take advantage of a great VIP program. Their customer support is responsive, and they are available 24/7 by email, phone, and online chat.

What is the legal betting age in MA?

You must be 21 years of age if you want to bet on sports in Massachusetts. Online sports betting in Massachusetts is illegal. However, you can bet on horses, play the lottery, bingo, etc. if you are 18 years and older in Massachusetts.

The latest on online sports betting legislation in MA

Online sports betting in Massachusetts is currently illegal. The last parliamentary meeting ended on January 4, 2022, with Senate failing to adopt any sports gambling laws. As a result, citizens of Massachusetts will have to keep traveling to find legal gambling opportunities.

After modifying the House’s authorized gambling bill, the Senate looks pretty good at the negotiation table on sports gambling. However, because the bills are so dissimilar, the two parties will have to work out their disagreements. Sports gambling, according to Senate President Karen Spilka, is not really a primary concern for the Senate. However, Gov. Charlie Baker, who isn’t even seeking re-election in 2022, has stated that he would be ready to accept a sports gambling bill before stepping down.

Who regulates online sports betting in MA?

The State Gaming Commission regulates online sports betting in Massachusetts. And they also have the authority to provide the license to betting operators. Currently, no online betting operators are able to get a license as legislation is not approved by the Senate.


What age do I need to be to place a sports bet in MA?

You should be at least 21 years of age if you want to bet on sports in Massachusetts. However, if you want to opt for horse betting, the age limit for betting on horse racing is 18. You cannot simply apply and sign-up for the sportsbooks. As a matter of fact, you will have to show some form of documentation to prove your identity and age. This can include, your ID issued by the government, a passport, or a driver's license.

Do I pay taxes on sports betting wins in MA?

Yes, you have to pay taxes on gambling winnings at the state and federal levels. Despite what amount you win, Massachusetts rule mandates residents to record their payoffs and pay a percentage of it to the state.

Do sports betting sites need to be licensed in MA?

Yes, it is very much necessary for betting sites to be legalized and have licenses to operate in Massachusetts. If they don’t have a license then they are restricted by the law to not operate in that specific region.