Growing in small steps in the past, Alaska sports betting has been taking shape systematically, In recent times, you could only bet on fantasy sports. That has gradually changed, and you can now bet on different sports of your choice. The Alaska betting space has been gradually lighting up with the arrival of exciting new sportsbooks offering a wide array of sports to bet on. It is clear that in the near future, bettors in Alaska will catch up with others around the United States who have participated in sports betting for a longer period.

The prospects of sports betting in the state have been further enhanced by the realization of state authorities that there is a lot of revenue that comes with this activity. Other states have been gaining immensely from this revenue. Alaska is bound to also cash in on this opportunity in a big way. While the authorities are at it, bettors in the state don’t want to be left behind either. They will definitely cash in on the attractive offers of the sportsbooks as well.

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Can you legally bet on sports online in Alaska?

No, there is no legal provision for online sports in Alaska legally. The state has not authorized the practice, nor has it allowed any sportsbooks to operate. This does not mean that there is completely no online sports betting apps in Alaska. Individual bettors in the state have access to offshore sportsbooks that allow them to bet. This is a very risky practice as they are not protected by state legislation while doing so. Still, nothing will stop the ultimate risk-takers from placing a wager, even though it is clearly not advisable to do so.

The authorities in the state have remained particularly and surprisingly indifferent towards Alaska sports betting. The state clearly has other priorities than to allow its citizens to place a sports wager. They have not shown any enthusiasm to legalize sports betting despite the fact that the Supreme Court did away with the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018. This act made it impossible to carry out online sports betting in the entire US. While other states have long taken advantage of the new legal betting space, Alaska authorities remain mum on the betting issue.

The year 2022 is however beginning to show indications that something might change about the status of Alaska sports betting. There is already a bill in the legislature towards legalizing sports betting. This may soon allow for such things as online sports betting in Alaska. Only then will the residents of the last frontier state be able to bet legally within their state on the sports of their choice. Till then, the whole state waits.

Best sports betting sites expected in Alaska

There are some leading betting sites that are causing great excitement in the Alaska sports betting space. These are betting sites that already cover most states in the US that have already legalized betting. They are big betting sites with large membership bases and attractive prizes on offer. They remain among the leading sportsbooks in the country.

The sportsbooks offer boundless opportunities for getting huge odds, amazing bonuses, attractive promotions, and a wide array of sports to choose from. They are in the process of lighting up the Alaska sports betting space in a manner that has not been seen before. It will be only a matter of time before they reign in millions of new bettors gauging by the popularity they have gained elsewhere in the United States and even beyond.

DraftKings Alaska

DraftKings is one of the largest sportsbooks operating in the US. It has been offering fantasy sports in Alaska for some time now. It has a huge sports market that includes games from within the US and the international sphere. The sportsbook has very useful stats on the site that guide bettors. There are almost all the betting types that exist on offer on the site. Moreover, DraftKings is renowned for its big bonuses, high odds, and enduring loyalty program. DraftKings practically operates in all the states in which sports betting has been legalized. Consequently, DrafKings Alaska sports betting is definitely an exciting new inclusion in the sportsbook space in the frontier state.

FanDuel Alaska

FanDuel is another big name in the world of sports betting. It has also offered fantasy sports in Alaska for some time now. The sportsbook is also present in every state in which betting has been legalized in the US. The sportsbook offers a huge variety of local and international sports and numerous betting options. FanDuel has attractive bonuses and interesting regular promotions. The odds on offer are also among the highest in the market.

PointsBet Alaska

Another omnipresent sportsbook in the US is PointsBet. It is particularly loved for its sumptuous bonuses. The sports market on the site is huge, while the odds on offer are very competitive. There are also numerous promotions on the site and a great customer loyalty program. Customer care is another outstanding plus at PointsBet. With it comes sumptuous prizes that people are winning every day on the PointsBet platform around the country. This is certainly a sportsbook to go for, even as it establishes full operations in Alaska. Once it properly takes off, it will be one of the most attractive betting platforms for bettors in the frontier state.

Caesars Alaska

Caesars is another name that is almost synonymous with sports betting in the US. Its great bonuses, attractive odds, and wide collection of games are famous nationally. Moreover, the site carries out regular promotions that reign in millions of betting enthusiasts. The site is one of the oldest and best-established betting sites in the US. It boasts several physical betting retail sites around the country. In addition to the odds boosts it gives frequently, Caesars has regular odds boosts that are certainly attractive to bettors. The sportsbook will certainly light up the Alaska betting space within no time.

BetMGM Alaska

BetMGM is another huge name in the world of betting. You will get all the advantages of the main sports betting sites on this sportsbook. There are great prizes that bettors have carried home on this huge site. BetMGM Alaska sports betting is renowned for its huge selection of local and international sports. The site also boosts its odds regularly, making betting on it more attractive. The regular promotions and big bonuses on the site add to the overall thrill of betting on the site. The residents of Alaska should seek to experience the excitement of Alaska sports betting on BetMGM. This is a major player in the process of betting and one of the game changers in the entire United States. BetMGM is as big as they come.

Alaska online sports betting legislation

The first attempt to legalize Alaska sports betting came from an initiative by the state governor Mike Dunleavy in 2020. He argued that legalizing sports betting would diversify and increase the state’s revenue. There was however no movement by either chamber of the state legislature on the proposed Alaska sports betting bill.

The lack of interest in sports betting in the state is likely to stem from the lack of major sporting activities in the state. With only 800,000 residents, the state does not have any big teams competing in major American sports competitions. However, this cannot be a hindrance since residents of Rhode Island also have no major sports teams, but betting is already a huge practice in the state.

Another suspect cause of the indifference of the legislature is probably a negative attitude toward gambling. Alaska is not Las Vegas where gambling is a way of life. There are therefore some very conservative sentiments towards anything to do with gambling. These feelings are strongly grounded in the state legislature.

Nevertheless, the initiative by the governor is likely to be an important step toward future legislation on the subject. There is currently a bill AK HB 385 which is moving towards legalizing betting. One thing is for sure, Alaska sports betting cannot continue to be kept in abeyance for much longer. Even the state cannot sustain ignoring the huge revenues that other states are making from betting.

Retail sports betting locations in Alaska

There are no retail sports betting locations in Alaska at the moment. However, many are expected to come up in the near future for the sake of sports bettors. Whereas many online sportsbooks are in Alaska allowing locals to participate in sports betting, physical locations are still not there. Consequently, you will not find physical retail sports places anywhere in the state.

Alaska does not even have a state lottery. The frontier state is still making baby steps in the process of fully establishing sports betting. Nevertheless, it won’t be long before everything is in place. It is expected that a fully operational state lottery, followed by retail sports betting locations will be a reality in the betting space in the very near future. With that will come vibrant sports betting environment that will rein in millions of dollars for the state.

Latest news on Alaska online sports betting

The only white smoke coming from the state legislature as far as Alaska sports betting is concerned is the AK HB 385 bill. The bill seeks to legalize betting in the state. It is progressing well with all indications that it will soon open wide the betting space in the state. The main motivating factor for this positive movement is the huge revenue that the state is bound to collect from sports betting activities.

There has been an indication of progress on the bill in 2022 than has ever been seen before. This makes the prospect of Alaska sports betting brighter than it has ever been. Sports bettors can now be sure that they will be able to participate in their favorite pastime from within their state fully. In the meantime, the entire betting fraternity in the state waits with bated breath. Hopefully, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel soon.


What is the online legal sports betting age in Alaska?

21 years remains the legal Alaska sports betting age. This is due to federal law which requires a person to be at least 21 to be eligible to bet. In the absence of any state law on the matter, federal law applies. It is only when the state passes its own legislation that there could be a provision for a different minimum age. This has already happened in certain states where the legal betting age is as low as 18. As things stand, 21 is the age at which an individual can begin to bet, though the state does not really expect anyone to be betting anyway.

Can you bet on Daily Fantasy Sports in Alaska?

Yes, you can bet on Daily Fantasy Sports in Alaska. Draftkings and FanDuel sportsbooks provide these games within the state. However, you cannot undertake sports betting on these sites, since only fantasy sports are allowed. This is quite limiting for those who wish to venture into more betting activities. Nevertheless, they are better than nothing at all. Fantasy sports remain the only real indicator that there may be other forms of betting in the state in the near future.

Does Alaska allow college sports betting online?

No, Alaska does not allow college sports betting online. However, there is some hope that Alaska college sports betting may soon be a reality with a current bill that is awaiting passage in the legislature. When the bill passes, then not only college sports, but all other types of sports betting will definitely be available for betting in the state. For now, it is only a matter of time before you can participate in college sports betting in the state.