Across the U.S., more states are legalizing selected gambling activities after the Supreme Court overturned a gambling ruling that limits its proliferation across the nation. In September 2021, state legislators legalized Arizona sports betting activities. With this development, several sportsbooks have launched their sports betting in the state. The article below provides key details on the Arizona sports betting landscape.

Yes, sports betting is legal in Arizona. The activity became legal when state legislators passed the Arizona sports betting bill in September 2021.

Best online sportsbooks in Arizona

There are currently 18 sportsbook platforms that legally operate in Arizona. Among these operators, we have selected some of the best online Arizona sports betting sites that have received the most positive feedback from bettors in the state.

DraftKings Arizona

DraftKings Arizona launched its operation in the state on September 9, 2021. Its license partners in Arizona are the Arizona Cardinals (NFL) and the Gila River Tribe. Meanwhile, its retail partners are the State Farm Stadium and the Gila River casinos.

This sportsbook provides multiple live betting selections in Arizona, along with plenty of sports to bet on online. Customers can also take advantage of several customized offers from DraftKings Arizona.

FanDuel Arizona

FanDuel Arizona’s operation in the state started on September 9, 2021, as soon as the Arizona sports betting bill passed. It partnered with the Phoenix Suns (NBA) for licensing purposes. As for its retail partner, FanDuel Arizona made a deal with the Footprint Center.

FanDuel provides a platform that has a well-designed layout that allows users to navigate easily around the site. The platform also runs fast to let users access selected areas in the site or the sports betting app.

BetMGM Arizona

BetMGM Arizona secured its entrance into the Arizona sports betting market by partnering with the Arizona Cardinals (NFL) and the Gila River Tribe. For its retail partnership, it selected the State Farm Stadium and the Gila River Casinos. BetMGM entered the Arizona sports betting market on September 9, 2021.

BetMGM hooks its customers through its unique “Edit My Bet” option which lets them swap parts of their wager, include more legs, or raise the amount of the bet. The sportsbook also features a massive game library that includes major and minor game titles.

Caesars Arizona

Caesars Arizona entered into a decades-long partnership agreement with Arizona Diamondbacks, the Grand Canyon state’s MLB branch. It also made a deal with Chase Field to be its retail partner in the state. Caesars launched its Arizona sports betting operation on September 9, 2021.

Customers flock to Caesars for its generous promotion offers. Caesars also provide high odds boosts. Caesars also has a rewards program that patrons consider to be one of the best.

BetRivers Arizona

BetRivers Arizona started and its parent firm, Rush Street Interactive started legally operating in the state on October 22, 2021. It engaged in a licensing deal with the Arizona Rattlers, one of the oldest sporting teams in the state. It partnered with the Footprint Center for retail operations.

BetRivers attract customers through its social features that allow customers to look at the progress of their wagers in real time. It also lets customers watch a live feed on its retail locations.

BetFred Arizona

BetFred Arizona entered the Arizona sports betting market on March 7, 2022 when it got its license to operate. Its partner is the Fort McDowell Yavapi-Apache Nation. For its retail partner, BetFred selected the We-Ko-Pa Casino.

This sportsbook offers a fully-loaded sportsbook that contains several wagering markets and a huge number of betting types. Customers also like its same-game parlays.

Unibet Arizona

Unibet Arizona’s licensing partner when it started its operation in the state on September 9, 2021 is the Quechan Tribe from the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation. Its retail partner is the Quechan Casino Resort.

Unibet Arizona is best for those who are just starting to engage in sports betting activities. Its simple layout and easy-to-understand menu allow players to easily and quickly place their bets.

Arizona sports betting retail locations

Bettors in the state typically prefer to go to physical gambling facilities to place their wagers. In Arizona, there are several sports betting locations where bettors can engage in this pastime.

The following list shows the current Arizona sports betting retail locations:

  • BetMGM at the State Farm Stadium and at the Gila River Casinos
  • Caesars at the Chase Field
  • DraftKings at TPC Scottsdale
  • FanDuel and BetRivers at the Footprint Center
  • Unibet at the Quenchan Casino Resort
  • Bally Bet atWynnBET at the Apache Gold Casino Resort
  • Barstool at the Phoenix Raceway
  • SuperBook Sports at the Spirit Mountain Casino
  • Fubo at Harrah’s Ak-Chin
  • Betfred at We-Ko-Pa Casino
  • Desert Diamond Sports at the Desert Diamond Casino
  • Bally Bet at the Phoenix Mercury
  • Bleu Bet at the Blue Water Resort Casino
  • MaximBet at the Hon-Dah Casino
  • SolSports at the Casino Del Sol

Sports betting taxes in AZ explained

Arizona sports betting legislation includes the imposition of tax rates that are in accordance with federal tax regulations. The Arizona sports betting tax rate that applies to bettors will depend on their income levels. The list below contains the applicable tax rates for each income bracket in Arizona.

  • $26,500 and below: 2.59% tax rate.
  • $26,501 to $53,000: 3.34% tax rate.
  • $53,001 to $159,000: 4.15% tax rate.
  • Above $159,000: 4.50%.

There is also a federal income tax amounting to 24% that needs to be deducted each time a bettor wins above a certain amount.

In the case of the taxes imposed on gambling operators, the retail tax rate is 8% while the online tax rate is 10%.

Arizona tribes sports betting

Most online sportsbooks partnered with state-recognized tribes in Arizona. To run their business in the state, sportsbook operators partnered with various entities to strengthen their legal operations.

These tribes typically run retail casinos together with sportsbook operators as their sports betting partners. They typically have long-term agreements with these sportsbooks for their Arizona sports betting operations.

The list below contains the name of the tribes that are involved in Arizona sports betting activities.

  • Gila River Tribe
  • Quechan Tribe
  • San Carlos Apache Tribe
  • Fort Mohave Indian Tribe
  • Ak-Chin Indian Community
  • Hualapai Tribe
  • Fort McDowell Yavapi-Apache Nation
  • San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe
  • Tohono O’odham Tribe
  • Navajo Nation
  • Colorado River Tribes
  • Yavapai-Apache Nation
  • Pascua Yaqui Tribe

How do sports betting work in Arizona?

In Arizona, bettors can place their bets on various sports, including horse race betting. With the legalization of sports betting activities, the business is thriving well in Arizona. Sportsbooks have already established its operations in the state through various partnerships with sports franchises and local tribes.

These sportsbooks also employ various marketing strategies and campaigns to attract customers to visit their online platforms or go to their retail locations for their sports betting needs. They offer generous bonuses and loyalty programs to provide more value for their customers.

Currently, 18 online sportsbooks are already operating in the state. There are also around 4-5 operators that are currently waiting for their license to operate in the state. These aspiring operators are also looking for license or retail partners to establish a legal sports betting business in the state.

Do tribal betting establishments allow sports betting?

Yes, tribal betting establishments allow sports betting. Casinos and sports betting operations have traditionally funded the social needs of Native American tribes. These businesses allow them to pay for their medical, housing, welfare, education, and other social programs.

Most of the state-recognized tribes already partnered with several online sportsbooks to launch their Arizona sports betting business. They usually have decades-long contracts with these sportsbooks for their sports betting operations.

The following list contains the list of tribal betting establishments that are engaged in sports betting activities.

  • Gila River Tribe: Gila River Casinos
  • Quechan Tribe: Quechan Casino
  • San Carlos Apache Tribe: Apache Gold Casino Resort
  • Fort Mohave Indian Tribe: Spirit Mountain Casino
  • Ak-Chin Indian Community: Harrah’s Ak-Chin
  • Fort McDowell Yavapi-Apache Nation: We-Ko-Pa Casino
  • Tohono O’odham Tribe: Desert Diamond Casino
  • Colorado River Tribes: Blue Water Resort Casino
  • White Mountain Apache Tribe: Hon-Dah Casino

A timeline of online sports betting in Arizona

When the U.S. Supreme Court reversed a 1992 legislation that prevented states from legalizing gambling activities in 2018, several states started working on the legalization of betting activities within their jurisdictions. In Arizona, the path to sports betting legislation started when Sen. Sonny Borrelli and Rep. Steve Pierce introduce bills for this purpose in 2018. However, the bills that they filed do not allow online sports betting. There were also several points of contention in the bills that stopped the lawmakers from approving them.

In 2020, the two lawmakers tried again to pass SB1525 and HB2813 to make sports betting legal in Arizona. However, the provisions of these revised bills were not approved by the majority in the state’s legislative bodies.

In 2021, Gov. Doug Ducey made an intervention that finally paved the way for the passing of the Arizona sports betting bill which made sports betting legal in Arizona. He negotiated new gambling agreements with the tribes to oversee their casino operations. With this move, lawmakers finally passed and approved the bill in April 2021.

Once the law passed, several sportsbooks also applied for licenses to operate. The state’s gambling authority approved their licenses. These sportsbooks then started their operations in the state on September 9, 2021.

Sports betting revenue in Arizona

Monthly sports betting revenues range in Arizona from $200 million to $500 million so far. Gambling winnings fund several state-wide programs in Arizona.

Arizona’s sports betting earnings come from the 8% tax on retail casino operations and from the 10% of online betting income. Another revenue source is the annual licensing fee of $150,000 that sportsbook operators pay.

Who oversees online sports betting in Arizona?

The Arizona Department of Gaming oversees online sports betting in Arizona. The department receives and makes decisions on licensing applications from sportsbooks operators. It also develops and imposes gambling regulations in the state.

The department also monitors the revenue and collection process from sportsbooks operators in the state. It releases monthly reports that contain financial figures and the state of gambling activities in Arizona.


What is the legal age to bet on sports in AZ?

Only those who are 21 years old and above are allowed to participate in Arizona sports betting activities based on the regulations from the Arizona Department of Gaming. Those who meet this age requirement are also required to be playing inside the jurisdiction of the state to be able to wager on sports.

Do I need to report sports bet wins in Arizona?

Yes, you need to report sports bet wins in Arizona. Income from gambling activities is taxable and you need to report this in the W-2G tax form under the “Certain Gambling Winnings'' section. Not reporting your gambling winnings will result in interest and fines. This might also trigger an audit from tax authorities. If you won a sizeable amount from more than one gambling establishment within the taxable year, you are required to obtain individual W-2G forms from them. Bettors also have to ensure that all gambling winnings are well-accounted for as gambling establishments are not required to withhold taxes. You need to list down all your earnings and ask the help of an accountant to enable the correct reporting of your taxes on the official forms.

Do retail sportsbooks in Arizona need to be licensed?

Yes, retail sportsbooks in Arizona need to be licensed before they can operate legally in the state. They have to apply for a license to operate in the state to ensure that their operation is in accordance with the rules and regulations of Arizona. Retail sportsbooks will need to pay an application fee of $100,000 and an initial license fee of $750,000. They also have to pay an annual license fee of $150,000.