If you are looking for a sportsbook that ranks among the top in the US, then you may rest assured that PointsBet Sportsbook is a renowned and top-ranking sportsbook. Basically, PointsBet originated and is based in Australia. However, after it joined the US in January 2019, it has seen a rapid rise in its fan base and has emerged as a successful and most-liked platform for online sports betting.

It is a sportsbook that became bold enough to launch something distinctive, which is a distinct point betting system. Moreover, you can find extensive PointsBet Sportsbook bonuses and promotional offers, it also offers a lot of rewards and loyalty points too. Especially, it distinguishes itself by providing risk-free bets of up to $2000 to its players. Pointsbet Sportsbook is a decent platform for online betting enthusiasts, including new players and professionals.

Apparently, there is another notable achievement by PointsBet that we should mention. PointsBet is clearly well-known worldwide as a leading online gambling operator and live betting platform. It was just named the best sports betting company at the EGR North America Awards 2022. As a matter of fact, this was the company’s second consecutive year winning the accolade. PointsBet was honored for its impressive scale and growth, and capacity to innovate and distinguish. Additionally, its dedication to responsible gambling, marketing quality, and product quality also contribute to its fame.

Keep on reading to know more about PointsBet Sportsbook, its markets, deposits and withdrawal methods available, sports available, types of bets, and to know about points betting. We provide a detailed analysis and unbiased review of the sportsbook, so that you may start with adequate knowledge. Thereby, you can also get on board to bet on the Pointsbet sportsbook with more confidence and familiarity.

Is PointsBet Sportsbook legit?

Yes, indeed PointsBet Sportsbook is a legitimate sportsbook in the US. It owns an official license and is regulated by government bodies in every state. Therefore, you can expect a fair and satisfying experience on the online sports betting platform. These licenses are often acquired by the sportsbooks after numerous tests, inspections, and standard checks. So, you can rest assured that PointsBet is legit. Other than that, you can start betting on the platform if you are 21+ years old.

Further, on the Australian Securities Exchange, PointsBet Holdings Ltd is listed on the stock exchange market as PBH.

Moreover, the privacy policy of PointsBet explains in detail how the company will protect your personal information. To avoid your personal information ending up in the wrong hands. Besides, the website uses secure SSL encryption as an added security feature. Additionally, it also uses secure servers and firewalls on both ends for enhanced security. Communication and sensitive information are protected from cyber criminals with end-to-end encryption.

Conversely, online sports betting is not legal in every state, so you may not find PointsBet in those states. However, as more and more states are legalizing online sports betting, you may expect PointsBet Sportsbook to expand to those states. Currently, PointsBet has licenses in the following states:

  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • Colorado
  • West Virginia
  • Indiana
  • Virginia

How to join PointsBet Sportsbook in the US

The registration process is simple, and you can begin betting in just a few minutes. You can do this by visiting the website or downloading the mobile app. After that, you must provide your email address and other basic information, confirm your location, and begin betting. To join and begin playing on PointsBet, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the PointsBet Sportsbook app or go to the official website.
  2. Click ‘Sign up’ on the right-hand side of the website or app. (Make sure to choose the Sportsbook option)
  3. Choose your state, and enter your name and email address.
  4. Enter the required information, and choose a password.
  5. Then the Sportsbook will confirm your location.
  6. Deposit Money through your desired deposit method.
  7. Use a promo code to receive a bonus for signing up and making the first deposit.
  8. Start betting, and enjoy!

Features of PointsBet Sportsbook

There are a lot of great features of PointsBet that make it one of the top Sportsbooks. Along with the standard features that every sportsbook offers, PointsBet also brings a unique bet type that players can benefit from, which is Points betting. Here are some of the notable features of PointsBet:


Unlike typically fixed odds betting, PointsBetting builds anticipation until the clock strikes zero. Every single point is crucial. Until the very last second of the game, your reward can change.

Pointsbetting takes a typical wager like a spread, a total, or a prop and adds a different twist. Because of this, a bettor’s possible future winnings or losses aren’t fixed until the game is over. Apparently, there is a high risk in Pointsbetting than in traditional betting, but it also provides the potential for larger payouts.

You gain more with Pointsbetting if your team covers the spread by a significant margin, and you lose more if your team is unable to cover the spread by a large amount.

Unique bet types

The sportsbook offers a lot of bet types to satisfy the interest of every kind of player. The unique bet types in PointsBet include live bet betting, live same-game parlays, points betting along with other fixed-odds betting types.

Live betting

Sometimes known as ‘in-game betting’, it is normally available in legal states through the most popular sportsbook. The live betting feature of PointsBet is simple to use and offers plenty of options to wager during the match that is still going on. Among the first things, a season sports bettor seeks in a sportsbook is live betting options. Apparently, this betting technique boosts not only the odds but also the enthusiasm and action. Bettors can also watch live-streaming of their favorite games, especially international ones. Therefore, this makes it a prominent feature.

When wagering online, those who wish to keep track of in-game developments prefer live streaming. Apparently, the sports markets do not provide everyone with simple access to games. This is particularly true when it comes to international athletic events. So, live broadcasting becomes critical for predicting which way the odds will shift and canceling in-play bets in a timely manner. The Pointsbet US provides a fairly simple live betting option as compared to other sportsbooks. It allows bettors to put wagers while the game is still ongoing. Moreover, you will also find bets and odds accessible exclusively during games related to promotions of PointsBet US Sportsbook.

PointsBet US provides a fairly simple Live Betting option as compared to other sportsbooks. It allows bettors to put wagers while the game is still being played. These also provide bets and odds accessible solely during games related to PointsBet US promotions.

Live Same Game Parlay

Furthermore, PointsBet is the first and only sportsbook in the United States to offer live ‘in-game parlay betting’ for even the major sports leagues like NFL and NBA. During timeouts or other gaps in the action, customers can rapidly design their ideal “live same game parlay.”

These same-game parlays have become a lot popular these days. Apparently, they’re quite simple to play using PointsBet. Simply, find the game you want to bet on, go to the top navigation menu and select ‘Same Game Parlay’ tab. Then, decide the markets you want to include and click on them to start building your parlay. Further, select ‘Add to Betslip’ when you finish.

Currently, PointsBet offers same-game parlays in all the major leagues like MLB, AFL, NBA, NRL, NCAAB, and NFL. Moreover, it plans to add even more options soon.

Simple registration process

A very simple and clean registration process is also often attractive. Besides, people want to enjoy the game, so they mostly can feel the difference between a hassle-free registration process. It only takes a few minutes to sign-up on PointsBet. They do not require any detailed information about the customer, only some basic information, and you can complete the sign-up and start betting.

Markets available on PointsBet Sportsbook

PointsBet offers a huge market to its customers, so every fan can enjoy the platform. Along with the traditional sports available with all their major leagues and championships, PointsBet also offers games and markets that are often less popular. By doing this, the sportsbook increases its market and tries to attract more customers.

Moreover, you can find college sports, minor leagues, international sports, and European sports as well. As a matter of fact, you will find any game that you are looking for. Here is a list of some of the markets that are most popular among the fans:

  • NHL – Hockey, the other professional sports leagues, has expanded its national recognition in recent years and is now a true coast-coast draw. Its fast-paced action attracts a large number of bettors who enjoy betting on regular-season games, Stanley Cup finals, and the finest European leagues. Due to the fast-paced nature of the game, it is also extremely simple to place in-game live bets through online sports betting. In fact, the sport is so popular among fans that they find it exciting, and good odds appear frequently.
  • NBA – The NBA, second only to the NFL in terms of wagering, is a significant betting market for authorized online sportsbooks. Whether basketball fans support their local team or not, they will follow the action throughout the NBA regular season and into the Finals. NBA betting has a lot to offer, you’ll be able to gamble on NBA games, futures, player props, and much more directly from your phone or computer. There are many matches to choose from, the game is high-scoring, and there are gaps in the action where you can place a live wager.
  • MLB – Baseball continues to hold a special place in the hearts and minds of American sports enthusiasts. It has a high profile all the way to the World Series because of its rich historical foundations, the length of the regular season, and a large number of matches played. Baseball’s large number of statistics and repeated breaks in play make it a perfect platform for live betting.
  • NFL – It is fair to presume that you are not far from an NFL fan wherever you are in the United States. This is without a doubt the country’s most popular sport. Apparently, sports bettors can choose from a range of NFL wagering options, as well as a variety of NFL promos. Risk-free bets, odd boosts, parlay insurance, and profit bonuses are among them.
  • UFC – For a long time, martial arts has been one of the most popular forms of games for people to wager on, since history. People really like to bet on MMA even more now that more people can watch and follow it. Apparently, it has progressed to a whole new level and the UFC has become a worldwide favorite sport. Therefore, you can find UFC fights with a variety of betting options to choose from.
  • Soccer – Apparently, Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet. And the success of Major League Soccer (MLS) in recent decades has boosted the profile of “the wonderful sport” in the United States. Soccer odds in the United States are available in ‘American’ format and stated in a Moneyline format. Which is the same format that baseball and hockey use. In soccer, there is also a favorite represented with a plus (+) symbol, while a minus (-) symbol represents an underdog.
  • Golf – In terms of having a fan base in online sports betting, golf does not lack behind. It is an exciting game, and a lot of people follow it. Likewise, it has also drawn the attention of huge betting opportunities. For golf, you can find the following compelling bet types: tournament winner, matchup winner, round leaders, golfer nationality bet, parlay insurance, futures, prop bets and live betting.
  • Darts – Most people have thrown a dart at least once or twice in their lives. Dartboards are rather common to come across in many various areas, whether it was in a pub or your friend’s place. Besides, darts have been around for a long time, with origins the way back in the late 1800s. No doubt, it is a favorite choice among sports bettors.
  • Surfing – Most people imagine it as a leisure activity, with blue ocean waves in the background and beeches. However, with growing popularity, it has become a legitimate sport. Consequently, with growing sports follows betting scenes. You can find out some exciting markets for surfing to bet on the PointsBet sportsbook.

What is PointsBetting?

Points betting is a unique new betting strategy, and it’s the feature that sets it apart from the competition. The very first thing to realize is that it has a higher risk than conventional betting, but it also offers the possibility of larger profits.

While typical bets have a fixed stake and payment, with Pointsbetting, the outcome of the game determines the amount you win or lose — how right or wrong you are.

If your bet wins by one score (or unit), you will be paid 1 times the amount you staked (wager). You win two times your money if your bet wins by two units. Similarly, you win 10 times your wager if your bet wins by 10 units.

Conversely, if you lose by one unit, you will lose on time your wager. Likewise, if you lose by ten units, you will lose ten times your wager.

Furthermore, points betting wagers can quickly spiral out of control too. Therefore, a maximum win and maximum loss cap are set in the pointsbetting markets, just place limitations. This is also listed on the bet slip and is different for each sort of points betting scenario. Additionally, these limits also show a player the possible maximum winnings or losses, which is quite useful.

Accepted payment methods on PointsBet Sportsbook

Having a huge audience makes it quite necessary to provide customers with as many options as possible for deposit and withdrawal. It is because people prefer different modes of cash transfers or according to their availability. Therefore, PointsBet has provided all the major payment methods and has made it really easy and safe to quickly transfer money.

Here is a list of accepted payment methods on PointsBet Sportsbook for your convenience:

  • Visa – It involves a payment card that works with the Visa network to move funds between the platforms. Its debit and credit cards are available to make domestic and international payments. It appears to be one of the most widely utilized and globally available payment methods used on a daily basis. That’s why PointsBet had to certainly include it on its platform. Moreover, Visa solely sells its cards to financial institutions.
  • Mastercard – It is an American MNC that serves as a Visa alternative. Mastercard clearly dominates the world in terms of processing a large number of card payments. It’s quite safe and accessible on practically any platform where you’d like to make a payment. However, it does not issue cards to customers directly, instead, it relies on financial institutions such as banks to do so.
  • Online banking – You also have the option to connect directly to your bank account and deposit money. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the safety of your account as PointsBet is a legitimate and regulated Sportsbook. It keeps your personal information secure and gives you a good option for direct payments.
  • PayNearMe – If you want a quick, easy, and versatile payment system, PayNearMe will fulfill all your needs. It may not be an old company, but it has made an impression on its customers. In 2009 PayNearME was established to provide a more convenient way to send or receive payments from a distance. Due to its simplicity, it has gained a nice reputation. Moreover, PayNearMe is the only platform that accepts cash, debit & credit cards, ACH transfers, and mobile payments. As a result, PayNearMe betting sites are becoming increasingly convenient and popular among customers.
  • PayPal – One of the most used platforms for transferring money, PayPal is also available for depositing and withdrawing funds at the sportsbook. It is an American multinational corporation that provides individuals with low-cost online payment services. Furthermore, it is a very safe payment option that is accepted in many places throughout the world. To begin using it, simply register an account on its website, verify your identity, and connect it to your bank account.
  • Play+ – It is one of the handiest and most convenient platforms to transfer and receive money. Basically, Play+ is a mobile wallet, that allows you to deposit, withdraw and make local or international payments by just using your mobile number. Moreover, it is also famous to be very secure, fast, and simple.
  • PointsBet Mastercard – We can see a lot of innovative features introduced by PointsBet, and its MasterCard is one of them. Apparently, it has made a huge impact on the payment transfer system of the sportsbook. Many players have faced the issue from their banks which did not allow transactions for online gaming if you want to bet on PointsBet Sportsbook. So, PointsBet launched their card with the EML Payments Ltd partnership, so that players can easily deposit money in their PointsBet accounts.
  • Prepaid cards – A prepaid card has loaded money in it, that can be used to make payments anywhere you want. It is used just like a normal credit card, however, you spend money from it that you have already loaded onto it.

Live-streaming on PointsBet Sportsbook

It is a new feature introduced by PointsBet, which is still being tested and is currently available for limited sports events. However, it is improving and expanding to add more sports and games to the live stream. Currently, it has sporting events that are played at off-peak times, these include; soccer, tennis, table tennis, esports, etc.

Basically, PointsBet has enhanced its content collaboration with Genius Sports, which is a data and digital solutions provider. This, it brings live sports feeds to the US online gambling operator’s digital platforms in the United States.

This program expands the capability of the sportsbook to take benefit by attracting more people who like to make live bets. According to PointsBet Vp, around 50% of the bets are made in play.

The new collaboration will allow consumers to watch live sports via the sportsbook’s mobile app and the website. Additionally, players can also place in-play wagers using the Betgenius software.

Can you bet on horse racing on PointsBet Sportsbook?

Yes, horse racing is another market that you can bet on at Pointsbet. Pointsbet entered into a partnership with the Betmakers Technology Group and has become the first online sportsbook to offer fixed-odds horse race betting in New Jersey.

The great majority of legal horse race betting in the US takes place in the parimutuel format. Typically, the track pools all bets on a specific event keeps a percentage and divides the rest evenly among the winners. As a result, until post-time, the ultimate payout odds remain dynamic.

In contrast, fixed-odds betting on horse racing eliminates uncertainty by placing a price for every horse. Thereby, winners get their rewards at those odds just like in normal sports betting.

The fixed-odds betting has a fine potential to develop more interest among the players in horse racing. Likewise, there will be more promos and PointsBet Sportsbook bonuses as well.

A timeline of PointsBet Sportsbook

Relatively a new sportsbook as compared to its competitors, PointsBet has seen great success.

  • 2015: PointsBet was founded.
  • February 2017: Sportsbook was established in Australia.
  • September 2017: Fixed-Odds Racing added.
  • March 2018: Fixed-Odds Sports added.
  • January 2019: PointsBet launches in the United States.
  • August 2020: Announcement of a 5-year partnership plan with NBC Universal.
  • April 2021: Arizona lawmakers legalize sports betting, and approve the bill.
  • August 2021: PointsBet went live in West Virginia.
  • December 2021: PointsBet went live in Virginia.
  • February 2022: PointsBet went live in Pennsylvania.


What is the age requirement for PointsBet Sportsbook?

The legal age requirement for PointsBet and betting on every sportsbook in the United States is 21 years. Moreover, you also have to be physically present in one of the states where online sports betting is legal and PointsBet is also present. Apparently, the sportsbook uses geolocation technology to confirm your location.

What’s the minimum deposit amount on PointsBet Sportsbook?

The minimum deposit amount to bet on PointsBet Sportsbook is $5. Besides, you can deposit up to $50,000 through your debit or credit card. The time for transfer varies with different payment methods. Some provide instant transfers whereas transfers through other platforms may take from 24 to 48 hours.

Does PointsBet Sportsbook have college sports?

Yes, you can also bet on college sports on the Sportsbook of PointsBet. All the major leagues and sports are available. Moreover, PointsBet has also partnered with various University teams in different states. For example, it has signed a five-year sponsorship plan with the University of Colorado, making it the first sportsbook to partner with an NCAA program.