There are sportsbooks who currently offer Acca insurance to their customers. But what is it exactly, and how does it work? Find out everything there is to know about Acca insurance in the comprehensive guide.

What is Acca Insurance?

Acca insurance is a type of sportsbook promotion that means that you can place an accumulated bet, and in the case, that one of your bets doesn’t win you still don’t lose. An accumulator bet consists of multiple selections placed in a single bet. These selections must be at least 4 to qualify the bet to be an accumulator.

If you are betting on a football game, for instance, you can choose a number of elements of a bet before the match. These may include correct score, goal-goal, over/under goals, and so on. You can also bet on several different games, predicting which team will win in each. All the elements of your bet must turn out to be true for you to win. If just one selection is wrong, then you typically lose the whole bet. However, with Acca Insurance, you will get some of your money back if one bet is lost. Typically, this insurance only applies when you have at least 5 selections on your accumulator bet. The money you get back may be in the form of free bets, bonuses, or even cash. You will, however, not get anything back if 2 or more of your selections turn out to be wrong.

How to get Acca Insurance when playing on sportsbooks

There are several legal sportsbooks that offer Acca Insurance in the US. The idea is to encourage many players to go for accumulator bets. These sportsbooks will give you an opportunity to safeguard your bets against the disappointment of losing just because one element went wrong. You should follow the steps below to get Acca Insurance:

  1. Compare sportsbooks to find out which one offers Acca insurance – While at it, you should always endeavor to find out what are the terms for this insurance. It is good to know from the onset what type of money-back option is available. Will you get cash, free bets, or other types of bonuses? It also helps to know just how much of your money you will get back if it is coming back in cash.
  2. Choose the selections on your accumulator bet – If it is a football weekend, you may choose several games to bet on. You will pick the teams that you believe will win during that weekend and place them in your accumulator bet.
  3. Check the sportsbook that offers your preferred deposit method – Some sportsbooks accept wire transfers, credit cards, internet wallets, or even mobile payments. Look for the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable payment method. That way you will get your returns quickly without incurring any unnecessary costs.
  4. Place your accumulated bet – At this point, you can place your bet and wait to see what the outcome will be. If it turns out positive, then you win.

At what stage will you receive a refund with Acca Insurance?

You will receive your Acca insurance refund as soon as the outcomes of all your bets are out. Just like you receive your winnings as soon as the matches you bet on are over. It may take some time for your money to hit your account if it is in cash, but that is a matter to do with your payment method.

This should not be confused with the duration in which the free bet is available. If your refund comes in the form of a free bet, then it will be available for a specified duration. There are free bets that apply for 1 week. Others apply for maybe 4 days. It means that you must use up your free bets within that period. Usually, 1 week or more is better because you are covered for weekend matches.

How to pick the best Acca Insurance

There are important factors you have to look for when picking the best Acca Insurance for you. Like in all types of insurance, it is the terms and conditions that count. Remember, Acca Insurance is a kind of promotion that online gambling sites use to try and attract you.

You should thus always go for the most lucrative offer available. It is not a favor they are doing you as you may think. So you should always endeavor to get the most out of these deals. The elements to consider are as follows.

  • Available markets – An important element of sports betting Acca Insurance is the available markets to bet on. If you have more games, you can make accumulator bets all the time. For instance, if your sportsbooks cover several European leagues, then you can have many matches at the same time. You should also look for many options within the same match. Are you able to predict the exact score or the goals by half-time? These also give you an opportunity to maximize your bet. In accumulator sports betting, the more options, the merrier.
  • Minimum selections and odds – Most bookmakers will require you to make at least 5 selections in an accumulator to qualify for Acca Insurance. This is not a bad precondition, considering that you make more money when you win on more selections. In any case, the whole idea of accumulator bets is to maximize your returns. Others also specify the least odds that are acceptable. These odds are considered cumulatively. Again, the higher the odds, the higher your returns. So, you should always go for the highest available odds. Always look out for these conditions. The lower the number of games and the lower the odds, the better for you.
  • The maximum refund – You should know beforehand just how much of a refund you will get back. This usually goes in the form of a percentage of your total stake. A matched bet Acca insurance usually goes with percentages. In sports betting Acca Insurance, the higher this percentage is, the better off you will be.
  • Free bet expiry date – The free bet you get as an insurance refund comes with an expiry date. The longer its lifespan, the better for you. If you get a free bet that is valid for 2 weeks, it is better than one that only applies for a few days. That is because you can apply it at the most convenient time, like weekends when there are many matches.
  • Pre-match or in-play selections – Some insurance conditions only apply to pre-match selections. There are other bookmakers, however, who allow insurance for in-play selections. You should know beforehand which selections apply. If you are the type who likes to watch a game a little before making a decision, then in-play selections are the best for you. Note that insurance for in-play selections is very rare.


Do I get my money back if all my teams lose with Acca Insurance?

You will not get your money back if all your teams lose with Acca Insurance. The only way Acca Insurance works is that you get your money back if one of the teams loses while the others win as you predicted. This is usually clearly spelled out in the conditions of the insurance you are being offered.

Is Acca Insurance optional?

Yes, Acca insurance is optional. Like with all types of insurance, it is up to you whether you take up Acca insurance or not. This will often depend on the bookmaker you choose for your betting. However, it is advisable to take it up whenever it is available so that you can safeguard yourself against losses involving just one game. You will not get your entire stake back, but at least you will be able to recoup some losses with the insurance refund.

Do I need to pay extra to get Acca Insurance?

No, you don't need to pay extra to get Acca Insurance. This insurance comes in the form of a promotion to attract more players to the site. You will be entitled to it so long as you meet the conditions set for that particular bet. You automatically benefit from the insurance you get the requisite outcome from your bet.

What sports can I get Acca insurance on?

The most common sport on which you can use Acca insurance is football or soccer as it is known in the US. In fact, the whole idea of Acca Insurance developed in Britain is based on premier league football. However, Acca insurance now applies to other games such as tennis. You should find out from your bookmaker which games are covered by the insurance.