On this page, you’ll find all the best free bets on NFL available right now. There are a number of sportsbooks that offer these types of bonuses. Keep reading to find out how to get a free bet on the NFL.

How to get a free bet on the NFL

There are a number of sportsbooks that offer free bets on the NFL. To access these bets, there are some steps you have to take:

  1. Pick one of the NFL free bet offers listed at the top of this page and register an account with the sportsbook that gives out the bonus.
  2. Read the terms and conditions of the free bet and if required make a real money deposit.
  3. Once you’ve made your deposit, your free bet will unlock and you can start betting on the NFL for free.

You should also look out for regular promos that are carried out by the US online sportsbooks. These promos will appear in pop-ups on your betting site account page or in adverts on the internet. When you click on these promos, you will only have to follow the given instructions to get free bets on the NFL.

Why do sportsbooks offer free NFL bets?

There are a number of reasons for sportsbooks to offer free NFL bets. They have to do with the stiff competition between bookmakers and the need to attract new customers. The main reasons are as follows:

  • Entice new bettors – There are many sportsbooks trying to enter on the US market. This has led to high levels of competition and an increasing drive to entice new bettors. NFL free bets are a useful way of carrying out this enticement. The NFL has many fans in the US and beyond. The sportsbooks aim to attract these fans by enabling them to bet on their favorite sport for free. That is why these free bet offers to keep increasing by the day.
  • Keep current bettors loyal – Enticing new bettors is one thing while keeping them loyal is a completely different one. To keep current bettors loyal, the online betting operators need to organize special programs to sustain the interest of their clients. Among these are loyalty programs that include continuous promotions. Free NFL bets also contribute towards maintaining the current bettors as loyal clients.
  • Expect you to deposit more if you lose – Sportsbooks are always looking for ways of making money. After all, they are business organizations. When you meet certain conditions to qualify for free bets, you are in essence betting more. The set conditions involve deposit and wagering requirements. The deposits will be used for further betting. Those wagers you put in also mean you are actively betting. In the end, the sportsbook makes money out of these activities. Since your aim is to bet, you will not mind either.

Different bet types for your free NFL bet

NFL free bets come in a number of varieties. Nevertheless, all bets involve risks and that is what drives up the adrenaline for bettors, therefore increasing the excitement involved. Among the most common bet types are the ones below:

  • Over/under bet – Over and under bets have to do with goal predictions. You can bet that a given game will produce over 5 goals. It does not matter which of the competing teams will score the goals, provided that the total number of goals is more than 5. If that eventuality happens, then you will get your money. Alternatively, you can bet under 5 goals. This means that when the total number of goals in the game is 4 or less, you win. This type of bet has higher odds than a money-line bet in which you only predict that team A will win.
  • Spread bet – A spread bet is about the projected margin of victory in a game. It is somehow similar to the over/under predictions, but it is based on points difference in a game. It is popular in sports such as football and basketball, where there are typically many points scored. It simply means predicting that the points margin between teams A and B will be a certain number of points. For instance, Oklahoma +34.5 means that Oklahoma will beat the other team by the stated margin of points. A negative sign means the team will lose by the predicted margin. It is currently the most popular sports betting method in the United States since it presents very high odds. Needless to say, it is equally very risky.
  • Parlay bet – A parlay bet is a combination of several money-line bets into one bet. If there are 5 games to be played on the same day, for instance, you can predict the winner of each game and place your predictions in one bet. For the parlay bet to win, all your predictions must come true. Parlay bets tremendously increase the odds. You multiply the odds of each game in a Parlay to arrive at huge odds. The risks involved are also much higher since just one game going wrong will make you lose your odds.
  • Risk-free bet – A risk-free bet is basically an assurance that you will get back the money you wager in your bet when you lose. Consequently, it means that you have to place a wager first and lose so that you can benefit from this bet. This has become a common type of bet loved by sportsbooks. When you bet and lose money, the sportsbook gains. Meanwhile, if you lose money on a bet and then get some of it back, you recoup part of your losses. So, it is a mutually beneficial arrangement loved by the bookmakers and bettors alike.
  • Enhanced odds betEnhanced odds refer to the increment of odds based on certain wagering opportunities. Boosted odds occur when a sportsbook increases its odds for a given game to attract bettors. These raised odds give the sportsbook a house edge over its competitors. Naturally, bettors will be attracted to where the highest odds are available. The beauty of boosted odds is that they give the bettor the opportunity to earn a higher amount on a win without any increase in risk. That is because odds boosts can be given even on simple money-line bets. Though odds boosts are lovely, they don’t occur as often as bettors would want. Still, there are varied odds between sportsbooks all the time. Consequently, the bettor can go for the most attractive in the market.

Benefits and drawbacks of free NFL bets

Like anything else in online sports betting, free NFL bets have their benefits and drawbacks. They can work for you just fine, but they can also be pretty taxing as well. We look at some of these pros and cons below.


  • Easy to obtain – Since they are increasingly available in sportsbooks, free bets NFL is quite easy to obtain. The competition between sportsbooks, being as tight as it is, results in many free bets NFL. Consequently, you are likely to come across one whenever you are registering or playing on a sportsbook. Moreover, the processes involved in taking advantage of an offer are simple and straightforward enough. So, you can benefit at any time.
  • No risk – A free wager takes away the biggest headache in betting which is the risk involved. The idea that you can win without risking your money is every bettor’s dream. You should be quick to take advantage of free bets NFL as soon as you spot one. Who knows, you might even win a sumptuous price for your efforts.
  • Wager on an outsider with bigger odds – You can also take advantage to wager on a team that is predicted to lose by the bookmakers. Such a team is the outsider. Since there are no risks involved in free bets, you may as well go for the bigger odds. In any case, you have nothing to lose. Outsiders usually have the highest odds because they are expected by the bookmakers to lose. Nevertheless, they do win occasionally. When that happens you could win big on your free bet.


  • You may need to find a promo code – To benefit from a free bet, you may need to find a promo code to use. That can be a very frustrating process especially if you don’t know where to get one.
  • Free bets expire – You have to use your free bets quickly. Otherwise, they will expire before you do so. This can at times force you to bet on games you know nothing about just to use the bet.
  • Limited on what you can use the free bet – Free bets also come with limitations on which games to bet on. This can also force you to bet on games you don’t want.


What type of free bet on the NFL is the best?

The best type of free bet on the NFL is the boosted odds bet. That is because you don't have to take too much risk to earn good returns. The odds are boosted by the sportsbook itself. So, you don't need to take complicated risks to raise the odds. However, you will not find them often since they are given at the discretion of the sportsbook. Still, you should be checking the available odds before you place your wager.

Do I need to deposit to receive a free NFL bet?

Yes, you usually need to deposit to receive a free NFL bet. You must make a required minimum deposit to benefit from many of the free offers. Sometimes, betting sites may offer a no signup bonus, such as a free bet. Though you may have to meet any wagering requirements, you will still have to make a deposit.

Does every online sportsbook offer free NFL bets?

No, not every online sportsbook offer a free bet on the NFL. Though NFL games have gained international popularity, they are mostly enjoyed in the United States. Consequently, it is mainly the US-based sportsbooks that give these offers.