The state of Washington has had a unique and flawed relationship with sports betting. The capital has slowly come around to the world of sportsbooks, but some tricky hurdles are still left to overcome. Here’s what’s going on in the world of sports betting in Washington.

Yes, online sports betting is legal in Washington. Federal restrictions apply to gaming facilities built on tribal lands, necessitating an agreement between tribal leaders and state officials. Several Washington State tribal casinos have received federal approval to offer sports betting. After Governor of Washington Jay Inslee expressed support for renegotiating tribes’ gaming compacts with the state, the decision to authorize sports betting was made.

To present, 16 tribe-owned and managed casinos in WA have won approval to offer sports betting. In the state, there are now seven retail stores open, with more planned soon. Aside from Snoqualmie Casino, eight others are planning to open their own sportsbooks.

Residents of the state would not be able to place a bet from their mobile devices once wagering begins except when they are on tribal grounds. If you try to wager beyond the premises of the casino, though, you could be charged with a Class C felony. Anyone who “knowingly communicates or receives gambling information through… the internet” is breaching the law, according to the Revised Code of Washington (RCW). States that do not allow widespread online gambling have bad betting handles across the board. When it is convenient, more individuals will wager. Because it requires customers to travel to a casino and put a wager, retail betting may not always be convenient.

People in Washington will think twice about betting because of the trip to a casino. Commercial books may be successful on weekends, but without online betting, the WA sports betting business will flounder during the week.

Online sports betting sites in Washington

A number of major sports betting firms have already submitted offers to start legal processes in Washington, but each must be paired with a federally recognized tribe. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of sportsbooks that are meant to launch their services to Washington residents in the near future.

It’s vital to keep in mind that you’ll only be able to utilize all of these top sportsbooks offerings, both in-person and online if you’re in the casino with which they’ve associated. Here are some of the top online sports betting sites in Washington:

BetMGM Washington

During the growth of legalized online sports betting, BetMGM has quickly risen to the top. Bettors in the Evergreen State may now use the BetMGM Sportsbook thanks to relationships with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians and the Emerald Queen Casinos. BetMGM expects to soon give access to its premier lawful online sports betting app whilst on-site at any Emerald Queen Casino location, in addition to their two retail sites.

This will allow mobile sports bettors rapid and simple access to BetMGM’s full range of domestic & global events, as well as the extensive number of lines available on each game. Every day, players may place pre-made parlays and unique Lion’s Boost bets, as well as take advantage of a wide range of promotions and incentives.

BetRivers Washington

Rush Street Interactive has run BetRivers since 2009. In 2018, they established a sportsbook, and in 2019, they included mobile wagering in their plans. You may access BetRivers via the app on an Android or iPhone, as well as the site on a desktop PC or using your phone’s mobile browser.

BetRivers distinguishes itself from other bookmakers by offering live streaming footage of specific games and events. In addition, they have a specific agreement with the UFC to provide the biggest betting possibilities in mixed martial arts. Compared to other gambling websites, BetRivers offers a limited amount of promos and does not currently give comprehensive handicapping statistics.

PointsBet Washington

PointsBet is a sportsbook that took the risk of launching something unique, such as a unique points betting system. Furthermore, there are several PointsBet sportsbook bonuses and promotional deals, as well as numerous prizes and loyalty points. Pointsbet Sportsbook is a good option for online betting lovers, both newcomers and veterans.

DraftKings Washington

The Tulalip Tribes of Washington have announced a deal with DraftKings that will bring their premier sportsbook to Washington State. When just retail locations have been mentioned, users will be hoping that DraftKings would allow them to utilize their sports betting app even when on-site.

Players will be able to place bets with a variety of statistical data at their fingertips thanks to the app, which features a specific page for each event that displays all pertinent game statistics. In their online sportsbook, DraftKings also provides expert analysis, directing gamblers to where they believe the day’s winners will be.

This is in addition to their daily list of high-quality parlay bets and carefully selected odds boosted lines, as well as their extensive promotional and bonus offerings.

FanDuel Washington

Following an agreement with the Suquamish Tribal Gaming Commission, FanDuel is introducing its premier sportsbook to Washington State. This will introduce one of America’s most prestigious sportsbooks to Washington, with the goal that it will soon be able to offer its sports gambling services online to users on-site as well.

Players will find the value that has set the FanDuel Sportsbook apart from its competitors no matter how they make their bets. When comparing lines from several sportsbooks, FanDuel is frequently determined to provide somewhat superior returns and benefits for the player.

A history of online sports betting in Washington

The timeline of Washington D.C sports betting online is broken down into relevant years:


In February 2019, the state House Committee on Commerce and Gaming proposed HB 1975, which kickstarted the sports betting effort in Washington. The measure proposed putting tribal casinos in charge of the state’s sportsbooks. So when the legislature adjourned in April, the bill was submitted to the appropriations committee, but it failed to acquire traction and died in committee.

In August of this year, the Washington State Gambling Commission began holding public hearings to learn more about ways to develop the state’s gambling sector. The Seattle Mariners, the MLB, and others all made pitches at that time. The Commission convened once every month, hearing from various players in the legal gambling industry until December 2019, when they completed a full analysis. That research was supposed to be used to draft a bill in 2020.


Washington D.C sports betting legislation began in earnest in 2020, with HB 2638 being submitted on January 16th. That measure was submitted in the House on the same day as SB 6394, a companion bill in the Senate. The House measure, though, eventually gained the greatest traction. Even-numbered years have shorter legislative sessions than odd-numbered years, therefore the bill had to proceed quickly. The Commission held one every month till December 2019, where they concluded a thorough study after hearing from various actors in the legal gaming business. The findings were meant to be utilized to draft legislation in 2020.

The bill, which has been designated as an emergency measure, would grant tribal casinos sole access to Washington sportsbooks. This would empower the legislature to modify the state constitution without the necessity for a citizen referendum. On February 13, HB 2638 was passed by the House with 83 yeas and 14 nays, just over a month after it was presented. Furthermore, March 5th was the day when it received 34 yes votes and 15 no votes in the Senate. On March 9th, it was returned to the House and signed by the speaker.

After that, Governor Jay Inslee received the bill. Many people were concerned that COVID-19, which suspended legislative sessions around the country, would not be signed in time. Sports bettors, on the other hand, got a break on March 26 when Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill authorizing sports betting in Washington.


Another Washington sports betting measure, WA SB 5212, was introduced to start the year. Maverick Gaming sponsored this one, which aims to expand the state’s potential sportsbooks to include cardrooms and racetracks. The bill has struggled to get momentum in the state legislature due to strong opposition from the tribes.

Tribal sportsbooks have gained traction in the regulatory process. Their casinos will be allowed to apply for a license soon as the application procedure is ironed out. They’ll have to submit to a background check and pay a$5,000 cost. The exact date that these places will open is currently unknown.

Who regulates online sports betting in Washington State?

Washington State Gambling Commission regulates online sports betting in Washington. US online gambling became allowed in Washington after the passage of WA HB 2638. Governor of Washington Jay Inslee and the Washington State Gambling Commission (WSGC) reviewed 15 sports betting compacts to guarantee that sports betting would be held at tribal gaming facilities.

Washington is among some of the states that prohibit internet sports betting. In fact, according to a section of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), the transfer of gambling information via the internet for any sports wagering is permissible, according to the tribe, given that the wager may be placed and acknowledged only when the customer making the bet is physically present on the grounds of that tribe’s gaming facility.

We encourage you to respect Washington’s gambling regulations and wager at your own expense. Even though the Gambling Act of 1973 allows for a 100-square sports pool board, there are numerous methods to gain real money betting in Washington.

Brick-and-mortar sports betting locations in WA

The Snoqualmie Casino is now the sole brick-and-mortar sportsbook in Washington. If you don’t want to go to other legal sports betting states to wager at a retail sportsbook, utilize online sports betting apps that offer odds, mobile betting, live in-game betting, and other services.


What is the minimum age to bet on sports betting sites in Washington State?

In Washington State, the minimum sports betting age is 18. This is in line with some other states that have the same policy, but if you want to bet in-person make sure that you check whether the location offers alcohol. If it does, then the minimum age is 21.

Are sports betting sites licensed in WA?

There are currently no sports betting sites licensed in WA. Sports betting is officially allowed in Washington, but there are currently no regulated sportsbooks. Betting with an offshore sportsbook is legal, but highly discouraged due to the lack of regulation and security.

Can I bet on college sports online in Washington?

In both retail and online sports betting in Washington State, there is a prohibition barring betting on in-state college sports. Betting on college sports is allowed in some other states, but Washington has so far yet to legalize this practice.