Most, if not all, US online sportsbooks and casinos offer betting bonuses to players. They do this for two main reasons — to entice new players to sign up on their platform and retain their existing players. A betting bonus + offers can be great since they can help players win more money.

This guide will explain everything you should know about bonuses and offers available at US betting sites. We will discuss the different types to claim, how to claim them, how they work, and lots more. Besides, you will also learn a few tips and tricks to get the most from betting bonuses and actually win from them. If you are interested in learning all that and more, keep reading this comprehensive guide.

What is a Betting Bonus?

If you are new to the online gambling scene, you may wonder — how betting bonuses work. A betting bonus is a freebie from an online gambling platform that helps boost players’ bankroll, allowing them to place more bets without risking too much or any of their real money. The bonus can come in different forms, and we will expand on this later on.

As we highlighted in the introductory section, US sportsbooks offer betting bonuses to convince players to join their platform. They understand that bettors want a sweet deal, so they can get more to join their platform by offering something enticing. Likewise, these operators know that their existing customers will always look for the best offers. And if they don’t give them something worthwhile, their customers may go elsewhere. So just as new players are offered bonuses, existing players also get their own rewards.

How to Get a Betting Bonus

Getting a betting bonus is pretty easy. First, you need to locate a betting site that offers the type of bonus you want and the sportsbook promo code that applies. However, note that not all operators require promo codes for their bonuses. Once you’ve chosen a sportsbook, create an account with it.

You may be required to enter the promo code for the bonus you want to claim during registration. Enter the code in the appropriate field and complete the registration. If the bonus is a deposit offer, you will be required to make a deposit to activate it. Note that each offer has its qualifying deposit. Once you’ve made the qualifying deposit or more, the bonus is added to your betting account, and you can start using it to bet according to the specified terms and conditions.

Below is a quick summary of how to get a betting bonus

  1. Look out for a betting site that offers a betting bonus.
  2. Find a promo code.
  3. Sign up and enter your details.
  4. Use your promo code to receive your betting bonus.
  5. Deposit.
  6. Start betting.

Different Types of Sports Betting Bonuses

Sports betting bonuses come in different types. Each type has its own way of working, even though you may claim them the same way. As a bettor, you should understand the different betting bonus types to know the best ones that will work for you.

Over the next few subsections, we will explain some common sports betting bonuses.

  • Bet insurance betting bonus – This bonus type ensures that you get a refund of the insured part of your bet. You can think of it as insurance for your bet, so you don’t lose it. However, note that this bonus is paid for. You have to pay the cost of the insurance, which usually depends on the current odds of the event you want to insure.
  • No deposit betting bonus – Some top US online betting sites also offer a no deposit betting bonus. You don’t need to deposit any amount for this type of bonus. It is offered completely for free. This makes it one of the best types of bonuses to claim, and you can never go wrong with them. However, due to the nature of the bonus, it is less common to find.
  • Cashback betting bonus – Betting operators also offer cashback bonuses to players. In this type of bonus, you are given back a percentage of the amount you lost in a specified duration. The idea is that with the percentage you get back, you can stand a chance to win something from it. For instance, a US sports betting site can offer loyal players a 10% cashback bonus on losses made in a week. So if a player loses $1,000 in a week, they get back $100 as a bonus.
  • Free bet bonus – This is another type of bonus that you can claim at many US sportsbooks. Bettors are usually required to place a bet of a certain odd, and they will get the bonus whether their bet wins or loses. For example, an online sports betting site can offer new players a 50% free bet on their first bet with a minimum odds of -125. So if you wager $100 in this situation, you will get $50 as a free bet bonus, regardless of whether your original bet wins or loses.
  • Risk-free bet bonus – Like free bets, a risk-free bet bonus is also offered as a percentage of the amount wagered on a specified event. The only difference is that you will get the bonus if your original bet loses. Like free bets, the amount you can win from the bonus will not include the stake.
  • Deposit match betting bonus – If you are wondering what are sign up bonuses for betting, this is a typical example. A deposit match betting bonus is offered as a percentage of a player’s deposited amount. For example, a betting operator may match new players’ first deposits by 100% up to a certain amount. So, in that case, if you make a first deposit of $50, you will get another $50 as a bonus. As with every bonus with a capped amount, you should note that you cannot claim more than the amount regardless of how huge the deposit you make is.
  • Reload betting bonusUS betting apps also offer reload betting bonuses, similar to deposit match bonuses. In this bonus type, you will get a percentage of your deposit amount. However, the difference is that it is offered to existing players and can be a reoccurring offer. For instance, some operators offer players a Thursday reload bonus. This means bettors can claim the bonus on every first deposit they make on a Thursday. Besides, the percentage of reload bonus is usually lower than that of the deposit match betting bonus.
  • Percentage bonus – This refers to any bonus where you are getting a percentage amount of a deposit or bet. Reload betting bonuses, deposit match bonuses, and cashback bonuses can be categorized as percentage bonuses. Ideally, percentage bonuses can be offered between 50% to 300% of the deposit or bet amount.
  • Parlay insurance – Parlays can be impressive, especially when winning your selections. But they can be frustrating since losing one of the selections in a parlay means losing the entire bet. This is where the parlay insurance bonus comes in. Some top US sportsbooks allow players to get refunds of the insured amount wagered in a parlay should the bet lose. But as you may have guessed, there is a limit to the insured amount, and some operators may offer the insured amount as a free bet.
  • Boosted odds – This is also one of the common betting site bonuses. As the bonus name implies, you will get more than the regular odds of an event, meaning a chance to win more money. For instance, a sports betting site can boost regular odds of -125 to +140 for a particular event. The idea is to help you win more, but the bonus is only available for some events and may come with restrictions.
  • Promo codes – Sports betting promo codes are alphanumeric codes that bettors need to enter in a specific field to claim a bonus. Each code is specific to a particular bonus. You can find the bonus codes of most betting sites on their promotions page. There are also special promo codes that may be sent to players’ email addresses. However, note that not all US sportsbooks require the use of codes to claim their bonuses.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Betting Bonuses

Betting bonuses have their benefits and drawbacks. You must know before you start claiming bonuses as they will help you understand how best to use the bonuses and what to expect.


Several advantages come with claiming betting bonuses. First, it helps to build a bankroll. For example, you can be lucky to claim up to a 300% matched deposit bonus. This means you can have 300% more of your deposit in your bankroll to place bets and stand a chance to win.

Besides, bonuses are easy to get as almost every sportsbook offers them. Claiming them is straightforward, and you will surely find one that suits your budget. Likewise, claiming betting bonuses can be a great way to try out new sportsbooks. This is especially true for no deposit bonuses where you don’t need to make any real money deposit to claim them. With bonuses, you can test how a gambling platform works to see if it suits your preference or not.

Another benefit of betting bonuses is that they come in handy for testing betting strategies. You won’t need to use your hard-earned money to test a strategy to see if it works, as you may lose it. But with bonuses, you know they are free, so you can use them the way you like.

Here is a quick recap of the benefits of betting bonuses.

  • Build bankroll
  • Easy to get
  • Try out new sportsbooks
  • Test your betting strategy


Despite all the advantages of betting bonuses, it has a few drawbacks. First, the bonus amount may be small in some cases. This is especially true for no deposit bonuses that do not have a deposit requirement. Besides that, sportsbook bonuses come with rules and conditions that may limit how you can use them and win from them. Some bonuses may only apply to specific sports or bets, which can be frustrating to some bettors.

Regardless of these drawbacks, bonuses offered by sports betting sites in the US can be mind-blowing. They can give you a chance to win more and add spice to your gambling experience.

Below is a list of the drawbacks to remember.

  • Small amount
  • Not always free
  • Rules & requirements

Common Rules of Betting Bonuses

Most, if not all, betting bonuses have rules that you need to follow to claim and win from them. This is often referred to as the bonus terms and conditions. You should read through the terms and conditions of each bonus before claiming it. Here are the common rules to bear in mind.

  • Wagering requirements – This is one of the important bonus terms and conditions to be aware of. The wagering requirement of a betting bonus refers to the number of times a sportsbook requires players’ to bet the bonus to keep the winnings they made from it. For example, if a bonus comes with a 10x rollover requirement, you must bet it a minimum of 10 times to keep the winnings.
  • Validity Period – Every bonus has a validity period when players must use it. If the bonus is not used within the set period, it becomes invalid and unusable. Likewise, there is a specified period to fulfill a bonus wagering requirement. It is important to pay attention to the validity period to avoid forfeiting an offer.
  • Limited game and bet type choice – Another important bonus condition is the game limit and bet type limit. Some bonuses are limited to a specific sport or event, which is true in the case of boosted odds. Likewise, a sportsbook can specify the type of bet you can place with its bonus and the minimum odds. Some bonuses can be used on Moneylines and not on totals under/over.


Do I need to deposit to get a betting bonus?

This depends on the type of bonus. No deposit bonuses do not require players making deposits to claim them. However, most betting bonuses are deposit bonuses, meaning you must deposit a particular amount (qualifying deposit) to claim them. You can read the requirement of a sportsbook offer to know the qualifying deposit.

Are some betting bonuses better than others?

Yes. Some betting bonuses are somewhat better than others. For instance, high roller bonuses offer more bonus amounts than regular bonuses. Besides, some offers like wager-free bonuses do not require players to fulfill a wagering requirement. Regardless, what decides whether a particular bonus is better for you depends on what you want from it.

Does every betting site offer betting bonuses?

Most likely. Every top US sportsbook offers betting bonuses to players. However, the type and number of available bonuses may differ from one betting site to another. Some operators are more generous than others, offering bettors numerous mouthwatering bonuses.