You’ve come to the perfect site if you love watching UFC fights and want to place your bets online. This article was created to aid you in finding the best UFC betting site and becoming a more profitable gambler. We go through the major features of UFC sportsbooks, as well as the various odds formats and bet kinds that are prominent in this sport. Continue reading this UFC betting odds article to learn more about how UFC betting odds work.

About UFC betting odds

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is one of the most famous full-contact combat sports on the planet, with UFC events attracting large crowds over the last decade. There were 43 UFC events in 2021 alone, attracting millions of fans to their television screens or venues around the world to cheer on their favorite fighters. In short, nothing compares to the popularity of the UFC. With a roster of the best athletes that the world has to offer, including the likes of Conor McGregor, Georges St-Pierre, Ronda Rousey, and Jon Jones, it is no wonder that this sport is forever on the rise.

In recent years, this fast-paced sport has developed by leaps and bounds, providing bettors with a plethora of ways to make real money. UFC betting odds are offered at hundreds of different USA sportsbooks, making it even more difficult for fans to sift the wheat from the chaff. You’ve come to the perfect site if you love watching UFC fights and want to place your bets online. This article was created to aid you in finding the best UFC betting site and becoming a more profitable gambler. We go through the major features of UFC sportsbooks, as well as the various odds formats and bet kinds that are prominent in this sport. Continue reading this UFC betting odds article to learn more about how UFC betting odds work.

UFC betting odds explained

The majority of sports betting odds are given in the same way. The negative sign (-) represents the favorite, whereas the positive sign (+) represents the underdog. You’ll also notice that most odds are calculated with a $100 wager.

When you read -105 or +105, it means the juice or the amount collected by the sportsbook is $10. Sportsbooks need to make money to stay in business, so the juice is usually between $5 and $10.

For example, the odds for about between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor might be displayed as follows:

  • McGregor +125
  • Dustin Poirier -155

Underdog wagers carry a higher risk, which is why you don’t have to wager as much as you would on a favorite. Note: It’s not a must to bet $100 on the fight. You may bet the amount you want to bet. In the sections that follow, you will learn more about the UFC betting odds.

Where to find the best UFC betting odds

UFC betting odds are found on many betting apps in the US, and listing all those sportsbooks would take a while. That is why we have compiled this list to assist you in deciding on the best UFC sportsbooks available in the United States.

  • Betway Sportsbook
  • DraftKings Sportsbook
  • SkyBet Sportsbook
  • William Hill Sportsbook
  • Bovada Sportsbook
  • Twinspires Sportsbook
  • Tipico Sportsbook
  • BetMGM Sportsbook

And many more.

How to get the latest UFC betting odds

It is very easy to get the latest UFC betting odds in America. All you have to do is follow the simple step-by-step process below, and you will always be up to date with the latest betting odds.

  1. Search for a few legit sportsbooks.
  2. Sign up.
  3. Use a promo code to receive a bonus.
  4. Deposit.
  5. Go to the UFC section and look at the odds.
  6. Compare each sportsbook to see which offers the best UFC betting odds.
  7. Place your bet.

Types of UFC betting odds

UFC fans often have three different odds forms to choose from, but each type of odds expression reflects the same thing: the probability of a specific outcome happening and the risk ratio of your bets. Of course, UFC betting services need to make a profit, which is why the odds they provide never reflect the true likelihood of a fighter winning. The odds are adjusted by the US sports betting site so that they can pocket a commission (also known as vigorish or juice) from each wager they accept.

However, there are other elements that could influence the UFC odds. If a betting site receives too much action on one of the two combatants in a contest, the odds for the other side will be adjusted to accommodate the increased betting volume. Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s look at how the three most prevalent odds types function.

American UFC betting odds

In US-friendly sportsbooks, American, or Moneyline, odds are the default format. American odds, along with decimal odds, are the simplest type of odds expression to work with. The American odds represent the potential profit on a $100 base betting unit. The following is an example of an MMA line:

  • Conor McGregor -215
  • Dustin Poirier +160

The odds favoring the favorite, in this case, Conor McGregor, has a minus sign attached to them, indicating the amount you will receive ($215) if you bet $100. Dustin Poirier’s odds have a positive sign in front of them, indicating that he is the underdog and that each base unit of $100 you put on him can reward you with $160.

This isn’t to say that you have to stake your money in $100 increments. What if you placed a $127 wager, for example? Depending on whether you bet on the favorite or the underdog, there are two alternative profit calculation formulas. You must apply the following formula when betting on the underdog: (amount staked/100) * positive odds As a result, if Dustin Poirier wins, your profits from a $127 wager will be 160 * ($127/100) = $203.20. If you decide to back Conor McGregor when the odds are stacked against him, you must calculate your projected return using the formula below: (100/negative odds) * bet amount. As a result, you can take home (100/215) * $127 = $59.07.

Decimal UFC betting odds

The most prevalent format of odds representation used around the world is decimals. These are even easier to understand than the American odds, which is why they are so popular in online sportsbooks. Here’s an example of a match bet with decimal odds:

  • Conor McGregor 2.50
  • Dustin Poirier 1.57

Even-money payouts are claimed to be offered at odds of 2.00, which means your rewards are equal to the original amount you wagered, multiplied by the odds. The general rule here is that the greater the decimal number, the bigger the payout you’ll get, but the lower the chance of your wager succeeding.

The primary advantage of adopting decimal odds is that it makes calculating your overall profits from a winning bet incredibly simple. And that’s because your original bet is immediately included in your winnings, which are computed by multiplying the decimal amount by the stake.

So, in the case of Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier is the favorite because he is given the lower odds. If he does really win, a $10 bet on him will result in total gains of $15.7 ($5.70 in net profits on top of your initial $10). Conor McGregor has higher odds of 2.50 as the underdog. He has a lower chance of winning, but a wager on him will net you a total profit of $25.

Fractional UFC betting odds

While the UFC is extremely popular in Europe, it is equally popular in the United States, where sports gamblers can find odds in fractions, decimals, or American odds. The fractional format reflects the ratio of your gains to your stake.


  • Conor McGregor (8/5)
  • Dustin Poirier (4/9)

The fraction’s denominator, which indicates how many base units you must stake, is the number to the right. The numerator, or number on the left, represents the amount of money you’ll get if your bet pays off. The original stake is not included in this calculation. As a result, if you bet $1 on Conor McGregor at odds of 8/5, you must wager a total of $5 to win $8. Using the formula below, you can determine your possible winnings using fractional odds: (amount staked/denominator) * numerator

To make things clearer, here’s an example using a $25 wager on Conor McGregor: [($25/5) * 8] + $25 = $65.

UFC betting odds tips

Betting on UFC can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a strategy or tips to help you win your wager. That is why we have compiled a list of crucial betting tips for UFC fights below.

  • Research – Before you place your bet, do some research on the UFC fighter.
  • Bonuses – Use a sportsbook bonus to bet on a fighter with higher odds.
  • Bet types – Bet on how the fight will finish rather than on who will win (better odds).


Do all sportsbooks offer UFC betting odds?

No, not all sportsbooks offer UFC betting odds. Although there are many US sportsbooks that offer UFC betting odds. There are still some betting sites that do not offer UFC betting odds. This may be due to many factors, but the primary one is that some sportsbooks' markets are not that broad to include UFC in their betting markets.

Do sportsbooks always offer American type UFC betting odds?

Yes, sportsbooks always offer American type betting odds. Remember that this is the most basic type of UFC betting odds, so it is available on every sportsbook that offers UFC in the USA. Furthermore, it is best that you find out if the sportsbook offers American UFC betting odds so that you don't become inconvenient after signing up with them.

Are UFC betting odds the same on every sportsbook?

Yes, UFC betting odds are usually about the same on every sportsbook, nothing drastically different. These odds may come as fractional or decimal odds, as in American. Make sure you read the above section about UFC betting odds types, as the section explains each of the three types of betting odds.