Iowa is one of the US states that have legalized sports betting in the region. Players in the state can enjoy top sporting events freely without being afraid of breaking any law. Iowa sports betting was legalized in May 2019 and went live in August. Iowa players can bet on some sporting events: football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Also, they can choose from various betting markets when they join their preferred betting site. Iowa players can join some top betting sites: Unibet, BetRivers, BetMGM, and DraftKings.

This guide will explore all you should know about Iowa sports betting. We’ll also review some top betting sites you can join as a player in the state. So, keep reading to learn more!

Can you legally bet on sports online in Iowa?

Yes, players can legally bet on sports online in Iowa. The state had been going back and forth about legalizing sports online until 2019. Governor Kim Reynolds’ signature in April 2019 kicked off the legalization of sports betting in Iowa. Interestingly, it took the state about three and a half months before officially launch its online sports betting campaign.

The first step to betting legally on sports online in Iowa is to find a top betting site. Then, you need to complete the registration process. You’ll need to provide your personal information so that the sportsbook site can help you create a unique account. After that, you can make your first deposit and start playing.

Who regulates sports betting in Iowa?

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission regulates sports betting in Iowa. The regulatory body vets and controls sports betting activities in the state.

Best Online Sports Betting Sites in Iowa

We’ll be exploring some of the best online sports betting sites you can join in Iowa in this section. These betting sites are known to provide the best gaming experience to players worldwide.

Caesars Iowa

Caesars Iowa sportsbook was launched on August 15, 2019. The sportsbook site partners with different land-based casinos, including Isle Bettendorf, Lakeside Casino, and Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo. Additionally, it features a wide range of sporting events with competitive odds. Some popular sports you can bet on at Caesars are baseball, football, soccer, basketball, golf, and MMA. Players will find various betting markets they can bet on when they join Caesars. They include spread bet, Moneyline, parley, and over/under.

In addition, players can claim bonuses at the sportsbook site. Some of them are the welcome bonus and loyalty program. The welcome bonus rewards new players with a percentage bonus on their first deposit. Additionally, regular players can join the excellent loyalty program of the betting site. They get to earn reward points to climb up the loyalty program ladder. The more money they deposit, the more reward points they get. However, check the bonus requirements you need to fulfill before claiming them.

Unibet Iowa

Unibet Iowa is another top sportsbook site in Iowa you can join. It was launched on September 1, 2021. Also, the betting site partnered with Harrah’s Council Bluffs Casino. Since its launch, it has offered top sporting events to its players. They include American Football, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, and horse racing. Also, it features various betting options, including Total, Moneyline, and Parley.

Besides, players can claim bonus rewards when they register on the betting site. Some of them include referral bonuses, profit boosts, NHL Bet Builder, and the welcome package. Remember to check the bonus requirement before claiming it. The betting site also accepts different banking options on its site. They include PayPal, Bank Transfer, PayNearMe, Visa, Mastercard, and Prepaid Card. You don’t get to pay any transaction fee for deposits and withdrawals at Unibet. Additionally, the processing time for deposits is instant, while withdrawals can take between 24–72 hours.

DraftKings Iowa

DraftKings Iowa is one of the betting sites that was launched in Iowa. It went live on February 19, 2020. Then, it partnered with other casinos, including Wild Rose Jefferson, Wild Rose Clinton, and Wild Rose Emmetsburg. The gambling site features popular sports, including Baseball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Hockey, and Football. Some betting options you can choose are Parley, Totals, and Moneyline.

The sportsbook site doesn’t hold back when it comes to giving out bonuses to its players. Some of these bonus rewards are Daily Free Play Pools, First Deposit Bonuses, and Referral Bonus. You can click the “View Terms” button to know more about the bonus requirement. DraftKings accepts various payment options, including Wire Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, DraftKings Gift Card, PayPal, and Online Banking. Besides, the support center of the betting site is available to take complaints 24/7. You can send your message to Alternatively, you can use live chat support if you want a quick response.

BetRivers Iowa

BetRivers Iowa was launched on January 4, 2021, and partnered with Wild Rose Casino. It is licensed in different US states, including Iowa, Michigan, Arizona, and New York. The betting site is owned and operated by Rush Street Interactive IA LLC. Players will find quite a number of sports they can bet on. They include Soccer, Tennis, UFC/MMA, Golf, Boxing, and Cycling. Also, they can choose from a list of popular leagues on the betting site. Some of them are NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, EPL, and UFC.

Additionally, players can claim bonuses to increase their winning chances. They include the deposit match bonus, NHL Free Bets, NBA Boost, MLB Boost, and same-game parlay. Remember to check the bonus criteria before claiming it. The sportsbook site also accepts fast and reliable payment options, including PayPal, VIP Preferred ACH, and Debit Card.

FanDuel Iowa

FanDuel Iowa began its operations in the state on September 9, 2020, and partnered with top casinos like Diamond Jo. It features popular sports like Basketball, Football, Golf, MMA, Boxing, and Soccer. Additionally, players can bet on popular leagues like NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA Tour, and Tennis. They can also choose from different betting options, including Spread, Moneyline, and Totals.

Additionally, the betting site offers competitive bonuses to its players. They include the new customer risk-free bonus, same game parlay, and referral bonus. As you would expect, these bonuses have criteria and requirements you need to meet before claiming them. Players can deposit and withdraw their winnings using fast and reliable banking options on the betting site. Some of them are Online Banking, Venmo, Prepaid Cards, checks, and PayPal.

PointsBet Iowa

PointsBet Iowa is another betting site that made our list of the best betting sites in Iowa. It launched in the state on November 26, 2019, and partnered with Catfish Bend Casino. Additionally, the betting site offers a wide range of sporting events with competitive odds. Some of them are cricket, cycling, boxing, hockey, MMA, soccer, and tennis.

The sportsbook sites reward both new and regular players with juicy bonuses. They include risk-free Bets, a loyalty program, and PointsBet Platinum Club. Besides, the betting site accepts various payment options, including Online Banking, PayPal, Debit/Credit Card, PayNearMe, and ACH/Check. PointsBet Iowa has a mobile app you can download on Google Play and Apple Stores. You’ll get the same gaming experience on the desktop when you play on mobile.

BetMGM Iowa

BetMGM Iowa is one of the top betting sites in Iowa that launched on January 4, 2021, and partners with Diamond Jo Worth Casino. It is licensed in different US states, including Iowa, Arizona, Indiana, New York, Michigan, and New Jersey. The betting site features popular sports like football, MMA, baseball, boxing, golf, basketball, and cycling.

Besides, the sportsbook site offers superb bonuses to new and regular players. They include the welcome package, Monday money club, and risk-free bets. Remember to read the bonus requirements before claiming them. The betting site also accepts various payment options, including Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, Skrill, American Express, and PayNearMe.

How to Join an Online Sports Betting Site in Iowa

The first step is to register with the Iowa sports betting site. You’ll need to provide your personal information before you can start playing. After registration, you need to deposit using the payment options available on the betting site. Once your payment is processed, you can start playing. You’ll find various betting markets you can choose from on the sportsbook in Iowa. After placing your bet, you can use the streaming option to watch the event live to get real-time updates. If your prediction is correct, you win, and if not, you’ll have to place another bet. We would advise that you understand the betting market in Iowa you’re choosing before placing your bet.

Notable Dates for Online Sports Betting in IA

The journey to legalizing online sports betting in Iowa began in 2018. The Senate passed a bill in February 2018, which didn’t advance but set the framework for the 2019 bill.

In May 2018, the US Supreme Court scratched the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act and lifted the ban on sports betting. As a result, all states can choose to allow legal sports betting or not.

Then, the big break came in May 2019 when Governor Kim Reynolds signed the Iowa in-person and online sports betting bill into law. In August 2019, the first Iowa retail and online sportsbook launched in the state.

Then, in December 2020, the state surpassed $100 million in monthly sports betting wagers.

Online Sports Betting Regulations in Iowa

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission regulates the sports betting industry in the state. They are in charge of licensing and regulating sports betting operations in the state. A casino with a sportsbook section has to pay $45,000 for a license and then $10,000 for its renewal every year. Also, the state regulatory body pegs its revenue at 6.75%.

Before now, Iowa players had to show up for in-person registration before they could use mobile sports betting apps. However, it was removed on January 1, 2021. As a result, players can now freely download the mobile app of their favorite sportsbook site using their mobile devices.

Does Iowa allow college sports betting?

Iowa allows you to bet on pro and college sports online. Additionally, you’re allowed to bet on in-state teams like Iowa and Iowa State. However, bettors are not allowed to place prop bets on individual college athletes.§

How does the state of Iowa tax winnings from sports betting?

Iowa is one of the US states that imposes a state tax on its player’s winnings. The state deducts a 5% tax and 24% federal tax on winnings from online sports betting or online gambling. Additionally, you need to disclose your winnings in your annual tax returns if it exceeds $600.


What is the legal sports betting age in Iowa?

The legal sports betting age in Iowa is 21. The betting site will verify the age you provided to be correct before they allow you to play. You'll need to provide your verification documents like a driver's license and National I.D Card before you can start playing. The betting site will have to restrict your access if the age you provided doesn't match the one on your document.

How much revenue does sports betting bring in Iowa?

In 2019, Iowa’s total revenue from sports betting was $1.49 billion. According to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, the state generated over $1.2 billion in bets for the 2021 fiscal year. Also, the state has recorded over $12.9 million in taxes since its launch in 2019. The state's sports betting revenue for 2021 is already picking up fast and looking to surpass the previous year.

Who oversees online sports betting in Iowa?

Online sports betting in Iowa is regulated and controlled by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. The state regulatory body ensures that all the sportsbook sites in the state comply with its rules and regulations. Additionally, it issues licenses to state-approved betting sites. Iowa players can also reach out to the regulatory body if they have disputes they want to resolve with any betting site in the state.

When did Iowa legalize sports betting?

Sports betting was legalized in Iowa on May 13, 2019. It took the state three months to allow its players to start wagering on their favorite games. Since its launch, the gambling industry has grown in revenue year after year. Also, new sportsbook sites are partnering with different casinos in the state.