A welcome bonus is a common technique that every online sportsbook uses to attract new players. When looking for a betting site to join, it is always a good idea to have a look at the welcome bonuses. As we will see in the nest sections, you can truly earn money out of them. So, why not take advantage of the offer?

However, every online sportsbook can’t just give perks for free all the time, it would not be profitable. There is a limit to their offers. Yet you may come across betting sites that claim to hand out huge welcome bonuses, with all sorts of cool stuff. For the most part, these sportsbooks are offshore, thus they are illegal. No one can guarantee you will not lose all your money. So, let’s see what are these welcome offers in the legal sportsbooks in the US. Stick with us to learn what is a welcome bonus, how to get a welcome bonus, and how to find the best welcome bonuses in the USA.

What is a sports betting welcome bonus?

A sports betting welcome bonus is a reward given to new players signing up for the first time on an online sportsbook. The bonus given can vary, it can be everything from a risk-free bet to a matched deposit bonus. Welcome bonuses are a way for sportsbooks to attract new clients by offering them some kind of incentive to sign up and create an account at their site.

How to claim a welcome bonus in the US

The process of claiming a sportsbook welcome offer is simple on all legal US betting sites. There might be slight changes in the process from one sportsbook to another, but overall it is very similar. Below you will find a list of the necessary steps you need to make in order to grab that juicy welcome bonus offer:

  1. Find a sportsbook that offers a welcome bonus. – As aforementioned, all sportsbooks have welcome bonuses, so it should not be hard to find one that you like. Just make sure to opt for a legal online sportsbook, with a proper license from within the US.
  2. Sign up with your details – It is necessary to create an account for the sportsbook of your liking. Go to the sign-up section and start filling in your personal detail. These include your full name and home address, an active email address, and your Social Security Number. In some cases, you may need to give a photo of your ID.
  3. Enter a promo code if needed to claim the welcome offer – Not all sportsbooks ask for a betting promo code in order to give you the welcome offer. But for the ones that do, it is now the time to enter it. Go to the offers section and click on the welcome bonus. To activate it, you must enter the special code, which you can find right under the bonus banner.
  4. Read the terms and conditions of your welcome bonus – Naturally, all bonuses, including the welcome offer, have terms and conditions. These may include an expiration date, an amount you may have to deposit in order to get the offer, or other specific wagering requirements. It is crucial to read the rules before signing up for a bookie and claiming a bonus. They may not be in your favor or suit you. Thus, it would be a pity and a waste to devote time and money to something which is not right for you.
  5. Start betting using the bonus – Once you have completed all these steps, you can start betting on your favorite teams and games.

Different kinds of welcome bonuses are offered at betting sites

A welcome bonus on an online gambling site can come in many forms. Below you can find the most common ones:

  • Matched bet welcome bonus – You may come across matched bets also as back bet matching, or lay bet matching. No matter the name, the process is the same. In a matched bet, you combine the free bets you get as a welcome bonus. The bonus allows you to place a back bet with the sportsbook and another, separate bet, but with a wagering exchange. When you win the matched bet, you can get up to 85% of its value.
  • No-risk welcome bonus – The no-risk bonus allows you to place wagers without the risk of losing your money. How does this work? It is simple. You bet on the game you want and if you lose, the bonus compensates you for the money you lost. If you have lost part of your money, the bonus will give you back only that amount.
  • Free bet welcome bonus – With a free bet as a welcome offer, you are eligible to place a bet without spending any real money. If you win, all the profits go directly into your pocket. In case of loss, you do not have to pay anything.
  • Boosted odds welcome bonus – Many online sportsbooks give boosted odds as a welcome offer. This bonus boosts the odds of a specific game and gives you a better chance of winning.
  • Matched deposit welcome bonus – A deposit match is one of the most popular welcome bonuses. Basically, you deposit an amount and the bonus matches it up to a specific percentage. It can be 50% or even 150%. The money goes directly into your bookie account, and you can start spending it right away.
  • Insured welcome bonus – An insured welcome kind of bonus is very similar to a risk-free bet. The sportsbook gives you insurance for your bets. So, every time you lose, you get your money back. The insurance covers only a number of bets though. Also, it may cover a specific kind of bet, such as spreads.
  • Cashback welcome bonus – A cashback bonus is also another form of risk-free bonus or free bet bonus. It returns to you a percentage of the loss you may have from losing a bet. Usually, this option is available for regular customers. So, you will see it regularly as a welcome bonus, at least as cashback.

Can you instantly withdraw a welcome bonus from a sportsbook?

Unfortunately, you cannot instantly withdraw a welcome bonus from a sportsbook. It has special terms and conditions that clearly indicate that you have to bet the money you have been given a certain amount of times, this is also known as wagering requirements.

Pros and cons of welcome bonus offers

All welcome bonuses have their pros and cons. It is a good idea to take everything into consideration before you decide to get this kind of bonus.


  • Helps build a bankroll – One of the best characteristics of a welcome offer is that you get to build a bankroll. If you choose wisely which sportsbook to join and how you will spend your bonus, you will be able to earn a good amount of money for a start.
  • Can bet at no risk to your own money – Another great thing is that you get to play without spending your own money. Thus, you can give it a shot and see if you like this activity or not.
  • Free – You do not have to buy the bonus. It is given to you as a gift for joining the bookie.
  • Try out new games and sports – The welcome offer also gives you the chance to try out new games and sports. For example, you may like boxing but have never bet on a game because you do not understand how it works. So, you can use your bonus in order to place a bet on boxing, and see if you enjoy it or not.


  • Low amount – Despite its many pros, a welcome offer is usually small. This means that the money you get to spend is only a little.
  • Expiry date – Furthermore, all bonuses, including the welcome one, have an expiration date. That is, you must use it in a specific timeframe, otherwise, you will lose it.
  • Wagering requirements – The wagering requirements are usually about the withdrawal of the bonus, and specifically the profits from its use. For example, there may be minimum odds you have to meet before being eligible to withdraw your winnings from a welcome offer. Or, there may be a turnover, meaning you will have to play a number of times the bonus amount.


What sports betting welcome bonus is the best?

The best welcome bonus in sports betting depends entirely on you. There are so many kinds of different welcome bonuses. They are all great for different reasons. You may prefer a deposit match bonus, risk-free, or even free bets. If you are not sure which one to choose, feel free to register to more than one sportsbook.

Do I need to deposit to get a welcome bonus?

Yes, usually you need to deposit no get a welcome bonus unless it’s a no deposit bonus. But, It depends on the sportsbook you are using. Some require you to deposit first, such as a deposit match bonus and a risk-free bet. Others, like the free bet, do not require a deposit. You can find the rules of each welcome bonus in the Terms & Conditions.

Which betting apps gives welcome bonuses?

The best betting apps that give welcome bonuses include: DraftKings, FanDuel, BetRivers, Unibet and BetMGM. The welcome bonus given by the betting apps vary, so make sure you check out our list on the top of this page to find the offer that suits you best.

What kind of wagering requirements comes with betting bonuses?

Wagering requirements for betting bonuses tend to be that you need to bet a multiple of the bonus before you can withdraw, limited game selection, and limited betting types. For example, you may have to meet a certain turnover, meaning that you have to play a specific number of times the money you earn from the welcome bonus. In other cases, you may have to place a bet with minimum odds. So, always read the Terms & Conditions section under each welcome offer.