Sportsbooks are trying a variety of ways to be bettors’ favorites while being innovative at the same time. All the efforts are not only to attract new customers but also to maintain the existing players and give an exclusive experience.

Enhanced odds are the latest initiative and only the established betting sites offer them generously. Its idea is simple, to boost the odds of a particular game and make it attractive for both regular and new players.

What do enhanced odds mean?

Enhanced odds on betting sites simply mean that the online sportsbook increases the odds of a particular bet to increase potential wins. Here, the sportsbook offers better odds for some bets for a limited time. So when players bet on the odds and the bet wins, they get extra payouts. The bet types to go for include the player props, money lines, and point spread among others as directed by the odds boost offer.

Notably, the enhanced odds betting apps usually offer them to boost the short odds (favorites) with a high probability of winning. Thus, there are really lower chances of losing a bet with such boosted odds.

For example, a player prop bet on Russell Westbrook to score a triple-double is +165. The sportsbook can then boost the odds to +190. Here, when the bet wins with a $100 stake, the bettor gets a $25 extra from the odds boost, a 15% increase in profit.

Best betting sites that offer enhanced odds

Below you can read about the best betting sites in the United States that offer enhanced odds from time to time:

  • DraftKings – Famous for odds boost on special events like national championships and college football, DraftKings is an up for grab enhanced odds betting site. Here, you can get the ongoing offers by choosing ‘Odds Boost’ beneath the ‘Promotions’ tab. But you must select the promo in your bet slip to apply the boost before placing your bet.
  • FanDuel – With the daily ‘Odds Boost’ lines, FanDuel often links 2 or 3 props or games into the ‘Super Boost’. This means they boost the odds on a pre-selected parlay. And when you place the bet, you get a higher payout if each leg wins. Besides, FanDuel also offers great odds’ enhancement through the FanDuel sportsbook promo codes.
  • Golden Nugget – Golden Nugget is a famous sportsbook for odds increment, especially through its daily ‘Golden Lines’ boost. Also, there’s a parlay booster on parlay bets with 3 or more legs.
  • PointsBet – Like FanDuel, PointsBet offers daily boosts through a variety of lines. Also, it gives extra-special boosters on local teams in the betting markets they operate within.

How to receive enhanced odds on betting sites

To reach out to many players, betting sites offer enhanced odds through many routes. One of the routes is when signing up as a new player. Giving enhanced as a betting welcome bonus reaches many people. Another way of offering the odds boost is through special events like the Olympics, Super Bowl, and major playoffs.

Besides, some sportsbooks in the US offer odds boost through promo codes as promotion, especially to promote a bet type. Finally, some betting sites recognize their player’s special days like birthdays and gift them with a variety of enhanced odds markets.

Below is the list of routes from which you can receive the enhanced odds from the betting sites listed above:

  • Use a promo code: This is a major route, especially for newcomers, new bet types, or new betting events. For example, a betting site may introduce horse race betting with boosted odds.
  • Receive enhanced odds automatically on sign up: Registering an account with some sportsbooks gives you automatic qualification for odds boost. For example, Golden Nugget makes you eligible for a parlay bet boost just after registering an account with them.
  • Special events like the Olympics: Several leading sportsbooks like DraftKings offer special events odds boost, like boost on Super Bowl odds.
  • Birthday gift: Sportsbooks with loyalty programs like FanDuel, Caesars, PointsBet, and DraftKings often gift their players with boosted odds on their birthdays.

Tips on how to use enhanced odds

There are some terms and conditions attached to enhanced odds markets in every betting site. For sign-up boosted odds, you have to first register an account with the sportsbook, make the initial deposit, and enter the promo code, if any.

Ensure the deposits are within the required limits and search for the games or bet types with the improved odds. For other boosted odds like the special events, odds boost and loyalty offers like birthday odds increment, deposit amount within the limit and bet on the games attached to the boosts.

Other tips to bet on the boosted odds include:

  • Keep to your strategy – Unless restricted to a specific match and bet type, always place on the boosted odds just like you’d have done on regular odds. You can assume the odds boost as a discount. So, use your normal strategy no matter the amount of increment you get on the odds to ensure your bet as usual. This will help you avoid rushing for certain picks that you are not familiar with or sure with.
  • Don’t let the enhanced odds expire – Odds boost expires within a short time. For example, the PointsBet’s ‘No Juice Saturdays’. Boosted odds on sign-up also last for a few days. Therefore, you should always be time cautious to ensure the offer does not expire. For DraftKings sportsbook players, always check beneath the promotions tab for the ongoing odds boost offers.
  • Bet on games you know about – Try not to change what you are comfortable betting on after receiving the odds boost unless the offer is restricted to certain games or bets. Get the flexible odds to boost offer, navigate to your favorite games section and place your favorite bets, as long as the odds boost offer covers the bet.
  • Read the wagering requirements – As a bonus, enhanced odds come attached to some wagering requirements that you must fulfil to cash out your wins plus the cash increment from odds boost. First, there are always maximum and minimum bet or deposit amounts for one to be eligible for the boosted odds. Second, odds boost for parlay bets will give a specific type and number of matches to include. Besides, some sportsbooks may ask you to wager the wins from boosted odds a certain number of times before requesting a cash-out. So, read through the terms and conditions before using any odds boost promotion.

Are odds boost and enhanced odds the same?

Yes, an odds boost is the same as enhanced odds. Thus, both can be used interchangeably to mean the same thing, increasing the odds as an offer to either new or regular players on a sportsbook. And while searching for an enhanced odds betting site, when you see ‘betting sites with odds boost’, you are still in the right place.


Do all US betting sites offer enhanced odds?

No, not all US betting sites offer enhanced odds. Offering an odds boost is costly and not all betting sites can fully cater to it. Sportsbooks offer odds boost majorly on major games and on both favorites and underdogs. So, it's like giving out bonus cash prizes to whoever bets on the sportsbook. Also, the betting sites lower the 'juice' greatly. Consequently, the sportsbooks incur a lot of expenses, making the offer only viable for the leading sportsbooks.

Can I use a free bet bonus and enhanced odds in the US?

Yes, you can use a free bet bonus and enhanced odds in the US. The two are different bonuses. So, signing up an account with sportsbooks like FanDuel or DraftKings offers the two means you can grab both of them. But the two have the same goal, to increase your bankroll. Odds boost to increase your potential wins by a percentage between 10 and 100%. And free bets give you more chances to make wins without making extra deposits.

Will I receive enhanced odds on every game on a betting site?

No, you won’t receive enhanced odds on every game on a betting site. Odd boosts only apply to certain games depending on the sportsbook with the offer. For example, PointsBet offers a parlay booster for NFL games. DraftKings may offer an odds boost for football Moneyline bets on the championship. Other sportsbooks like Golden Nugget and FanDuel may offer the boosts seasonally, like on weekends and on major events.