In essence, Mississippi has legalized a wide variety of gambling, including sports betting. Gambling has been popular in this state since before the United States was even a concept. Besides, Native Americans and Settlers alike enjoyed gambling on horse races, foxhunts, and other sporting events long before the state of Mississippi existed.

However, this article will only focus on the sports betting industry present in Mississippi. We will discuss the legal status of sports betting, things to consider before choosing a sports betting site, and the best sports betting sites available in Mississippi, among other things. So, let’s delve deep into our topic of Mississippi sports betting.

Mississippi is one of the few states that let people bet on sports. In 2017, Mississippi got rid of the part of its law that made the activity illegal. Following this, gaming executives said they were willing to move forth with rules. However, Federal law was getting in the way, but in May 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court got rid of that obstacle.

The state legalized sports betting at the retail level in August 2018. Only bets made in a casino setting are eligible for inclusion in its online betting market. This implies that players may sign up from any location but must physically visit a legal gambling establishment to complete the registration procedure and make any wagers. In September 2021, BetMGM became the first legal online sportsbook here.

Who can bet on sports online in Mississippi?

Anyone in the state of Mississippi interested in making legal wagers on sports must be 21 years old to do so. Furthermore, it would help if you also were a citizen of Mississippi. Otherwise, you won’t deem eligible for online sports betting.

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s move on to discussing some of the top online sports betting sites in Mississippi. They provide the finest possible value in every aspect, including their brand, service quality, incentives, and gaming possibilities they give to their customers.


Our first popular sports betting site in M.S. is an Australian-based online brand. In terms of brand promotions and incentives, it is among the best available. PointsBet has all the features expected from a modern gambling website, including a mobile app that’s easy to use, a plethora of games from the industry’s best developers, live betting, and a live casino. What’s more, you may also participate in Points Betting. Moreover, PointsBet offers a unique approach to traditional sports betting.


As a platform for daily fantasy sports, FanDuel has already established a foothold in the state of Mississippi. Besides, the exceptional value that the FanDuel sportsbook provides for those who bet on sports is the defining characteristic that separates it from its competitors. When wagers of a similar kind are placed at a number of other sportsbooks, the returns that may be obtained via FanDuel are often better than those obtained through other sources. FanDuel features an excellent bonus and incentives system, focusing on parlay wagers. Furthermore, the site also includes a tremendous single-game parlay generator if you want to bet many lines on the same game.


It is a solid sportsbook for those who want to do in-depth research before placing bets. It provides a detailed analysis of most occurrences, with crucial data and insights shown in real time. All types of gamers, from those who want to play often to those who prefer occasional activity, have access to a wide variety of bonus and promotion options. Besides, DraftKings also has a variety of daily boosted lines and special parlays that highlight the areas in which they predict winners.


It is a prominent and well-known name in the gambling world. Since the inception of online sports betting in the U.S., Caesars has ensured to be at the front of the pack. Right now, their services are available in 14 states. In Mississippi, players have direct exposure to one of the market’s most comprehensive selections of bonuses and promotions through Caesars. There is also a selection of special parlays and bets with better daily odds. Moreover, it also has a considerable number of sports to bet on and a lot of lines for each one.


It has swiftly risen to prominence as one of the country’s premier sportsbooks. Once users get access to the site, they will see why. It has earned the confidence of customers in 20 different countries to provide extensive betting options and bonus promotions. BetMGM offers a plethora of betting lines and markets. Furthermore, the site and app are both incredible in design, making it a breeze to locate the exact line you’re looking for. Daily specials are plentiful. Moreover, some of them provide boosted odds in the form of Lion’s Boost that promise even more significant payouts.

Is Daily fantasy sports betting available in Mississippi?

Yes. Daily fantasy sports have been legal in the state of Mississippi since 2017. In many respects, DFS is not too complex at its foundation. Instead of selecting a team for the whole season, you choose a lineup for a single match or a limited time frame (a day or a week).

Mississippi sports betting timeline

This guide will revisit some of the essential marks in sports betting legalization in Mississippi. So, let’s delve deep into this timeline:

  • 2014 – The Internet Gambling Study Group was established in 2014 by the House Gaming Committee. Adding sports betting to the list of initiatives, the task force ultimately delivered reports on both topics in the same calendar year. The “fact-finding research” was quite in-depth, including issues like how other states govern businesses and the unique challenges in Mississippi.
  • 2017 – Daily fantasy sports were made official in Mississippi the same year. The legislative foundation for the sector was put up in the Fantasy Contest Act (H 967). However, another significant provision was either included in or left out of Mississippi’s DFS law. It amended the Gaming Control Act of 1972, notably its prohibition on sports betting, by changing a number of terminology and bans.
  • 2018 – The Mississippi Gaming Commission issued proposed rules for sports betting within hours of the Supreme Court’s May decision to abolish PASPA. Those rules went into force after a 30-day review period. The applications from casino licensees to enable sports betting quickly followed. On August 1, 2018, Beau Rivage and Gold Strike became the first casinos in Mississippi to legally allow sports betting. It wasn’t long until Sam’s Town, the Horseshoe, and the I.P. Casino signed on.

Things to consider when choosing a betting site in M.S.

These are some of the factors you should look at before choosing an online sportsbook’s overall quality:

  • Bonuses and free bets – One of the finest aspects of online sports betting services is the bonuses and incentives they provide to new as well existing customers. These are often pretty useful and may aid anybody in increasing their original bankroll. In addition, there are substantial incentives for returning bettors.
  • Sports leagues and odds – The variety of sports leagues available on the site for betting also has a considerable impact on bettors’ choices. A betting site should have complete coverage of sporting leagues in the state, and the whole U.S. Additionally, competitive odds are essential for a thrilling betting experience. For this reason, they need odds boosters and other such tools.
  • User experience – Basically, user experience defines the satisfaction and comfort bettors may get from using the site. So, it is also an essential factor, as some bettors may strongly prefer having a solid user experience. Remember that an excellent user experience comes from an impeccable site design and a thoughtful mobile app.
  • Customer support – In order to preserve their betting licenses, genuine online sports betting firms must perform at a very high standard. When this happens, there can be no slacking in the level of service available to players. As a result, prospective customers should examine how quickly their inquiries are answered before making a commitment. Reviewing the company’s customer service involves finding out whether it’s easy to get in contact with them and if they provide 24/7 support.
  • Payment methods available – Another big advantage is having a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods accessible. Besides, all deposits and withdrawals should be free of charge. Furthermore, the transactions must also have a quick processing time.


Is horse racing legal in Mississippi?

There are no active horse racing events in Mississippi at this time. Due to this, horse racing and wagering on horse races in Mississippi are illegal except on authorized cruise ship casinos.

Where can I find the best Mississippi betting sites?

You can find the best Mississippi betting sites on this page. We have described the top-tier sports betting sites that are available here.

Do MS betting sites offer welcome bonuses to new customers?

Yes. Almost all the sports betting sites in Mississippi offer welcome bonuses and promos to new bettors. These bonuses may come in the form of no-deposit dividends, match-deposit bonuses, and free bets, among others.