With the rise of legal sports betting, live betting has gained popularity in the US. It is the best way to enjoy watching your favorite sports as well as betting on them. Live betting is a fast-paced betting experience with continuously changing odds and new betting options.

What is live betting?

Live betting, commonly known as in-play betting, is gambling that takes place after a game has begun. It enables viewers to place bets during the game rather than just before it begins, enabling the odds to alter in response to what is happening on the field.

Best live betting sites

The best live betting sites value speed and simplicity over showy looks and complicated navigation. You don’t want anything to distract you from watching the game and keeping track of the numbers. Furthermore, legal sportsbooks will keep you up to date on the best live bets as the game is being played. This makes it simple to hop in at halftime and place bets for the remainder of the game.

You may be confident that each gambling site on our list has been thoroughly checked for security, fairness, and a variety of other factors. Here are the best live betting sites in the US right now:

  • FanDuel Sportsbook – FanDuel sportsbook and mobile betting app mark the transition of DFS sites into full-fledged sports wagering. FanDuel has taken sports betting by storm as one of the world’s greatest DFS platforms. . The brand is already well-known among sports enthusiasts worldwide. With its sports betting menu, FanDuel has done a fantastic job of meeting and exceeding bettors’ high expectations. They were bought by online gaming behemoth PaddyPower in 2018, bringing with them years of sports betting business expertise. FanDuel sportsbook offers live betting on many different sports, such as tennis, football, basketball, and soccer.
  • PointsBet Sportsbook – PointsBet sportsbook is an Australia-based brand that is shaking up the online betting markets in the US with its unique type of wagering, PointsBetting. In addition to the fixed odds wagering that most bettors are used to, the platform provides a different perspective on spread and totals betting. They offer dynamic payments based on margins of success and adhere to the principle of “the more you’re correct, the more you win.” Even without this intriguing innovation, PointsBet’s betting app and online sportsbook provide an easy-to-use and exciting platform for live sports betting. The business is famous for providing fixed odds at a reasonable price, and its current promotional and bonus offers are comprehensive.
  • Caesars Sportsbook – Caesars is undoubtedly the most well-known name in gambling. The brand is a major player with an established reputation among many American sports bettors. As legal online and retail sports betting expands across the United States, Caesars is aggressively expanding into new markets. The Caesars online sportsbook has clear advantages in terms of integration with the rest of the Caesars gambling universe, and they offer a well-designed live betting function.
  • Tipico Sportsbook – Tipico is an aspiring operator that offers enticing incentives, a user-friendly live betting platform, and consistent payments. It is the world’s sixth-largest sports betting brand, and it is now determined to get into the US market. With a robust European foundation, the brand will arrive in fine shape in the United States. They have a headquarters in Germany as well as offices in Austria and Croatia. Tipico has a collaboration with Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, as well as cooperation with NetEnt.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook – The BetMGM online sportsbook and betting app are sweeping the legal US sports betting market. BetMGM has actively grown into new internet markets at a significantly faster rate than the competitors, perhaps more than any other online enterprise. If your state allows online live sports betting, BetMGM will be accessible soon or currently operational. The BetMGM app and online sportsbook are the outcomes of a collaboration between gaming behemoth brands MGM Resorts International and Roar Digital. MGM is a household name, and experienced online gamblers are probably familiar with Roar’s other product offerings, such as Ladbrokes and Party Poker.
  • DraftKings Sportsbook – DraftKings’ online sportsbook is one of the most well-known legal sportsbooks for American gamblers that love live betting. DraftKings, along with their main rival FanDuel, was one of the first operators to offer legal internet betting in the United States. Both brands made the transition from daily fantasy sports to online sports betting. Because of multiple well-funded advertising initiatives, DraftKings is now one of the most recognized brand names in sports. At DraftKings, you can enjoy in-play betting together with occasionally enhanced odds.
  • Unibet Sportsbook – Unibet is truly on the global level with one of the most extensive sports betting menus available. Unibet has been available online for over 20 years and in over 100 countries before launching in the United States in 2019. In 1997, Anders Ström established Unibet in the United Kingdom. Unibet began by taking phone bets but shortly established a website in both Swedish and English. The corporation has headquarters in Malta, with offices in London, Gibraltar, New York, and other locations. The live betting app and website have grown over time and are now available in over a dozen languages.
  • BetRivers Sportsbook – BetRivers has swiftly grown to become one of the largest and best options for legal live sports betting in the United States. The online sportsbook and betting app have extended to numerous states where sports betting is legal, providing a native, US-only platform supported by Rush Street Gaming in Chicago. With four facilities in New York, Iowa, and Illinois, the Rivers brand is famous in the casino gaming industry. BetRivers, the brand’s online sports betting platform, is available in all of these states and more.
  • FoxBet Sportsbook – FoxBet is one of the most intriguing online sportsbooks and live betting apps available today. FoxBet represents the future of live betting, both in terms of platform creativity and the media alliance that supports it. In addition, FoxBet and the related app are the results of a collaboration between FOX Sports and the Stars Group. They combine a powerful sports media brand with an established gambling giant. Additionally, they have effectively established one of the world’s most popular online betting systems with a wealth of experience. The Stars Group agreed to be bought out by Flutter Entertainment, another big online gambling company that owns Paddy Power. Clearly, there is a lot of business trust in the FoxBet platform. As a result, FOX’s larger sports entertainment landscape now includes a distinct sportsbook experience. It has connections to the network’s greatest TV personalities around the sportsbook, and sports betting coverage is becoming more common in network broadcasts.

In live betting, there are a few additional types of wagers that are not available in traditional online sports betting. We will mention some of them here:

  • Next team to score — You can bet anytime during the match which team will score next.
    Team to win next corner — In soccer, you can even bet on which team will win the next corner.
  • Next player to score — Live betting allows you to bet on which player will score next. And the bet is settled as soon as the player scores.
  • Next player to get a red card — There is an even option of betting on which player will get the red card.
  • And Many More — You can bet on the time of the next goal, the time for an upcoming drive in football, and whether that drive will end up in a field goal. In short, you can bet on any possible event during the match that can have an influence on the outcome of the match.

Why bettors love live betting

Many people love live betting. There are many reasons for this including the excitement it provides, odds, and many more. We will list some reasons why people love live betting below:

  • Betting odds – In live betting, the odds are always changing due to the fast-paced game. Many people find it more exciting than traditional betting where odds don’t change much.
  • Bonuses and promotions – Live betting sites often have many sports bonuses and promotions. Bettors can take advantage of these bonuses and promotions. In this way, they can increase their winnings on top of the fun factor of live betting.
  • Simple – Live bets are simple. There is nothing complicated about them. You just have to watch your favorite sport and when you feel like something major is about to happen in the game, you can bet on it.
  • Unique betting apps – All the live betting sites that we have listed in this piece have great betting apps. These apps are specifically designed for mobiles. This makes it easy to bet even when you are on the move.
    Exciting – For most people, betting on sports is a way to increase the excitement of the game. Live betting takes the excitement factor to next level because of the faced paced game.

The difference between live betting and pre-match betting

There is a big difference between live betting and pre-match betting. Let us explain more below what sets the two betting methods apart:

  • Live betting: When you place a bet on an event after it has begun but before it has concluded, this is referred to as live betting or in-game betting. For football matches, this can occur at any moment during the game, whether it is during the first, second, or halftime. The odds on live bets are continuously changing because of the unpredictability and ever-changing nature of the game.
  • Pre-match betting: Pre-match bets are wagers placed on an event before it begins. For example, if Real Madrid is facing Manchester United on Saturday, you can bet on Real Madrid to win on the Friday before or the morning of the game. In pre-match bets, the odds don’t change much because before the match starts not many events can influence the outcome of the game.

Advantages & disadvantages of live betting


  • Exciting betting options — When betting on a live game, you have more alternatives than when betting before or after the game. Almost anything that happens during a game is fair game for your wager, including how many points will be scored in the remaining quarter, who scores the next goal, and whether a coach will be removed.
  • Fast cashouts — Rather than waiting until the game is over, as with pre or post-game wagers, you can pay out before anything happens (based on your bet). This allows you to earn speedy returns on your bets while also allowing you to place fresh bets to potentially increase your profits throughout the game.
  • Fun and rewarding — Live betting is entertaining, and it’s also an excellent method to learn about sports and games. Paying attention to and following the action of a game makes you feel as though you’re there in person. The fast-paced nature of live sports betting attracts many bettors who are unable to attend the game in person.
  • Mobile-friendly — One of the most significant advantages of live sports betting sites is that they are compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This makes it extremely simple to bet while on the go, at a pub, or at a friend’s house.


  • Overwhelming — The more options you have, the more likely it is that you will make a mistake. There are several opportunities to gamble on various outcomes with live betting, which can lead to confusion and irritation.
  • Time taking — You can’t just sit down, open a new browser tab, and begin betting! Live sports betting requires you to bet while watching the action of a game unfold. Because this requires time and practice, you may not always be able to place bets in time for them to count. If you don’t keep an eye on the stats throughout the game, you can miss out on a big opportunity.
  • Gambling problems — For some, live betting exacerbates their gambling problems. The quick action and great reward potential can lead to reckless betting, which can easily spin out of hand. If you know you have a gambling addiction, you should avoid live betting entirely.


Are live betting sites legal?

Yes, live betting sites are legal and there are many in the US to choose from. If sports betting is legal in your state, then you can easily find live betting sites. However, if you are betting on offshore betting sites, they are illegal.

Are live betting sites safe to bet on?

Yes, all the legal live betting sports sites are safe. They have to follow the laws and regulations in order to continue their operations. Therefore, they ensure the security of user information and banking information.

Should I bet on an offshore live betting site?

No, you shouldn’t bet on an offshore live betting site. Offshore live betting sites are not legal in the US. There is always a risk factor in offshore betting sites when sites don’t have to follow the local laws. They can scam people. Therefore, you should always bet on the sites that are legal in your state. If sports betting is not legal in your state, you can visit a neighboring state that has legalized sports betting.