As a result of the recent development in the rules which were passed by the government in February 2022. Arkansas sports betting has become legal now in 3 casinos and online. Thereby, providing a great platform for people who want to predict and place wagers on online sports betting sites.

The shift in the sports market can create a huge potential market in the state for the future. The frequency of Arkansas sports betting will definitely increase as per the new law.

However, the market may take some time to mark its footprints due to its controversial rule of 51% profit sharing. As a matter of fact, Arkansas is a small state with a 3.012 million population and has no professional sports team.

So it is obvious that not a lot of online sports betting operators would make it their priority to join Arkansas. But there is plenty of room for its development in gaming betting as it is legalized recently.

If you are looking for some info about Arkansas sports betting, the latest news, and if you are wondering; if sports betting legal in Arkansas? You will find all the answers in this article.

Upcoming sports betting sites in AR

Several top US sportsbooks are waiting to expand their business and influence in Arkansas state. However, these are some top sportsbooks that we are expecting to join the Arkansas state soon:

TwinSpires Arkansas

Basically, it is an online horse betting app that is available in a good portion of the US. Racing bettors currently can download the TwinSpires app to begin wagering on a variety of horse races in 30 states including Arkansas. There is an age restriction on this app, the candidate must be 18 (for horse racing) and 21 for online sports betting.

Furthermore, TwinSpires uses geo-technology to track your location, and confirm if you are present in Arkansas state. It is because you must be in one of the states which are legalized to use online horse racing betting. Apparently, the sportsbook verifies the location when registering an account.

To boost their business, TwinSpires has applied a solid marketing strategy that offers a signup bonus for new accounts, in many states. This might also be available in Arkansas. However, it has some terms and conditions. Surely, you will find several other fascinating offers too. Lastly, TwinSpires is available on Android and iOS devices and on the web as well.

BetMGM Arkansas

It is an exclusive sport betting partner to MGM Resorts globally, online, and in physical casinos. BetMGM has made its name to be a leader in online casinos, party poker, party casino, and Borgata casinos.

MGM claims to be the king of sportsbooks and the legend of online gaming. They claim to be the pioneers as they have several big names in the industry on board. And due to their popularity, BetMGM is enjoying more traffic on their sportsbook apps.

BetMGM’s amazing offer is that when you first place a bet you get a promo code. This offers you a 100% refund in case you lost your first bet for your initial deposit. This offer is available in many other states where online sports betting is legal. So we expect BetMGM to bring a similar offer in Arkansas as well.

This marketing tactic is used to make sure that the first bet of the new player should be 100% safe and motivate them to make sure that the bet is further. So in this case you can win your first bet with all the profit. Or in case you lose you will get a credit amount which you invested. So it’s a win-win situation for the beginners.

However, BetMGM isn’t available in Arkansas right now. A possible reason for not going live in Arkansas is because of the 51% profit sharing rule which has become a major limitation to many companies from entering Arkansas’s potential market.

Moreover, one of the major cons of BetMGM is that there’s no live customer chat support which can be a big issue for beginners

DraftKings Arkansas

An American company that allows its users to play online sports betting, they also provide the opportunity for daily and weekly tournaments. This helps to keep its customers engaged so that they can earn and bet more. It includes all the major leagues and sports; NFL, MLB, NBA, Men’s Golf, Women’s Soccer, Tennis, CFL, Esports, XFL, NASCAR, and MMA, allowing wagers on players’ performances as well.

Moreover, DraftKings will also make you download geolocation software on your computer when you try to create an account on their website. Apparently, this is to verify if a person is gambling from a legal state or not. So, if you want to bet on their sportsbook, make sure you are in one of those states where it is available to avoid DraftKings restrictions.

Lastly on a new account opening and a minimum deposit, DraftKings releases some amount in your account for your first bet. However, it is not withdrawable but is added to your total sum as you win your first battle. Which is an amazing offer to attract new betters and grow their network by huge numbers.

FanDuel Arkansas

An American online sports gambling company that offers a sportsbook, daily fantasy sports, and online horse racing betting channels.

FanDuel is the most popular sportsbook in the United States, as well as a leading daily fantasy sports platform. It is an innovative sports-tech entertainment firm that is revolutionizing how fans interact with their favorite teams and leagues.

With thrilling promos and enormous rewards on all major US sports, the FanDuel sportsbook provides sports fans with additional chances to win.

Also, you must be 21 years of age and should play only in those states where it is legal. Moreover, it is available on both Android and iOS, along with a website platform.

BetRivers Arkansas

It is an online gaming gambling site, and it works in those states where it has got a license. At BetRivers you can play at a casino, in solitude, or can join a live dealer video stream and can participate in the gambling and make profits.

In January 2022 they launched their mobile sportsbook app in New York. On this occasion, they gave a bonus offer, and new depositors got a deposit match of a specific amount by using a promo code. You just had to deposit a small amount into your account to avail of this offer. This offer was only valid for 30 days. We can expect some similar offers in Arkansas as well when BetRivers joins the state.

BetRivers transactions are very simple and quick, all deposits are instant, and withdrawals are within one day, at the same time they offer various methods to withdraw cash. As matter of fact, BetRivers banking options have 5 stars out of 5.

However, BetRivers is not legal in Arkansas yet. But we hope that it will be available for Arkansas sports betting as soon as sports betting becomes legal in the state.

Betly Sportsbook Arkansas

It is a good option for new betters who want to bet mainly on American sports. This includes Baseball, football, hockey Golf, Tennis, etc.

Betly was successful enough to get a 30.9% share of all bets without having an iOS app for an entire month. So you can understand the level of hype it has managed to get, in the market.

On both iOS and Android smartphones, the Betly mobile app is accessible. Overall, the software is rather nice. Everything is simple to read and has an appropriate organization, and it is certainly the friendliest app. Also, it has great customer service which is the cherry on the top for beginners as initially, they get stuck in basics.

What’s the latest in Arkansas with online sports betting?

Sports gambling anticipation is on the rise in Arkansas. But due to its conditions of 51% profit sharing, major companies are less interested in the market share of the Arkansas sports betting industry. Because of this state casinos can benefit and are expected to witness huge revenues and less in-state competition. But for customers, it can be a bit frustrating as their desired companies are not there. Nevertheless, we need to consider the fact that it has just started, and it has a lot of potential that needs to be dug into in the future.

However, after Betly, BetSaracen is now live and has received a lot of appreciation on Twitter from the people of Arkansas. As big names are not on the list it is quite obvious to say that in the coming days if these profit-sharing rules do not fade then there’s a possibility that BetSaracen would be dominating Arkansas sports betting.

BetSaracen is available on Android and iOS and also they offer compelling bonuses and risk-free first bets for new accounts. Further, BetSaracen, one of the three casinos, has previously stated that they would not collaborate with any sportsbook operator. Instead, they will develop their own sports betting app, thus, this revenue-sharing requirement may not be a big deal. Southland already has a retail deal with Betly Sportsbook. But there is no word on whether the two will collaborate to offer mobile betting in the state. Oaklawn hasn’t said anything about mobile betting yet, but it’s not tied to sports betting at its retail store.

There are some researchers who claim that percentage of women is increasing at a fast pace than men in the opening of new betting accounts on online sports betting sites and apps.

Where can you bet on sports live in AR?

As of now, you can bet on sports in 3 casinos which are as follows:

  • Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort: It is the most prestigious and oldest location. They provide great customer service with teller facilities and kiosks to receive wagers.
  • Southland Casino Racing: Here kiosks are spread around to deal with wagers, and it is a less formal place. It is located in the property’s sports bar and here you can easily get food, drink, and a lot of entertainment at the same time.
  • Saracen Casino: Here kiosks are on the streets as there is no physical sportsbook hence it is a tribal ownership casino with very fewer facilities.

They are expected to grow in numbers as soon as the market develops in near future. As per the news, River valley casino is planned to be the 4th casino in Arkansas but its location and further details are not disclosed yet. But once it is announced it will take the gaming excitement to another level which will show the real potential of wagers in the Arkansas sports betting industry.

Who oversees online sports betting in Arkansas?

Currently, online sports betting in Arkansas is under the authority of The Arkansas Racing Commission.


What is the legal age to bet on sports online in AR?

In Arkansas, the legal age to be part of online sports betting is 21 years of age and older.

Do sports betting sites in Arkansas need a license?

Yes, indeed the sports betting operators need a license in Arkansas state. All the states in the US have a regulatory body that checks and provides licenses to betting operators.

Are all sports available to bet on in Arkansas?

Not all sports are available in Arkansas. However, here are the most popular sports that are available for betting in Arkansas sports betting market: Volleyball, Baseball betting, Horse racing, Soccer, Tennis, Olympics, Motorsports, Rugby, Basketball, Boxing, Golf, (MMA), Bowling, Lacrosse, Rodeo.