Companies in the gambling industry provide clients with several promotions to improve their experience. One of them is the best odds guaranteed. Keep reading to learn more about this promotion.

Best odds guaranteed explained

Best odds guaranteed, commonly referred to as BOG, is a promotion that ensures a bettor is offered the highest odds when sports betting online. This way, clients can bet without worrying about odds being better at some other sportsbook.

Even though this promotion gives higher payouts, you need to meet some conditions. As an example, the horse you bet on should have started the race at a higher price than what you backed. Let’s say you placed a bet when the horse had odds of 1/1, but they shoot up to 7/2 when the race starts, your chosen bookmarker will pay you using the latter odds. In addition, your chosen horse must win for you to trigger a BoG payout. Also, with some companies, you need to have placed the best at a particular time to be eligible for this promotion. It is advisable to bet earlier during the day. For example, if your chosen sportsbook has a deadline of 10:30 am, bet from 8:00 to 9:00 am. Doing this can help you get an enormous win because your bet will have a whole day of fluctuation.

Moreover, the best sportsbooks mostly specify the type of race you can use a BoG on. While some will only allow you to use this promotion on horse racing, others can include greyhound racing. Additionally, some offer BoG in numerous sports markets. Note that requirements change with bookmarkers. Hence, click the “Terms and Conditions” of your bookmarker’s BoG to learn how you can be eligible for a BoG payout. Another term that you may find in bookmarkers is the best odds guaranteed plus. This promotion is essentially the upper level of BoG.

How to find the best odds guaranteed in the US

With several US betting apps offering the best odds guaranteed in the US, it can be challenging to pick one that works for you. For this reason, you need tips to discover where to find best odds guaranteed:

  1. Check each sportsbook to find if they are offering the best odds guaranteed – Not all bookmarkers have the best odds guaranteed promotion. Thus, you need to spot those that do. Ensure that you only check out licensed sportsbooks. Licensed bookmarkers will guarantee you fairness and credibility. Visit the “Promotion” section of a couple of them. You should find the BoG category. Some sportsbooks will include this information on the homepage, especially when the promotion is for new customers. Once you have found sportsbooks that offer the best odds guaranteed you need to pick the most suitable one for you. The factors to consider are the terms and conditions of the promotion, sports markets, security, features, payment options, and customer support. This should help you narrow down to one from the list.
  2. Sign up with your personal details – You need to sign up with your chosen sportsbook to start enjoying the best odds guarantee promotion. This process is usually straightforward, which is a plus. All you have to do is provide your details (personal and contact information) and documents for verification. Ensure that you provide the right documents to be allowed to open an account. This is because a significant percentage of sportsbooks work with reputable third parties to screen documents. Your documents will only be used for verification purposes. After which, they will be secured. Once your account is approved, the operator will notify you through email. The period it takes sportsbooks to approve an account differs. While most take a few hours, with some, you may wait for a few days to get a response. At times an operator may ask for additional documents, perhaps if the initial ones are not sufficient or not clear enough. In such a circumstance, you should cooperate to activate your account sooner.
  3. Deposit funds – You need to deposit money into your bankroll to place a bet. Sportsbooks have different payment options. Choose one that works for you and then make a deposit. Ensure that the amount you deposit meets the operator’s minimum limit.
  4. Start betting to receive your best odds guaranteed – Now that you have credited your bankroll, it’s time to start placing wagers to receive the best odds guaranteed. You need to confirm if your chosen sportsbook offers this promotion to all sports markets or horse racing only. Find this data in the “Promotions” section. It will also be best to reach out to the customer support team for in-depth information.

Example of best odds guaranteed

Here is an example of the best odds guaranteed for a better understanding:

If you bet $20 on a horse called “The King” at 15/2 odds, and the bookmarker is offering at BoG at 9/1, the odds the king started the race at, you are eligible for a BoG payout. Typically, you should have made $150 ($20 x 15/2). However, since you had the bonus, you will make $180 ($20 x 9/1). In addition, the amount you make will depend on the bet option you use. Therefore, ensure that you use a bet type that creates a higher payout. Unfortunately, this promotion limits the bet selection.

Pros and cons of BOG

Like any other bonus type, the BOG promotion has both pros and cons. The following are the major ones:


  • Valuable – As you can infer from the example used above, the best odds guaranteed are valuable. This promotion will help you create a higher payout. Besides, betting is dynamic. Hence, it is valuable when a bookmarker allows punters to win with the best odds recorded. This saves them from stressing when the odds lower as a game continues.
  • Better chance of growing your bankroll – Best odds guaranteed can help you grow your bankroll without depositing money every time. When you create higher wins with this promotion, you can place more bets, and in turn, more money in your account. This can allow you to bet for an extended period without depositing money. Nonetheless, you need to be strategic to maximize the benefits of this promotion. First, as mentioned earlier, it will help to place your bet earlier. If you place your bet five or ten minutes before the race begins, it can only change slightly. Furthermore, you need to research the race you are interested in. Learn about all the participants, especially the favorites. Look at their past performances to make a solid conclusion. If possible, look at the odds of your chosen team or horse on other bookmarkers to gauge its probability of giving you a higher payout.


  • Can’t use other promotions at the same time as BOG – If you activate the BoG in your chosen sportsbook, you can’t use other promotions until the offer ends. This can be restricting to punters who wish to use bonuses when betting on different sports markets. Therefore, you may pause from wagering on other markets until you get your BoG payout.
  • Limited bet selection – Most sportsbooks will limit the bet types you can use with the BoG bonus option. This means that you may have to use a bet option you are not familiar with.


Are best odds guaranteed available on all US sportsbooks?

No, best odds are not guaranteed on all US sportsbooks. You can check if a sportsbook offers the best odds guaranteed in the "Promotions" section. Some will even include this information on their website's homepage.

Can I get the best odds guaranteed on casino games?

No, you can’t get the best odds guaranteed on casino games as these are the same regardless. You can only get best odds guaranteed when sports betting. You'll typically get best odds guaranteed at only a selected few sports markets.

Do best odds guaranteed have any wagering requirements in the US?

No, best odds guaranteed do not have wagering requirements. But they have a few conditions that you need to pay attention to. For example, most bookmakers have a maximum win that you can make from this promotion daily.