Quite a few bills have been presented in favor of Vermont sports betting till now. Vermont is one of the few states where Daily Fantasy Sports is legal. The bill, which was passed in 2017, allows sports fans to participate in DFS contests with popular operators such as DraftKings and FanDuel.

The green mountain state currently does not have any casinos. It has one of the most stringent gambling laws in the country. There is a lot of potential in this unexplored area. After a slow year that didn’t see any action, online sports betting Vermont protagonists were hoping that this year would be different.

Admittedly, the enthusiasm for legal online sports betting was snuffed out in 2020 and 2021 when its sponsor senators failed to garner enough support. But online sports betting fans in Vermont have still a lot to look forward to. While the lawmakers are working out the details, states like Rhode Island and New Hampshire are already serving as great examples of the benefits of legalizing sports betting. Also, these show what a successful gambling model looks like.

Legal sports betting is already available in Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut. Massachusetts, Vermont, and other states are close behind.

Online sports betting is still illegal in Vermont. As of now, more than 30 states have legalized online sports betting, including New York. But Vermont is not on the list. That also means that users will have no protection if they decide to switch to other channels to place their bets.

Sports betting sites that may launch in Vermont

While online Vermont sports betting is stalled, for now, experts believe that it may see the green light earlier than expected. With almost 31 states already legalized some form of online sports betting, Vermont won’t be very far behind. Legalization efforts in neighboring states would provide lawmakers with an incentive to act sooner than expected.

This experiment has been successful in many states. With all bill sponsors rallying behind the idea of introducing online sports betting, Vermont’s legislature is very likely to discuss a proposal every step of the way. Also, this will make it part of the larger legislative push. Every time a proposal is unable to pass, the pressure for its inclusion increases.

Here is a list of some of the major sports betting sites that may launch in Vermont.:

FanDuel Vermont

Unexpectedly, FanDuel was about to undergo a merger with DraftKings in 2016, but the FTC blocked the merger. Following that, Irish bookmaker Betfair purchased FanDuel, kicking off a push toward online sports betting. FanDuel currently live in 15 states with many more to join its fleet.

It’s rapidly expanding its footprint in the US. Apparently, it began as a fantasy-only betting site in 2009 and has since expanded into the online sports betting market, with its online sportsbook currently ranking among the best. FanDuel sportsbook’s first legal state was New Jersey in September 2018, and the company’s most recent launch was in Wyoming in March 2022.

However, FanDuel currently doesn’t offer real sports betting in Vermont. As a matter of fact, betting is illegal in Vermont unless you donate the proceeds to charity. This law is applicable in almost every situation where people can make wagers. Casino games, slot machines, and sports bookmakers are all illegal in Vermont unless they are for charitable purposes.

DraftKings Vermont

It was founded in 2012 and has quickly grown to become the most prominent daily fantasy sports host in the United States. DraftKings, based in Boston, hosts more contests in a wider range of sports than any other provider in the market. They also have multiple offers on the shelf for newcomers.

Since Major League Baseball became the first American professional sports organization to invest in DraftKings in 2013, the company has exploded onto the national stage. DraftKings is the largest fantasy sports betting website in the US. As the future of online sports betting is still uncertain in Vermont, DraftKings is currently unavailable for online sports betting. They have a wide variety of services which include US sportsbooks, online sports betting, and fantasy sports betting.

But the availability varies from region to region. Some reservations about their complex reward structure and limited variety of banking options have also been received. They do, however, offer fast payouts and early cash-outs.

The company currently operates in all the states where online sports betting is allowed and is among the biggest companies to offer such services.

BetMGM Vermont

The Casino of BetMGM is impressive, with the layout of their site and a huge selection of different games making them a great casino option to go with. Their live casino and slot sections are good, offering users a wide variety to choose from.

BetMGM Casino’s app is very responsive, rarely lagging or slowing down in any way, even when playing live casino games, allowing you to easily switch between them. Their sports betting app is similar to their website in terms of appearance and functionality, making it very easy to navigate, with different segments of all of their available games.

They offer a wide range of promotions and bonus offers. Usability on site is very good. It’s clear that BetMGM has put the player as their focus here, and it’s very much dedicated to the player, rather than simply trying to make it look good.

The three-tiered design online makes it easy to create your bets. You get the bet slip that sticks with you at all times down the right-hand side, which then means you can easily add and remove selections as you like.

The BetMGM has a high rating for payments. They offer customer support via phone and email. Customer support is responsive as well. This site requires a larger initial deposit and charges a higher rake, but they reward “hard-working” players with higher returns.

BetMGM is always quickly expanding into various states, and we expect it to enter the local market in Vermont to join the competition swiftly. The competition among the sportsbooks will provide the driving force needed to speed up the process and set up fast.

Online sportsbook trials in multiple states of the US have been a massive success. This will only increase their confidence when it comes to entering the online sports betting market in Vermont.

PointsBet Vermont

Certainly, PointsBet is a cutting-edge sportsbook that offers the quickest and most user-friendly app (for iOS and Android). Further, it provides the finest content and experience for sports bettors — a company staple that, has set PointsBet for success as they appear to be taking the world of sports betting by storm.

PointsBet is the only online operator in the United States to offer Points-Betting — a novel and innovative way to bet — as well as a plethora of well-received, bettor-first initiatives. Besides, it has the most markets in all four major American sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL).

This site also offers traditional betting. But points betting is what it is most famous for. Variable and fixed odds betting is also available here. Fixed odds are simply another term for anything that isn’t part of the site’s Points-Betting format. Spreads, totals, props, parlays, teasers, and other wagers all qualify as long as bettors place the wager with funds from their cash balance.

Your initial deposits often refund as free bets on this site. It is important to note that free bets only repay earnings and not the initial deposit. As a result, bettors should use their free bets to wager on underdogs because the greater returns more than offset the loss of the initial stake.

They just added a new feature that allows gamblers to divide their free bets into up to four distinct portions. Customers can, in other words, divide a free bet into two, three, or even four smaller free bets.

This restriction gives users more control over their money. Instead of needing to deposit all of their eggs in one basket, they may spread the money around, reducing variation significantly.

BetRivers Vermont

It is an Illinois-based betting service. International leagues and sports are also available on the BetRivers website. This is great news for enthusiasts wishing to place a wager or two on a sporting event taking place outside the United States. So, for European soccer leagues, as well as other sporting events throughout the year, the user is certain to find something to wager on.

With numerous opportunities to bet on live activity, live betting is a particularly high-quality component of BetRivers sports markets. It is no longer necessary to put a wager on a sporting event before it begins. Bettors can now wager in-game, and BetRivers offers a terrific opportunity to do so with the bulk of their sports betting markets.

Vermont is a potentially untapped market that will provide a lot of room for sports betting operators, including BetRivers, to expand their businesses. Which will ultimately benefit the public by generating larger tax revenues which government can spend on public welfare.

The latest online sports betting news in Vermont

May 30, 2022: The latest update regarding online sports betting is that people were expecting lawmakers to vote on the passage of the bill by May 28th. But the bill was stalled and the senate committee is set to reconvene at the start of next year.

The residents of Vermont will not be able to do any sports betting this year.

Brick-and-mortar live betting venues in Vermont

Unfortunately, there are no brick-and-mortar sports betting venues in Vermont currently. Bingo games, raffles, and the occasional casino night are all options for charitable organizations.

Additionally, a state lottery is present t which sells scratch-off tickets, lotto tickets, and virtual instant games on video monitors in convenience stores. Horse racing is also legal, but no racetracks are open to the public. Besides this, taverns also have some off-track betting operations.

Online sports betting bills in Vermont

Senators Dick Sears and Michael Sirotkin introduced a bill to legalize online sports wagering S.213 in January 2020.

Senator Michael Sirotkin introduced S 59, which would establish the Sports Betting Study Committee. The Senate passed it, and it is currently in the House.

Later on, in February of last year, Senator Richard Sears and a few others introduced S 77, a new draught bill. This much-anticipated measure would legalize sports betting in Vermont, but it is currently stalled.

A new draft bill dated April 2, 2022, also emerged which improved upon its preceding bills in a few ways. This Vermont sports betting bill had some interesting findings.

It said that the public’s interest in sports betting had grown significantly in Vermont throughout the United States, with 48 percent of the adult population indicating an interest in sports betting. This kind of percentage is hardly insignificant.

It also stated that Vermont could generate between $640,000.00 and $4.8 million in the first year of sports wagering operations. And, between $1.3 million and $10.3 million in the second year, depending on the regulatory model chosen by the General Assembly. This speculation was based on current participation rates and expected growth.

Nonetheless, the legal landscape of Vermont online sports betting has gradually evolved in recent years. Vermont has lagged behind faster adopters like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. However, state officials are willing to talk about Vermont’s online sports betting. The state has warmed up considerably to the notion of sports betting.


Legal betting age for online sports in Vermont?

You have to be at least 18 years old to legally bet on online sports in Vermont.

Who oversees online sports betting in Vermont?

As there are no betting venues in Vermont, there is no regulatory body to oversee online sports betting. But if it becomes legal, the Board of Liquor and Lottery will regulate this as per the proposal in bill H 484.

Will I be arrested for betting on sports online in Vermont?

As of now, online sports betting is against the law in Vermont. One may have to face the consequences of indulging in such activity.