Kansas is a very important state for sports betting. The state has some of the best professional sports teams. Moreover, it has one of the country’s most competitive college basketball conferences. It also has a rich history in horse racing and greyhound racing, which are two popular forms of gambling.

This article will introduce sports betting in Kansas. Also, how it may become legal. What can you expect when you visit one of these licensed sites or casinos? Can I legally bet on sports online in Kansas? Learn more about Kansas sports betting below.

No. However, sports betting will be legal in Kansas effective July 1, 2022. There are no legal online or retail sportsbooks in the state. After launching, the state’s four casinos can operate retail sportsbooks. Also, partnerships with three online operators each (up to six total). The state of Kansas will begin accepting sports wagers on July 1. As part of the legalization process, operators must apply for a license and demonstrate compliance with a host of regulations. The state Gaming Commission will begin accepting applications on March 18 and expects to award licenses by early May.

In a recent press release, the Kansas Lottery said that it anticipated “a large amount of revenue” from sports betting. However, it didn’t provide specific figures. The Lottery also plans to offer a lottery app. This app will allow players to place bets on their smartphones or tablets. The state’s casinos will be able to partner with up to three online operators each, and there are currently no operators licensed by the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission (KRGC). However, several companies have expressed interest in entering the market, including SIA Group and Sportech.

Expected sports betting sites in Kansas

Below is a list of expected top betting sites set to be available in Kansas soon:

Hard Rock Kansas

With the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Kansas City opening in 2022, sports bettors will have plenty of action. The casino sets to feature a luxury sportsbook with more than 100 seats and a separate VIP area with its bar, private bathroom, and televisions. The casino will also feature a 24/7 poker room and racebook, and food and beverage options from local vendors.

The casino will be located at the Village West retail complex in Wyandotte County. The country features several hotels, including Hyatt Regency Kansas City at Village West and Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Kansas City will be one of the best ways to enjoy a sports betting experience. There are plenty of opportunities to win big at this casino with over 3,300 slot machines, table games, and video poker. You can also expect live entertainment, dining options, and more when you visit this casino known for its great atmosphere.

DraftKings Kansas

DraftKings is an online fantasy sports operator offering daily and weekly fantasy sports contests for cash prizes. DraftKings will enter the world of sports betting in Kansas with a partnership with Resorts Casino Hotel soon. DraftKings Kansas offers great online sportsbooks on a variety of leagues and tournaments. The site also offers a variety of other games such as poker and casino games like roulette and blackjack.

DraftKings offers its customers the opportunity to play on its website or mobile app and through Facebook Messenger bots. It provides a wide array of sports betting options, including football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. The site also offers some non-sports wagering opportunities such as politics and entertainment. DraftKings Sportsbook allows you to bet on single games or entire sports seasons at once using futures bets (which are more commonly referred to as parlays). You can also place bets on prop bets like “Will this player score two points?” or “Will this team win by three or more points?”

FanDuel Kansas

FanDuel is the second-largest sportsbook in the United States. Moreover, it’s one of the most well-known Kansas sports betting sites. FanDuel is a sports betting website that allows you to bet on your favorite teams and players. You can play in tournaments for money as well. The site offers a variety of ways to place your bets, with options like live betting or placing them ahead of time.

FanDuel offers many games, including football, baseball, basketball, and more. If you’re looking for something more specific, they have a special section called “specialty.” This is where they offer games like golf and motorsports, among others. The main benefit of using FanDuel is that they offer a wide range of betting options and free entry into their contests. As long as you’re over 21 years old, you can sign up with no problem.

PointsBet Kansas

PointsBet is a sportsbook that offers to bet on a wide range of sports. It is also one of the most popular sites in the world. The PointsBet US sports betting app is available on both Android and iOS devices to place your bets on the go. PointsBet offers a variety of bets that are unique to their site. One such bet is a parlay bet, which allows you to combine multiple games into a single bet. For example, if you want to bet on three teams that will all win their games, you can do so with one click and just one bet.

Parlay bets are also great for smaller bets because they allow you to make multiple wagers at once instead of placing each one individually. Parlay bets also provide higher payouts than standard bets because they combine multiple games into one wager.

It calculates the odds for each game based on how likely it is for each team or individual player to win their game or event. The more likely something happens, the lower its odds will be. Conversely, if something isn’t expected, its odds will be very high (think about betting on Donald Trump winning the 2022 election).

Barstool Kansas

Barstool Kansas is the name of one of the most popular sports betting sites in the United States. It has been around for a long time. The site offers various features designed to make it easy to place your bets and keep track of them. The site also offers several other games that you can play. You can play poker or blackjack with friends or strangers from around the world or play fantasy football against other people who enjoy the sport. There are even options for those who want to bet on horse racing, which is not as common as other types of gambling.

If you live in Kansas and want to place your bets online, you should check out this site before going anywhere else.

BetMGM Kansas

BetMGM is a sports betting site that offers odds on all major sporting events. They allow you to bet on NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA games. You can also bet on soccer matches such as the World Cup and the Champions League.

If you are interested in placing a wager on MMA, boxing, or other combat sports, you should look at BetMGM’s fight section. When it comes to betting on horse racing, BetMGM offers several options depending on what type of race you are interested in placing a wager on. For example, if you want to place a wager on the Kentucky Derby, they will have information about it right there on their homepage to easily find it.

There are also plenty of betting options available at BetMGM, including eSports and political betting, where you can place wagers on who will win an election or who will win an award.

All the latest news about online sports betting in KS

Sports betting in Kansas remains on the path to legalization. Thus, it will make it one of the many latest states to legalize sports betting. The bill was passed by the state legislature and signed into law by Gov. Kelly. The bill goes into effect on July 1. However, sportsbooks will take some time to open up.

According to SB 84, the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission will oversee all aspects of gambling operations in Kansas. Sportsbooks must be located at racetracks, and licensees must pay an initial licensing fee of $100,000 and a renewal fee of $50,000 every two years.

Online sports betting is also coming to Kansas. The bill allows online gambling operators who have been licensed by another state or foreign jurisdiction that permits online gambling to operate in Kansas if they agree to self-exclusion programs and other requirements set forth by the commission.

Kansas residents are only allowed to bet on single games with in-person operators at racetracks or other facilities. These facilities must have a license for gambling operations from the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission. Also, on single games via the internet with licensed operators who choose not to offer live wagering at a physical location within Kansas. The state’s gaming commission has approved applications from three companies – William Hill US, FanDuel, and DraftKings – to operate land-based sportsbooks at three sites in Kansas. The state has also approved the fifth license for an online operator, but that company is yet to be named.

The commission has said it would like to see all five licenses operating before you can place any legal bets, but it still seems likely that at least two of these companies will open their doors before then. William Hill US is already preparing its opening at Wichita Greyhound Park and plans on opening in the coming months. The other two operators are yet to indicate when they’ll open for business, but both FanDuel and DraftKings have already received temporary licenses from the state’s gaming commission

Notable dates in Kansas about online sports betting

  • May 10, 2022 — Regulators expect sports betting to occur during the 2022 NFL season. They will start working on rules once Gov. Laura Kelly signs the bill, which she is expected to do this week.
  • May 8, 2022 — The Kansas Senate passed a bill that would allow sports betting at casinos and racetracks starting July 1, 2022.
  • May 7, 2022 — The Kansas House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow sports betting at casinos and racetracks starting July 1, 2022.
  • May 6, 2022 — Kansas regulators said they need time to develop rules for sports betting before it can launch in the state. They estimate it could take three months from when Gov. Laura Kelly signs the bill until it opens for business at casinos and racetracks.
  • April 23, 2022 — A group of 16 Kansas legislators sent a letter to Gov. Laura Kelly urging her to sign legislation allowing sports betting in the state this year so she could be ready for an early start date or have time to delay implementation if needed due to legal action against other states’ bills by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

Live sports betting locations in KS.

In the state of Kansas, there are two live sports betting locations where you can place bets on your favorite teams. These two locations are:

  • Kansas Star Casino – Located in Mulvane, KS, this casino offers over 1,000 slot machines and 60 table games. You can bet on horse racing and other live events in the casino’s race book. The casino also has a poker room where you can play poker online or in person.
  • Hollywood Casino – This casino is located in Kansas City and offers more than 2,000 slot machines and 100 table games along with a poker room that features tournaments and cash games. You can place bets on horse racing at this location as well as other events like MMA fights and boxing matches.


What age do I need to bet on sports online in KS?

The Kansas gambling laws are very strict regarding the age at which you can start betting. The minimum age for sports betting is 21, except for those who live within 100 miles of an Indian casino. In this case, the minimum age is 18 years old.

How much tax do I need to pay on sports bet wins in KS?

The state would impose a 10% tax on each bet, and the measure says 80% of the revenues would go into a fund to provide incentives for professional sports teams to come to Kansas. The remaining 20% would go into the state's general fund.

Can I bet on horses legally in Kansas?

Yes! The state legislature passed a law legalizing horse racing, meaning bets on horse racing are legal as long as they're done through licensed pari-mutuel wagering platforms at tracks.