The art of boxing is one of the most popular sports globally. Moreover, it has been for a long time. Boxing betting odds are available at almost every major bookmaker in the world. Also, boxing betting is very similar to football betting. This is in terms of how you place your bets and what kind of odds you can get on different outcomes. Learn more about boxing betting odds below

How betting odds in boxing work

Boxing betting odds represent the probability of each possible outcome occurring in a boxing match and can be expressed as numbers that range from 0 to 100.

A reliable US sportsbook will set the initial betting line based on how likely they believe it is that each fighter will win. They then take bets from people who believe one fighter will win over another or that the fight will end in a draw. If there aren’t enough bets on one side, they’ll adjust their lines to attract more action. Once the fight is over, all bets are settled. This is by matching the amount of money bet on each side with funds held in reserve by the sportsbook. For example, if you bet $100 on Mayweather and he won by decision, you’d get back $200.

The sports betting site keeps track of wagered money on each fighter using pari-mutuel wagering systems that allow them to keep a percentage of all bets as profit.

Boxing bets with different betting odds

There are many ways to bet on boxing matches. However, here we’ll be focusing on some of the more popular bets you can make on boxing matches at the leading sports betting apps in the states.

  • Will it go the distance? – How far the fight will go on bet type involves betting on whether a fight will go all 12 rounds without being stopped by the referee. If a fighter gets knocked down three times in one round, then the referee stops fighting and declares the other fighter the winner. Usually, this type of bet has high odds. This is because it is very difficult for any fighter to go twelve full rounds without getting knocked down at least once. Also, this is unless they are taking part in an amateur event. Some online bookmakers offer this kind of bet with even odds or even better than even odds. Moreover, this depending on how much money they want you to deposit into their account before placing your bet(s).
  • Number of punches thrown – The number of punches thrown bet is a popular boxing betting option. You can place this wager on the total number of punches thrown in the match or even the round. Also, you can bet on who will throw more punches in a specific round. Moreover, who will throw more power shots (punches that land with force). The odds for this type of boxing bet depend on several factors. However, the most important factor is whether one fighter has an advantage over another based on experience and skill level. The weight difference between fighters can also play a role in determining how many punches are thrown during a fight. Fighters generally have an advantage over their opponents if they have better technique and conditioning than their opponents do. A fighter trained extensively with a reputable trainer or coach will likely have better technique than someone who trains sporadically or on his own. You can determine conditioning by how often fighters train and how hard they train during training sessions. If a fighter trains regularly and works hard during each session, he’ll likely be in better shape. This in comparison with someone who trains sporadically or doesn’t put much effort into his training sessions.
  • Winner – The most common type of boxing bet is the winner bet. This is when you predict who will win the fight. You get paid if your selected fighter wins and nothing if he loses or draws (unless there are extra rounds). This type of bet is very popular among fans who want to have fun watching the fight while potentially making some money.
  • Pick knockout round – The knockout round is a little different to the rest of the tournament in that there are no set odds. Each knockout round is where you can pick your favorite team to win. Also, bet on whether they will win by 1-0, 2-0 or 3-0. So far, we have seen some very close results and some big score lines. Thus, it makes this an exciting round to bet on. The knockout round is where we see the best boxers in the world go head-to-head in a one-off match. Also, the knockout stage of a tournament can make or break your betting strategy. Therefore, you need to know how it works before placing any bets.
  • How the fight will end – There are three ways a fight can end. The fight ends in a knockout (KO). The winner is the fighter who knocks out the other into unconsciousness or submission. This occurs when one fighter stops fighting due to injury or illness. Also, when the referee deems them unable to continue safely. It also occurs when a fighter cannot continue due to a cut. Therefore, the referee stops the bout before it results in serious damage. The fight ends on points if neither fighter can win by knockout nor technical knockout within 12 rounds of fighting. In that case, the judges score each round. Also, the referee awards 10 points to the winner of each round and 9 points or fewer to the loser. Additionally, this depends on how dominant they were during that round. This kind of decision is the most common way to occur if neither fighter lands any meaningful punches during a round. However, even if both fighters land punches in every round, there’s still no guarantee that either will win. Only that they’ll be close enough together that it looks like they’re going to keep going until someone gets knocked out. Alternatively, one boxer decides not to fight anymore because they’re too injured to continue fighting.
  • Group round bet – The group round bet is the simplest type of boxing bet to understand. It consists of just two fighters and one winner so that you can place it at any point in the fight. The best time to place this bet is when one fighter has already won around, and you think he will win again in the next round. If you have placed this type of bet on a fighter who wins but then loses, you will lose your original stake. However, if two fighters tie up or win one round each, there is no return on your investment. Also, if you place this type of bet on a fighter who loses or draws (ties), you will only win if that fighter wins by knockout or technical knock-out (TKO)
  • Prop bet – A prop bet is the most common form of boxing betting and are available for almost every fight. They are simple to understand and can help you make a profit from the game. Prop bets allow you to bet on anything unrelated to a fighter’s ability or performance in the ring. Additionally, you can find prop bets on several websites, with some offering better odds than others. However, some sites will have more prop bets than others, so it’s important to shop around before deciding where you want to place your bet. The best way to find out which sportsbooks offer prop bets is by searching Google. Additionally, ask friends who gamble on boxing matches what they think is the best website for this type of betting. You may also want to check reviews online before placing any money with a company, as there are many scam websites out there that will rip you off if given half a chance.
  • Moneyline bet — A Moneyline bet is the most common type of boxing bet and probably the easiest to understand. The moneyline odds are simply the amount you will win if you bet on a fighter to win. If you bet $100 on a fighter to win, and he does so, you will win $100 back. However, if you lose, you lose your entire wager. Moneyline odds are useful for those who want to place a bet without worrying about what round their fighter will win in or how many rounds there are in the fight altogether. This makes them ideal for beginners who don’t yet know how boxing works or what betting strategy they will use.


Are boxing odds different to other sports?

Yes, boxing odds are different to other sports. Some are the same, like who will win, etc. But, only in boxing and other combat sports can you bet on how many punches thrown, way of knock out, and stoppage.

Does boxing offer good betting odds?

Yes! Boxing offers great betting odds. This is because there are so many outcomes that can happen when boxers fight each other. You have to keep in mind that each boxer has his own style and strategy. Thus, it means that every time they fight someone else with a different style, there's going to be a different winner.

Do all sportsbooks show American style boxing betting odds?

No, not all sportsbooks show American style boxing betting odds. Some of the best boxing odds are available at European bookmakers. They tend to give a bit more value to some underdogs and are more likely to offer live betting markets and live-streaming options for fights. This is ideal for those who want to place wagers on the go.