For those who are apprehensive about using an online payment method for sports betting, there are numerous excellent options. PayNearMe is one of them. Online payment fraud is eliminated with this safe and speedy payment option. A diverse variety of sportsbooks in the United States accept PayNearMe.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about this cash deposit method. Locate a nearby merchant and deposit funds into your gambling account as soon as possible. Read on to find out more about PayNearMe betting sites.

What is PayNearMe?

PayNearMe is the most popular cash-based deposit method in the USA since it is simple and secure. While most deposit options require eFT, PayNearMe transfers are just as straightforward. It’s the equivalent of paying cash at a local convenience store.

In March 2022, PayNearMe reached an agreement with Walgreens to increase its reach and accept payments at over 8,000 Walgreens shops around the country. PayNearMe is an ideal alternative for mobile sportsbooks and USA gambling companies that want to make depositing as straightforward as possible. PayNearMe’s expansion in the regulated market has also been spurred by processing challenges for a variety of credit and debit card payments. Even today, some banks are hesitant to process transfers involving online sportsbooks, resulting in users’ being rejected deposits. As a result, gamblers who have had trouble depositing with a bank card may find PayNearMe to be a convenient and simple solution.

How to deposit with PayNearMe on US betting sites

PayNearMe makes it simple to deposit money into your online sportsbook in the USA, although it may take a while depending on your current location. Here’s how you should approach it:

  1. Join a betting site that accepts PayNearMe.
  2. Select PayNearMe as your deposit method.
  3. Enter the amount of your deposit.
  4. A coupon will be given to you.

Now you must locate a 7-Eleven or a Family Dollar convenience shop. Show your PayNearMe card, as well as your barcode, to the cashier. As soon as you pay the agreed-upon deposit amount, the cashier will record the payment and offer you a receipt.

When you reach your home, confirm that the payment was completed by entering the nine digits that you find behind your PayNearMe card in the space provided. That’s all you have to do for the time being; the payment you have completed will be available for use in 15 minutes. If you live immediately close to a PayNearMe-accepting store, you may not need to travel for long, but if you live in a remote area, you may need to travel far to deposit. Using PayNearMe betting sites is primarily inconvenient in this aspect.

How to withdraw using PayNearMe on sportsbooks

In the past, it was not possible to withdraw funds using PayNearMe. However, this changed when PayNearMe started a partnership with Pin4 and now withdrawing from an ATM is easy like never before. Simply follow the short process below to get your winnings quickly.

  1. Input your cell phone number and withdrawal amount to get started with the cash payout process. You will receive two text messages after being processed by the sportsbook.
  2. The “4-digit number of your order,” the payout amount, and the withdrawal window are all included.
  3. A link to a location map that shows ATMs in the vicinity where you can withdraw money right away.
  4. To collect your funds in cash, just enter the phone number, the cash amount you wish to withdraw, the order number, and a separate PIN into a participating ATM.

Best betting sites that accept PayNearMe

PayNearMe is accepted by several sports betting companies in the US. The best PayNearMe betting sites are all listed below:

  • PointsBet– PointsBet is a sports betting platform situated in Australia and is a newcomer to the industry, having launched in 2017. In 2019, PointsBet made its debut in the US. Because of its distinctive bet type, points betting, bettors in the state adore this brand new betting site. Several of the best promotions in the USA are offered by PointsBet. Aside from its unique types of bets, point betting is a high-risk, high-reward gamble. As a result, US bettors adore it. PointsBet is also one of the bookmakers who use PayNearMe as a payment method.
  • Caesars – Caesars Sportsbook has taken over as the new sports betting platform from William Hill. All of the predecessor’s properties now belong to the sportsbook, which has replaced William Hill. William Hill also had numerous connections throughout the US. It was the country’s most well-connected sportsbook. Everything now belongs to Caesars Sportsbook. One of the best incentives in the sports betting market is offered by Caesars Sportsbook. It also provides bettors with a diverse range of sports and odds. PayNearMe is among the most popular payment methods at Caesars Sportsbook.
  • BetWay – BetWay is a newcomer to the US industry, but it is swiftly gaining traction. BetWay is one of the biggest and most famous betting sites. It has several really appealing incentives. Bettors in the USA enjoy the sportsbook’s user-friendly experience. It values its reputation and uses only the most reliable payment options. PayNearMe is one of the options when making a deposit at BetWay USA.
  • BetMGM – One of the most reputable sports betting providers in the United States is BetMGM. Bettors can cash in their winnings from BetMGM sports betting at any MGM location in the United States. Furthermore, BetMGM offers one of the most diverse sports betting options, including less popular sports tournaments. PayNearMe is a payment option offered by the sportsbook and is among the most popular payment options.
  • FanDuel – FanDuel was one of the first sportsbooks to open in the United States. Both sports betting and fantasy sports are dominated by FanDuel. Furthermore, FanDuel is the market leader in the sports betting market. FanDuel places a premium on the security of its bettors’ transactions. As a result, it consistently opts for the most secure and dependable payment methods. PayNearMe is FanDuel’s most secure payment method and is preferred by bettors at FanDuel due to its security and convenience.
  • DraftKings – The king of daily fantasy sports, AKA DraftKings, was one of the first in the USA to open a sportsbook. Many sports betting enthusiasts regard DraftKings as the industry leader. With the same account, bettors can flip between the sports betting site and the DraftKings casino. The bonuses at DraftKings are really high. It offers one of the industry’s greatest welcome bonuses. PayNearMe is a popular payment option among DraftKings bettors since it is simple to use and secure.

Benefits and drawbacks of PayNearMe betting apps

Using PayNearMe as a payment option at US betting sites has both positive and negative aspects. This section will go through some of the benefits and drawbacks of using PayNearMe to deposit and withdraw money from betting apps in the US.


  • A fantastic option for cash-based players – The most obvious advantage of this financing method is that it provides a solution for players who don’t want to spend their money just on gambling or who are unable to use standard payment methods. If you don’t have access to internet banking, credit cards, e-wallets, or a debit card, paying for online gambling with cash is a no-brainer solution. Furthermore, if you are hesitant about disclosing sensitive financial information online, the PayNearMe deposit mechanism allows you to do so without risk.
  • Secure and safe – Another obvious benefit of depositing with cash at PayNearMe websites is that it is a more secure and safe method of payment for players who are concerned about identity fraud and credit card fraud. It also provides some anonymity because the gaming transaction is not recorded on your credit card or bank statement.
  • Gives you complete control over your gambling – PayNearMe enables you to deposit a set amount of money, so you can budget correctly for your online gambling. As a result, you have control over your bankroll because you can only bet with the money you have transferred into the betting account.
  • Convenient – You do not need to create an account with PayNearMe; all you need is your online betting site and cash. You can also deposit cash at over 27,000 sites around the United States. players may simply get to a participating PayNearMe store in practically every state and upload funds without issue.
  • Fast deposits – Unlike bank transfers, cheques, and wire transfers, which can take anywhere from three to seven business days to reach your betting account. The 7/11 PayNearMe Cash payments are frequently completed relatively instantly. In fact, it can take anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes for your funds to reach your gaming wallet. Not to mention that there is no verification, waiting period, or account registration involved in the procedure.
  • Widely accepted – This payment method is available at most betting sites in the US.


  • Minimum deposit – PayNearMe allows users to make daily deposits of up to $500 and monthly deposits of up to $10,000. In comparison to other ways, such as Play+, this is quite low.
  • Fees – Using PayNearMe’s deposit services may result in costs. Even though these costs are minor, they can be a barrier if you only want to deposit a small amount of money.
  • You need to physically go and top it up – Deposits are only available via cash deposit at your local PayNearMe accepting stores. This can be quite a disadvantage to players who prefer to do everything from the comfort of their homes.

The history of PayNearMe

PayNearMe has a short but interesting history. It was launched in 2009 to give ordinary people the ability to contribute money to businesses and other organizations. The aim was to appeal to those without bank accounts or who did not have access to payment alternatives. PayNearMe was launched at a number of retail locations across the country, with multiple outlets in each city.

In 2018, it started accepting electronic payments. PayNearMe’s payment infrastructure allows you to pay with a debit or credit card, as well as online bank transfers. Cash is still accepted in stores, which is how most gamblers in the US continue to fund their accounts. PayNearMe will continue to increase its service offerings in the coming months and years, as previously stated. This features a withdrawal facility that allows people to get cash by entering a code that is generated just for the withdrawal.


Is PayNearMe a safe way to deposit on US betting sites?

Yes, PayNearMe is a safe way to fund your account on betting sites in the USA. It's worth mentioning that all of PayNearMe's partnerships with regulated betting organizations are reciprocal. PayNearMe selects its clients with caution, while licensed betting firms also assess PayNearMe. The payment method also employs a two-factor authorization system for your enhanced protection.

Can I withdraw using PayNearMe on betting sites?

Yes, you can withdraw from betting sites using PayNearMe. With the new Pin4 PayNearMe partnership, you can now withdraw cash from chosen nearby ATMs across the country. Withdrawing funds with the payment processor is now faster than ever before, and you can receive your winnings immediately rather than waiting days.

How much fees do PayNearMe betting sites charge?

You don’t pay fees on PayNearMe betting sites. PayMearMe betting sites do not impose additional charges on bettors. However, PayNearMe may impose a transactional fee of up to $5.99. This fee is fair considering the security of your funds and the anonymity you will have using the payment service. Also, the service will save you some valuable time when you need to bet as soon as possible.