Sports betting sites are always on the lookout for new customers. That’s why they offer incentives such as a sign-up bonus. This is meant to be a way of getting you to come to the website and try it out. However, there are many types of sign-up bonuses and you’ll need to sift through the offers to see which ones are the best.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at different types of sign-up bonuses and how you can take advantage of them. Not all bonuses are made the same, and so, some of them are better than others. Understanding the many offers that are out there will help you determine which ones are worth signing up for and which ones are not.

What is a sign-up bonus?

A sign-up bonus is a reward given to new players signing up for a new sportsbook. It’s also known as a welcome bonus because it’s basically a way of rewarding you for registering with them. Though sign-up bonuses are a great way of getting people to join a sportsbook, they are also meant to get you to explore the new betting site to see how you like it.

An important part of getting a sign-up bonus is that you need to tick a few boxes for the sportsbook. You need to provide them with your details in order to successfully get the bonus. If you are not able to verify your email, for example, then you won’t be able to create your new account and get your welcome bonus. In addition, make sure that you know what type of welcome bonus you’re getting. Each betting app will have its own rules on the offer. For example, you might need to deposit a certain amount of money into your new account before you get the sign-up bonus. Others might only require you to successfully complete the registration process and the bonus is automatically yours.

How to get a sign-up bonus on sportsbooks

The first step to getting a sign-up bonus on sportsbooks is to obviously make sure that you’re signing up with the betting site for the first time. If you already have an account with them, you won’t qualify for the bonus. Its main aim is to get new customers, after all.

  1. Check the promotion pages of sportsbooks – Use a search engine such as Google to look for sportsbooks legally operating in your state. This is a great place to start because you know you can legally place bets with legitimate sports betting sites. Visit each of them to see what type of sign up bonuses they have, if any. Also, check for their terms and conditions so that you understand under what circumstances you’d qualify for the sign up bonus.
  2. Find the promo code for the sign-up bonus – On the site, you might find a betting promo code in the promotions section. Click on it to copy it onto your clipboard. You could also write down the promo code and then enter it manually later on when requested. If you do this, double-check that you’ve written it down correctly, otherwise, the promo code won’t work.
  3. Make sure the betting site is legit – As mentioned earlier, you need to make sure that the betting site is allowed to legally operate in your state. Licensing information is usually available in the footer of the site. You can also double-check that the site is legit by visiting the state gambling and betting regulator. They’ll have details of all the sportsbooks allowed to operate in the state.
  4. Sign up with your details – Click on the join or register button to start the sign up process. You’ll get to a page with a short form for you to fill out. Enter details such as your username, email, and secure password. You might also be required to verify your age and your physical location in order to adhere to state gambling laws.
  5. Use the promo code – At this point, you’ll be asked to provide the promo code you found earlier. This is usually one of the sections for you to fill out in the registration form. If your code is valid, it’ll release your bonus and ff it doesn’t work, you can ask the customer service team for help.
  6. Receive your sign up bonus – When you finish registering, and you confirm your email, your new sportsbook account will be ready. It’ll also have the sign up bonus credited and ready to be used.

Types of sign-up bonuses on sportsbooks

There a many types of sign up bonuses and each of them could be considered the best one. When you are reading more about the bonus, make sure you understand how it works so that you don’t find yourself spending more than you can afford to in order to meet wagering requirements.

Some of the most popular sign up bonuses are:

  • Free bet sign-up bonus
  • No deposit sign-up bonus
  • Matched bet sign-up bonus
  • Reloadable sign-up bonus
  • Cashback sign-up bonus
  • Matching deposit sign-up bonus
  • Boosted odds sign-up bonus
  • No risk bet sign-up bonus

Each of the above welcome offers is meant to give you the chance to try out the sportsbook while protecting your own cash as much as possible. When you have a bonus, think of strategic ways of using it that’ll add to your bankroll. With the above in mind, it’s not really a good idea to join a sportsbook just for these one-time offers. You want to use them to see if the sportsbook works well in terms of its features, placing bets seamlessly, and so on. The welcome bonus is a nice incentive to get started, but you still need to keep in mind the long-term goal, which is to have fun and wager on your favorite games.

Are sign-up bonuses worth it?

Yes, sign-up bonuses are worth it because they give you the chance to try out a new sportsbook with an advantage. Whether you’re new to online sports betting in the US or are looking to explore new betting markets, a bonus can shield you from big losses. Since every online sportsbook has different features, you can explore the site or the app knowing that your funds are more or less protected if you lose. There’s no way of truly knowing how good a sportsbook is unless you actually use it. So, a sign up bonus gives you the incentive you need to try out the online betting site.

About wagering requirements for sign-up bonuses

An important part of the terms and conditions for a sign-up bonus is the wagering requirements. These requirements are basically the terms under which you either qualify for the bonus or under what circumstances you can withdraw winnings. The details of this information are found under the bonus’s terms and conditions. That’s why it’s important to read these before claiming the welcome bonus. A legit sportsbook will make this information clearly visible. If you can’t find the Ts&Cs, chances are this is not a legitimate sportsbook. You can, however, take the time to ask the customer service team for assistance just to make sure you didn’t miss the link.

It’s also important to note the games that qualify for meeting the wagering requirements. Make sure that you know which games to bet on and how much you should be wagering. It’d be very unfortunate to realize that you’ve been spending money betting on markets that don’t meet the wagering requirements.


Do I receive a sign-up bonus automatically when I join a sportsbook?

No, you don’t always receive a sign-up bonus automatically when you join a sportsbook. Sometimes, you need to make sure you use a promo code in order to access the sign up bonus. Other times, all you have to do is to complete the registration process and the sing up bonus is automatically given to you. Another thing to consider is that not all sportsbooks give sign up bonuses.

Do I need to deposit to the sportsbook to get a sign-up bonus?

Sometimes you need to deposit to the sportsbook to get a sign-up bonus. Some sportsbooks might require you to make a deposit first in order to get a sign-up bonus. However, there's also the possibility of getting a sign-up bonus with no deposit. If this is the case, make sure to read the terms and conditions to understand how the no deposit bonus works.

What type of sign-up bonus is the best?

It depends on your personal preferences on what kind of sign-up bonus is the best. A no deposit bonus is always great because you don't have to commit any money in order to get the bonus. However, there may be some wagering requirements where you have to place real money bets before you can withdraw winnings from the bonus.