Currently, VISA betting sites are becoming popular in the US. VISA card payments allow players to deposit and withdraw money on most online sportsbooks. Keep reading this guide to know more about this payment method.

Best VISA betting sites

We’ve reviewed and tested all major betting sites in the US that accept VISA. Below is a list of the best VISA betting site available at this moment:

  • BetWay – BetWay is legal and regulated in a few US states. BetWay offers a sportsbook, casino, and poker room, but it’s best known for live casino games. The site offers a unique selection of sports betting games that players can access on their computers or smartphones. Their website is easy-to-use, making it accessible for players of all levels. You’ll find everything you need at BetWay, including live-streaming coverage of major sports like tennis tournaments and soccer matches. BetWay accepts VISA as a payment method.
  • FoxBet – FoxBet is a new online sportsbook founded by Fox Sports that offers VISA betting for players in the US. It’s an alternative to traditional gambling sites like FanDuel and DraftKings, featuring some of the most popular sportsbooks for US players. The sportsbook offers various betting options, including wagers on the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and college football.
  • BetMGM – BetMGM Sportsbook is one of the most popular VISA betting sites in the US. The company offers various bets, making it easy for players to choose their favorites. Also, they offer several bonuses and promotions, giving players the chance to win extra money. The website is easy to use and navigate, and there is a customer support team available 24/7 to help with any queries. With BetMGM, players can use VISA cards to deposit and withdraw money quickly and easily.
  • Unibet – Another popular sports betting platform that offers VISA betting in the US is the Unibet. Since it began, it has grown to become one of the largest online sportsbooks in the world. In addition, Unibet offers several features that allow players to customize their betting experience. Features include live-streaming video broadcasts from multiple sports events and access to detailed statistics on teams’ performances and player profiles. Besides, the betting site is one of the first online bookmakers to offer live-streaming of sporting events, allowing players to watch their favorite teams play from anywhere in the world.
  • WynnBet – Another legal and regulated online betting site in the United States is WynnBet. States that have already licensed this betting site include New Jersey, Colorado, and Michigan. Besides, WynnBet accepts VISA cards as a payment method. Moreover, the site has a wide selection of games and sports to bet on with excellent customer service. New players can also receive a generous welcome bonus if they wager with WynnBet.
  • FanDuel – FanDuel Sportsbook is one of the best and most popular sports betting sites that accept VISA in the US. The company offers several gambling products and services, including fantasy sports leagues and poker. In addition, the FanDuel VISA card allows players to make deposits directly from their bank accounts while earning rewards points along the way. This sportsbook offers some of the lowest fees in the industry, plus a generous welcome bonus when you sign up for an account. Besides, FanDuel offers various daily fantasy sports games to play for money or free. Players can pay an entry fee to compete against other players throughout an entire season based on their fantasy team rosters.
  • DraftKings – DraftKings is one of the biggest names in the fantasy sports industry, with over $1 billion in revenue per year. After all, it’s not just about fantasy football anymore. Currently, you can bet on almost any sport or event. Also, with so much money on the line, you have plenty of opportunities to make money from your skills with DraftKings. If you’re looking for a way to bet on sports online using your VISA card, you can never go wrong with DraftKings.
  • PointsBet – PointsBet Sportsbook allows players to bet on various sports. It offers some of the best odds in the industry, and it has many appealing promotions for new users. The company takes a ‘points’ approach to betting, meaning that players can bet on whether a team will win or lose by a certain number of points. Furthermore, PointsBet has quickly become one of the US leading online betting companies that accepts VISA. It offers several markets for its customers to bet on and has built up a large following within a short period.
  • Caesars – The Caesars website is a great place to bet on sports, play in their casino, and enjoy multiple games. The betting site offers various sports betting options and bonuses to new players. Also, the company has been around more many years and has an excellent reputation among players who have used it before. Players who use the VISA payment method can place their bets on most Caesars Sportsbooks in the US.
  • BetRivers – BetRiver is one of the most trusted sites for online sports betting because of its excellent customer support and user experience. For instance, the site is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It has a simple interface that allows users to find what they’re looking for quickly and wager at ease. Furthermore, the site features several games, including sports betting, casino games, and poker tournaments. There are different ways to bet on sports at this site, including live betting and futures bets. They accept a wide range of payment methods, including VISA.

How to deposit using VISA on betting sites

Making a deposit to an online betting site using VISA is easy, quick, and secure. Just follow the steps provided below, and you’ll be up and running in no time:

  1. Go to your desired betting site – Ensure the chosen site is legal and licensed to operate in your state.
  2. Register by filling in all your details – Standard details include your name, mobile number, SSN, email, and date of birth.
  3. Choose VISA as your deposit method – Select VISA from the list of payment options.
  4. Enter the deposit amount – The deposit amount will usually have a minimum displayed.
  5. Fill in your VISA card details. – Details include the card numbers, names, and the CVV code.
  6. Start playing. – The amount you deposit updates your betting site in real-time for immediate wagering.

How to withdraw using VISA on sportsbooks

In most cases, you can withdraw your winnings from an online sportsbook directly to your VISA card. But, this is not the case if you have a VISA credit, since it is not possible to send funds to a credit card. If you want to make a withdrawal from a sportsbook using VISA, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the cashier section of the betting site.
  2. Choose the ‘withdraw’ option.
  3. Scroll until you find a VISA as your withdrawal method.
  4. Enter withdrawal amount.
  5. Click ‘Withdraw Now.’

Pros and cons of VISA betting sites

When choosing the best VISA betting sites in the US, players should consider the following pros and cons.


  • Secure and fast transactions – Visa has a reputation for being secure and reliable. After all, VISA processes quick transactions. So, your funds will update on your favorite betting site right away after making a deposit.
  • Easy to use – VISA is easy to set up and use your account without disclosing personal information. Also, VISA is an excellent payment option for those who want some privacy in their online gambling activities.
  • Widely accepted – VISA betting sites in the USA are convenient because they are available in many options. Besides, many countries accept VISA cards more than any other payment method. So, if you’re looking to play at a site that allows VISA as a deposit method, you’ll find plenty of options.


  • Fees – The major downside of using VISA on online betting sites is the high transaction fees. Some betting sites may charge a fee of up to 3.5% for each transaction. These transaction fees can add up over time and become a significant expense for people who often pay for betting sites.

Different types of VISA cards

  • VISA debit card – VISA debit cards are like credit cards but function more like checking accounts. The card allows users to make purchases by withdrawing money directly from their bank accounts instead of borrowing money from their banks or other lenders. Debit cards often come with lower spending limits than credit cards do. So, users can’t overspend more than what is available on the card.
  • VISA credit card – VISA credit cards are the most common cards issued by banks and other financial institutions. They give users access to credit lines for making purchases and payments. However, they come with interest rates that must be paid back. Although credit cards typically have high spending limits, they have significant features, such as rewards points or cashback programs.
  • VISA business card – VISA Business Card is an international credit card that allows you to make payments online or in person. You can use this card on any betting site that accepts it, including online merchants and ATMs worldwide. Also, you can use the card at any VISA-accepting merchant that displays the VISA logo on its terminal.
  • VISA gift card – VISA Gift Card is a prepaid gift card used worldwide at any merchant that accepts VISA, including many eCommerce websites like Amazon and eBay. Besides, this card does not require a bank account, so it’s easy for anyone to get it and start spending right away.
  • Visa prepaid card – VISA Prepaid Card offers the convenience of a credit card with no credit checks required. You can use this payment option at any betting site that accepts VISA debit cards. Besides, the card provides added security with zero liability protection against unauthorized purchases.

VISA betting sites alternatives

If you don’t want to use VISA when gambling online, or the operator you want to use doesn’t accept the payment method, there are plenty of good alternatives:

  • MasterCard betting sites – A MasterCard is a global brand that has been around since 1966. They are among the most popular brands used by betting sites and online casinos. One reason is that most online merchants accept them worldwide. After all, MasterCard works with most banks and credit card issuers in the United States.
  • American Express betting sites – AMEX (American Express) is another global brand that has been around since 1850, with its headquarters in New York City. They have partnered with different companies to provide online services, including betting sites and retail stores like Target and Amazon Prime shipping services. In addition, users recognize American Express for its excellent security features and fraud protection services.
  • Discover card betting sites – The Discover card offers similar benefits to American Express and has lower fees on deposits and withdrawals. So, they are another excellent choice for players who want to use their credit cards without paying extra fees or minimums on betting sites.
  • Prepaid card betting sites – When players use prepaid cards on betting sites, they will enjoy gambling without worrying about losing too much money. After all, prepaid cards limit the money that players can lose in one sitting, making it an excellent option for new gamblers. Also, prepaid card betting sites offer various betting options, making it easy for players to find a website that suits their needs. These sites are secure and trustworthy. As a result, they are an excellent way to enjoy gambling without worrying about losing money.


Are my VISA card details secure on betting sites?

Yes, your VISA details are fully secured when using your card on an online betting site. VISA uses advanced security measures to secure all your financial transactions and personal data from tampering or unauthorized access. So, your details remain safe while transacting on betting sites.

How to check if I will pay fees on a VISA betting site?

You can check if you will pay fees on a VISA betting site by looking at its homepage or reading its terms of service. The information will be under "Fees." The costs vary by site, but they are generally between 2% and 5% of your total deposit. You can also ask for help from customer support if you are unsure about applicable fees.

What is Verified by VISA?

Verified by VISA is an online authentication method that the card company uses to make sure that it is actually you making the transaction. It works by sending you a text message or email with a unique code that you need to enter on the online betting site's checkout to confirm the transaction. Once the transaction has been confirmed with Verify by VISA, your betting account will be funded with the amount of funds you've decided to add.

Do I need to re-enter my VISA details every time I deposit?

When registering with your VISA card details on a betting site, all the required information will get saved on your account. So, if you have already entered your VISA details once and have not changed them, you can deposit funds into the betting site without re-entering them manually each time.