New Mexico is without a question one of the most eagerly anticipated states to legalize sports betting. Now is the time to take a look and see what online betting sites bring to New Mexico for the players.

It will put you a lot ahead of the competition if you know well about New Mexico sports betting. When the sportsbooks go online, you may take advantage of every advantage available if you are well-informed early on.

In this article, we will provide you with all the information that you actually need to start betting on sports online in New Mexico. This includes; online sports betting operators that will launch in NM, questions about the legislation, and we bring you the latest news as well.

Sports betting sites that may launch in the future in NM.

There are a lot of fans in the state, and many people are direly waiting for the best online sports betting sites to get legal in NM. Additionally, the top operators would definitely like to join the State and launch their platform right away. We have compiled a list of the top sports betting operators that will certainly join the market in New Mexico. These include:

  • FanDuel Sportsbook
  • BetMGM Sportsbook
  • BetRivers Sportsbook
  • DraftKings Sportsbook
  • Caesars Sportsbook

FanDuel New Mexico

Since its launch in online sports betting, daily sports fantasy pioneer FanDuel has made a reputation for itself. In the realm of sports betting, FanDuel has become a trusted brand. The sportsbook is indeed one of the first sportsbooks to enter a new state where sports betting becomes legalized.

FanDuel’s welcoming offer is one of the best in the industry. FanDuel also features one of the industry’s most comprehensive sports market offerings. The live streaming on FanDuel is excellent. FanDuel is also one of the tops in the market because of its odds boost and early cash-out option.

The incredible value on offer for sports bettors is what distinguishes the FanDuel sportsbook. When comparing similar betting odds across multiple sportsbooks, FanDuel’s returns are most often slightly higher than those found anywhere else.

The FanDuel smartphone betting app for US gamblers adds to the thrill of the game. Because it is integrated with the casino platform, the sportsbook app is more robust than its competitors. The app is accessible for iOS and Android smartphones, and users can easily download it from their respective app stores.

BetMGM New Mexico

Overall, BetMGM has a bunch of bonuses and enticing promotions that work to attract new players and keep them coming back to the platform. The sign-up bonus of BetMGM is one of the best in the industry.

Furthermore, once you’ve earned your welcome bonus, you’ll be able to take advantage of further incentives that will help you maximize your profits. When players gain access, they will understand why BetMGM has rapidly continued to rise to become one of the biggest and most popular sportsbooks in the USA. Currently, the company is recognized in 20 states to provide a wide range of bets and bonuses.

One of BetMGM’s best features is their One Game Parlay builder, which allows registered players to create a ticket for any big game quickly and easily. There are daily premade special parlays available for those who want to get right into the action.

BetRivers New Mexico

This sportsbook of BetRivers may not be on the equal level as the others on the list, but it is still one of the best in the business. In recent years, BetRivers has established a strong reputation. Similarly, it is going to get a nice fan base in the industry of New Mexico sports betting.

One of BetRivers’ biggest features is its extensive incentive program. BetRivers offers its customers tangible gifts in addition to free bets as part of this program.

BetRivers offers live streaming along with live betting which is quite rare in the industry. With this feature, bettors can now watch the games they are betting on. It’s a somewhat uncommon feature among bookmakers. On top of that, BetRivers offers odds enhancements on a variety of sports and events.

BetRivers’ mobile app is fantastic. It is quite simple and quick to utilize the software and place bets. The app is really simple to use. Furthermore, the app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

DraftKings New Mexico

Thanks to its first-mover advantage and brand familiarity, the Draftkings sportsbook has risen to prominence in the legal sports betting market. You may be familiar with it as a daily fantasy sports website, which it still is, but in 2018 it also created its own sportsbook. Fans are predicting that DraftKings is going to be a huge hit in New Mexico Sports Betting markets.

It also has a large betting market, with a variety of sports and leagues to choose from. And, it offers one of the most extensive markets of any online sports betting platform. Furthermore, they offer a variety of withdrawal options, including MasterCard, Netteller, Visa, PayPal, Venmo, and even check.

Sports betting operators use many different types of bonuses in order to attract new consumers and inspire existing ones. Because of the growing competitiveness, new and different sorts of bonuses have emerged.

Indeed, DraftKings offers some attractive benefits that are well worth investigating. All in all, the site and app are highly user-friendly. It’s a legal and secure way to wager on sports, and cashing out your winnings is simple.

Caesars New Mexico

Betting on sports online in New Mexico will become even more fun with Caesars Sportsbook. Let me tell you why. Caesar Casinos and Sportsbook are quite well-established names in the gambling world. Their sportsbooks are available in 11 states where online sports betting is legal.

It has an excellent rewards program and an enticing welcome bonus. Furthermore, they have a sizable market where you can wager on both domestic and international sports. Indeed, the Caesars Sportbook app is a dependable piece of software and a natural extension of its brand.

Caesars sportsbook is famous for its generous rewards. Some even consider Caesars as the best in terms of promotions and rewards. The sign-up bonus of the sportsbook is one of the best in the industry.

For the sign-up bonus, new users will need a Caesars sportsbook NM promo code, which is quite easy to find. It can be found on the sportsbook’s promotions tab as well.

Furthermore, Caesars Sportsbook provides a variety of deposit and withdrawal options. Their customer service is extremely professional, and they offer live chat support around the clock.

With the legalization of online sports betting in the United States, Caesars is aggressively expanding into new markets. In terms of integration with the Caesars gambling world, the Caesars online sportsbook has obvious advantages.

Currently, New Mexico sports betting is legal for retail sites i.e., brick-and-mortar casinos. The sports betting legislation in New Mexico was passed in mid-2018, and only betting in Casinos has been allowed yet. During that time, Santa Ana Casino was the first to offer sports betting at its casino.

It was after Supreme Court gave the ruling in 2018, that about 30 states including Washington DC started to offer some form of sports betting. New Mexico was one of them. However, till today, the state has officially not legalized betting on sports online in New Mexico.

Therefore, if you want to bet on sports, currently you will have to visit physical casinos. There are currently five tribal casinos in NM where you can bet in person by visiting their locations.

Any sports betting site, that claims to offer online sports betting in NM, does not have any license and may also be an offshore company. So you have to beware of such platforms and try to bet only with licensed operators, to stay safe and secure.

What is the latest news on online sports betting in New Mexico

Sports betting legislation in New Mexico has been a complicated matter for some time. While no formal legislation has been passed to allow full-fledged sports betting, there is no state law that forbids tribal casinos from offering sports betting.

In 2020, according to a Navajo Times article, the Navajo Gaming Enterprise was working to establish its own legal sports betting site in the state. Currently, the Navajo have three retail casinos in the state.

Moreover, in 2019, the New Mexico Lottery was unable to launch its own sports betting game. No legislation was in place to legalize online sports betting in the state. However, legislation was in place to prevent the New Mexico Lottery from establishing its own sports betting facilities.

Sports betting in NM is only permissible in retail gambling places of tribal casinos, and the selection is extremely narrow. These tribal casinos don’t have any affiliations with major sports betting companies, which presents a challenge.

Legislators in the state have yet to introduce legislation to authorize New Mexico sports betting, and there has been little debate on the subject. It appears that sports betting in New Mexico will continue to be restricted to tribal casinos.

Ostensibly, we’re already halfway there because sports betting is legal in the state, although only in person. That is an excellent first step.

Although New Mexico has chosen a different path to legalized sports betting, the simple truth that it already is available in the state gives the basis to think that it will grow and expand over time. If and when this occurs, online and mobile sports betting will almost certainly be available in the state.

Sports Betting Legislation in 2022

By adding sportsbooks to local casinos, New Mexico hopes to expand its local sports betting market.

In January 2021, lawmakers introduced NM House Bill 101, which will help the market expand. The bill has been declared but not officially adopted by the House of Reps; it will be assessed at a later date.

This will most likely occur during the 2022 state assembly. If the bill passes in the House, the Senate must agree to the same terms.

So, we can actually hardly predict when betting on sports online in New Mexico will become legal exactly. Many fans and legislators are hopeful that it might make some positive and productive developments by 2023.

Who regulates online sports betting in NM?

Currently, there is no authority that regulates online sports betting in New Mexico. It is also because it has not become legal yet. However, the “New Mexico Gaming Control Board” is overseeing and regulates retail sports betting activities in New Mexico state.


How old do I need to be to bet on sports online in NM?

Betting on sports online in New Mexico requires that you are at least 21 years old. As a matter of fact, 21 years is the minimum age requirement for online sports betting all over the United States. Individuals aged 18 and up, on the other hand, can purchase lottery tickets and wager at New Mexico horse racing tracks.

Do I need to pay taxes if I win on a sports bet in NM?

Yes, according to Internal Revenue Service (IRS), winnings on sports bets are taxable income. However, you will be taxed only if your winnings are equal to or more than $600. Therefore, you should report your income from sports betting just like everyone reports yearly salary income. Hence, federal and state taxes may apply to the winnings.

Can I bet on DFS in New Mexico?

Yes, you can bet on Daily Fantasy Sports in New Mexico as well, when sports betting becomes legal. It is because DFS is legal in New Mexico. Many of the sports betting operators that join the state have DFS options as well. Main New Mexico sports betting sites that provide DFS are DraftKings and FanDuel. Nevertheless, there are more sites as well that you can find easily. Locals can be confident that playing DFS for real money is safe and secure because DFS wagering is regulated by both the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and the United States Gaming Commission.