A clear understanding of how no deposit bonus works is critical for bettors. Why? Because it gives sports betting players the opportunity to gamble for free at top-rated betting sites, but with the chance of winning real cash. On this page, bettors will find detailed information on how no deposit offer works, how to get it, its pros and cons, and the rules guiding the reward.

What is a no deposit bonus on sportsbooks?

A no deposit bonus is a free bonus credit given to players signing up for an online sports betting site. The only requirement is that they register a new account with the online sportsbook and enter a promo code if required, to redeem the offer. No deposit bonuses usually target new bettors and sometimes punters who have been inactive at the US sportsbook for a while.

This bonus offer is very popular among US players who want to try out new online sportsbooks but are not ready to make any real money investment. The good thing about the no deposit reward is that it gives players real money credits that they can use for free. However, it is important to keep in mind that the offer sometimes comes with restrictions, such as minimum odds that players can wager on.

Different ways to get a no deposit bonus on betting sites

Sometimes claiming a no deposit bonus on betting sites simply requires players to enter a special code or use a coupon to unlock them. As with other sports betting bonuses and promotions, there are several ways to get a no deposit bonus. In this part of the page, we have carefully explored the three most popular ways of getting a no deposit offer:

  • Get a sportsbook no deposit promo code – Many online sports betting sites in the US will require players to enter a betting promo code before they can get access to the no deposit offer. Just like other sports wagering bonuses, a no deposit offer is not difficult to find. Players can easily see them promoted on the sportsbook’s homepage or promo page. The operator might even send the code via their email newsletter. In addition, bettors can also find no deposit bonus codes displayed on this page. The codes we promote here come with the best bonus terms and conditions.
  • Receive a no deposit bonus from customer services – In some cases, players will have to get in touch with the online betting site’s support team to request the no deposit reward. If after meeting the bonus criteria and the player still didn’t get the offer, then the bettor can go ahead and contact the operator’s support to ask for it.
  • Get one automatically when signing up for a new sportsbook – There are still times that players don’t have to enter promo codes or do any extra thing to receive a no deposit sports betting offer. The gambling site automatically awards them the bonus immediately after registering an account.

Benefits and drawbacks of no deposit bonuses

Considering the popularity of no-deposit offers, one can easily conclude that this bonus comes with a lot of advantages for bettors. Of course, the benefits are obvious, punters get the opportunity to wager and win real cash without putting down their own money. With this, they will be able to try a new sports betting site to see if it will meet their gambling needs.

Of course, even though the no-deposit reward offers bettors a good number of advantages, they can still expect some drawbacks. We have discussed the benefits and drawbacks of the no-deposit bonus below.


With a no-deposit bonus, bettors can test the variety of sports and markets that are available at a gambling site. It will help them learn about how they are wagered on and the chances of winnings. If it appeals to them, they can proceed to make a real money deposit into their betting account.

Another benefit of the online sportsbook no deposit offer is that it helps players to practice and hone their skills that they can use later when gambling for real money. To summarize, below are the three key benefits players get for redeeming a no-deposit bonus.

  • No risk to your own money.
  • It lets you try out a new sportsbook.
  • You can build a bankroll without depositing money.


Like every other thing in life, no deposit reward has its shortcomings. One of the drawbacks of this sports betting bonus offer is that it is usually for new players or bettors who have been inactive on an online betting site. Once they receive their bonus, it is only active for a short period. Of course, it comes with some demanding and strict wagering requirements.

Hence, it is essential for players to read bonus terms and conditions before claiming it. This will help them to avoid some pitfalls, such as misuse of bonuses. Also, keep in mind that not abiding by the bonus rules can lead to losing a bonus or even worse account closure. To wrap things up on the drawback of a free no deposit bonus, we have listed the two key shortcomings below.

  • It might be hard to withdraw winnings because of the wagering requirements.
  • No deposit bonuses are typically a very small amount.

Rules and requirements for no deposit bonuses

When it comes to online gambling no deposit offer is certainly among the best bonus offers. However, like most things in life, they have rules and requirements attached to them. Therefore, players need to understand exactly how these rules and requirements work to be able to use them effectively. Below are three rules and requirements players need to keep in mind before claiming a no deposit offer.

1. Wagering requirements

In the online gambling world, wagering requirements are common terms that we hear quite a lot. It refers to the number of times you have to play through a no deposit bonus before you will be able to withdraw what you win. Most times, wagering requirements are called rollover requirements or playthrough requirements. But in general, wagering requirements apply to sports betting while playthrough rate applies to poker sites and online casinos.

All no deposit offers do always come with wagering requirements. These can range from 20x to 50x. To meet the wagering requirements players must wager the bonus offer that number of times. For example, if a no-deposit bonus has a wagering requirement of 20x, players will have to wager the bonus 20 times before they will be able to withdraw any winnings made with the bonus.

Some sports betting sites may even require players to wager both the bonus funds and the deposit amount. However, besides the number of times you have to wager bonus funds, there are other terms and conditions relating to wagering requirements that you should keep in mind. These include only winning paid and minimum odds.

2. Minimum odds

When we talk about minimum odds, we are referring to the lowest odds that can contribute to the fulfillment of no deposit wagering requirements. For example, if an online sportsbook’s eligible bets’ are from -300 to -250. Any bet with -200 odds would contribute toward the wagering conditions. However, a line with -350 odds will not.

3. You only get the winnings

In general, when players wager with real money and win, they receive both their staked funds and winnings. However, if players wager with a no deposit offer and win, they will only receive their winnings, and the bonus funds itself is gone. This means that if a player wagers $10 on a +100 line using a no deposit bonus and wins, the player will receive only $10 as a total payout.

Although a few betting sites allow players to withdraw their no-deposit bonus and their winnings after meeting the operator’s wagering requirements. So, it’s essential to read the bonus terms and conditions. Online sportsbooks always state these things there. If you don’t find the information there, you can simply reach out to the betting site’s support and ask if you can withdraw a no deposit bonus.

4. Limited sports and bet types

Online sports betting sites may limit the bonus to certain sports and bet types. This means that players can only use the no deposit reward to wager on the permitted sports and bet types.

For example, a bookie can offer players a no deposit bonus and specify that bettors can only use it to wager on football, basketball, and ice hockey. In a situation like this, using the incentive to wager on any other sports outside specified ones means going against the bonus rule.

The online sportsbook may also permit players to use the bonus on all sports, but set limits on the bet types. The operator may permit players to use the bonus on only Moneyline bets, over/under bets, and spread bets.

That is why we always advise players to ensure that they can use the bonus to wager on their favorite sports and market before attempting to claim the bonus. Also, keep in mind that game and bet restrictions vary from operator to operator.

5. Expiry date

Typically online betting sites impose a limit on how long players have to claim the no deposit reward. For example, the offer may expire seven or fourteen days after account creation. In addition, many online gambling sites also limit the time players have to meet the wagering requirements. If bettors fail to meet the wagering requirements within the specified time, the sports betting site will forfeit the bonus money and the player’s winnings.


Do no deposit bonuses on sportsbooks have a catch?

Yes, usually no deposit bonuses on sportsbooks have a catch. But, it depends on the betting site that you are playing with. All legal online sportsbooks with good reputations clearly state the terms of their no deposit offer. They let players know that the bonus is free, but they can't just claim the bonus, withdraw and walk away. US online betting sites usually state the things players are supposed to do to make the bonus totally theirs in the offers terms and conditions. Hence, players are expected to read it very carefully, so they will know what they are in for.

Do I always need a promo code on sportsbooks to receive a no deposit bonus?

Some online sportsbooks will require you to enter a promo code before you can get access to their no deposit bonus. A few others will automatically credit you with the bonus offer immediately after you successfully create your account. You can always read our reviews to learn about each online betting site's bonus requirements. In our reviews, we clearly cover all those important details because we want our readers to have the best online betting experience.

Are no deposit bonuses only for new players?

Yes, a no deposit bonus is typically for new players. However, some online betting sites also offer this bonus to players who have been inactive for some time. The idea is to use it to get them to test a few new games that may spark up their interest. But it's also worth noting that there are no general rules that state that it must be for new players. So an online betting site may decide to customize it and offer it to existing players. Just keep an eye on the latest promotions.

Can you withdraw a no deposit bonus?

No, many online sportsbooks will allow you to withdraw a no deposit bonus. They will only permit you to withdraw winnings made using the bonus. However, keep in mind that you will only be able to cash out the winnings when you have met all the bonus wagering requirements. But there are still a few betting operators that will allow you to cashout both the bonus and your winnings. So just ensure you read the bonus terms and conditions.