Basically, sports betting is forecasting the sports results and gambling on the outcome. Georgia sports betting had very stringent rules on all types of gambling including sports betting in the past. However, we can see that efforts are in place to liberalize gambling laws.

Georgia sports betting includes major sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and soccer along with their respective leagues. Other sports popular in Georgia include golf, darts, cricket, and mixed martial arts (UFC).

In this article, we will discuss completely online sports betting in Georgia. Moreover, if you are wondering is it legal to bet on sports in Georgia? And if you want to know more about Georgia sports betting, you’ll find it here.

Online sports betting in Georgia is not yet legal. Any website that accepts bets from Georgia residents is breaking the law. Daily fantasy sports sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel, on the other hand, are available to access from within Georgia.

In May 2021, FanDuel invested more than $15 million in an IT center in Atlanta. Given that the sports betting law passed by the Georgia Legislature in 2021, it’s not a stretch to imagine that Georgians will be able to bet on sports in the near future.

Sports betting sites that may launch in Georgia

Because Georgia does not have any retail casinos, the state is unlikely to require in-person registration before placing a wager with potential Georgia high-end sportsbooks. Instead, sports bettors will be able to register and place a wager fully online. However, here are some of the most likely contenders to make their debut for online sports betting in Georgia:

DraftKings Georgia

Undoubtedly, DraftKings Sportsbook is widely regarded as one of the industry leaders in legal online sports betting. They’ve done an outstanding job of building on their reputation and infrastructure as a daily fantasy sports powerhouse to create perhaps the top online sportsbook in the United States. Their advertising has been as extensive and widespread as any of their competitors across a variety of platforms. DraftKings is already available in Georgia for daily fantasy sports. Surely, DraftKings will aim to add Georgia, to the list of 17 states where it offers its sportsbook, as a result of its presence in the Peach State.

The ease of access and depth of stat breakdowns for most events distinguishes the DraftKings sportsbook. Along with the game lines, there is a tab that allows players to quickly and easily determine which teams are in form and look for any potential mismatches. DraftKings also offers its users a substantial incentives and rewards program, as well as daily special parlays and odds-boosted wagers.

Unibet Georgia

It is a subsidiary of the Kindred Group, one of the world’s leading online gaming organizations. Unibet’s usability is one of the bookmaker’s primary advantages. Each element of the site is clearly accessible, and people can easily find their way through it. All the site’s sections are well-organized and are discoverable with just a few clicks.

Placing a bet with Unibet is also incredibly simple. It has everything a customer needs to place a wager, including live betting, being simple and accessible. The sole poor feature of Unibet’s usability, as previously stated, is the lengthy log-in process, which can be unpleasant for some users but not everyone. Overall, Unibet is a great platform for Georgia sports betting.

BetMGM Georgia

The sportsbook of BetMGM is famous for being one of the first to enter new markets. So showing up in Georgia as soon as possible is a predictable conclusion. Because BetMGM is also a part of the market to the north in Tennessee, the book is likely to have some fine recognition and brand awareness in Georgia. As online sports betting has become legal in many states of the United States, BetMGM has managed to stand out. The sportsbook has a reputation for providing terrific action as well as a solid rewards program. Moreover, it has licenses for operating in 20 states.

BetMGM offers a wide range of sports to wager on, as well as a wide range of betting lines for each match. Further, the BetMGM desktop site and app’s clear and elegant design make it quick and easy for gamers to find the exact bet they’re looking for. A daily selection of special parlay bets, as well as a variety of Lion’s Boost, enhanced lines, are also available. It’s easy to see why so many players have come to BetMGM, with a wide library of incentives and promotions spanning a variety of sports.

PointsBet Georgia

It is an Australian sportsbook that has become one of the most popular international sportsbooks. Consequently, it has also managed to gain an incredible reputation in the United States since sports betting has grown in popularity. The company is frequently at the forefront of new state launches. Their distinct feature is their new type of bet, Points betting. To quote PointsBet, “the more you’re right, the more you win”. Similarly, the more you make mistakes, the more money you lose. However, before placing a wager, customers can set limitations to control their maximum risk and profit.

Points betting, often known as spread betting, has the extra benefit of making every game exciting from beginning to end. Watching your team race away with the lead, for example, is much more thrilling when you know your payout increases with each additional point your team scores. PointsBet supports one of the best referral programs of any online sportsbook. The platform is incredibly user-friendly, with a navigation menu that displays all the sports listings, promotion offers, and increased odds. This makes it easier to navigate to any component of the website.

Both the website and the app are highly user-friendly. As a matter of fact, this is excellent if you’re new to sports betting and require a more easy-to-use platform. The Pointsbet’s minimalism does not deter more experienced users, who may find the website’s simple feel refreshing, in comparison to some other platforms.

Caesars Georgia

It is one of the country’s major sportsbook companies, with enormous resources to investigate new opportunities. Besides, Caesars sportsbook is also a member of the Tennessee sports betting organization. Caesar’s North Carolina locations are the closest full-service casinos to inhabitants of northern Georgia, along with Atlanta. Caesars sportsbook has one of the best reputations in the gambling industry. And they treat their US online sports betting services with the same respect as their original Las Vegas, NV casino. Moreover, they bought the famous British bookmaker William Hill in order to deliver the finest possible experience to players, and they now do so in 12 states.

Caesars Casino offers a wide range of bonuses and promotions, as well as a daily selection of unique bets and enhanced lines. These can be employed to improve the action across Caesar’s vast collection of domestic and international sports. A basic same-game parlay builder is also available, making it simple for those who like to take numerous lines on the same game to put together a ticket. The Caesars Sportsbook app is highly functional, attractively designed, and allows bettors to place wagers quickly and efficiently. The mobile app allows you to quickly access the cashier, communicate with customer service representatives, and redeem Caesars Sportsbook awards.

Caesars Sportsbook Rewards aspires to be the best reward program in sports betting. For every $ 5 you spend on sports bets, you’ll get a Reward Credit worth up to ten times your initial wager. As you accumulate more points, you can advance through the tiers — Gold, Platinum, Diamond, DiamondPlus, Diamond Elite, and Seven Stars — earning increasingly valuable rewards. Moreover, free bets, hotel stays, shopping, food, show tickets, spa visits, and World Series of Poker entries are all available with Caesars Sportsbook Rewards points.

Latest legislation for online sports betting in GA

When the Georgia Legislature adjourned on April 4th, the brief drive to legalize sports betting in Georgia in 2022 came to an end. Rep. Ron Stephens attempted to amend SR 135 and SB142, two pieces of gaming legislation passed by the Senate last year. SB 142 authorized sports betting. While SR 135 would have put gambling on the November ballot for Georgians to approve.

House Speaker David Ralston said: “Maybe it’s time that we ask the question to Georgians whether they want to expand gaming. And if they say yes, then we sit down and decide what form it will take. Whether it’s going to be sports betting, whether you do horses or destination resorts.” He also stated that there was a new level of interest in passing a gambling bill in 2022.

Hence, if you’re interested to know “is it legal to bet on sports in Georgia?”, then the answer is ‘No’. Sports betting isn’t legal in Georgia yet, however, things may change in a few years or soon.

Brick-and-mortar sports betting locations in Georgia

Currently, there are no casinos in Georgia. There are no plans to bring brick-and-mortar casinos to Georgia anytime soon, thus there will be no casino partnerships in the state. Casinos that offer online sportsbooks (Caesars, MGM, etc.) are likely to enter the market, but their presence in the state will be limited.

A timeline of online sports betting in Georgia


  • April 4, 2022 — The Georgia Legislature 2022 adjourned without passing any gambling legislation. SB 142 was never brought to the House floor because SR 135 was stripped and substituted.
  • March 28, 2022 — Rep. Ron Stephens made changes to two pieces of gambling legislation that were passed by the Senate in 2021 and authorized by a House committee. The first measure seeks a referendum to enable all forms of online gambling in the USA. While the second bill is enabling legislation allowing mobile and retail sports betting.
  • March 18, 2022 — The Senate failed to pass a bill allowing voters to decide whether horse betting should be legal in the state before the crossover deadline.
  • February 18, 2022 — So far in the 2022 session, a Georgia Senate committee has held hearings on various horse racing measures but has yet to discuss anything related to sports betting.


  • May 20, 2021 — FanDuel, the leader in daily fantasy sports and sports betting, plans to construct a product development and IT center in Atlanta. The plan includes a $15 million investment in the Georgia economy, as well as the development of 900 jobs over the next five years.
  • March 31, 2021 —Unfortunately, Georgia sports betting players will have to wait. Because the state’s legislative session comes to a close without passage of the two sports betting legislation that was introduced in the House. The political climate in Georgia has been tense, and the NAACP has expressed its opposition to sports betting legislation.
  • March 8, 2021 — The senate passes two pieces of sports betting legislation. And send it to the House of Representatives for consideration. The first bill, SR 135, asks voters to vote on whether to allow sports betting. SB142, Georgia’s sports betting bill, is the second measure. Both proposals will be moved to the House of Representatives, where its own bill, HB86, has been blocked due to partisan differences over voting rights.
  • Feb.10, 2021 —Despite the fact that a sports betting bill passed its first committee in the Georgia House, senators in the Georgia Senate decided not to wait and filed SB142. The bill in the upper chamber is very similar to HB86, but it differs in a few critical areas. SB142, for example, allows wagering on collegiate games that do not include Georgia universities, whereas HB86 prohibits any wagering on collegiate activities.


What is the legal sports betting age in Georgia?

You must be 21 years of age or older to place a sports wager, regardless of the particular sports betting rules.

How much tax do I pay on Georgia sports bet wins?

Revenue from mobile sports betting will be taxed at a rate of 20% of adjusted gross income (revenue minus winnings) plus a 0.25 percent federal excise tax. The lottery's sports betting revenue would be taxed at 20% of gross revenue.

Can you bet on college sports online in GA?

Currently, you cannot bet on college sports online in Georgia. As a matter of fact, even in the states where sports betting is legal, some states do not allow betting on college sports. Therefore, prospects for the legalization of college sports betting can only come after regular sports betting becomes legal