How often have you longed at a Utah sports betting site? If the answer is “many times”, this guide is for you. But first, it’s time to look at a few basic facts.

In 2020, the US sports betting market stood at $2 billion. Gambling observers believe it will grow at a compounded rate of 17.34% between 2022 and 2027. Furthermore, a significant part of this growth would come from unsaturated sports betting markets, such as Utah.

Indeed, online sports betting in Utah is heading toward interesting times.

This holds exciting opportunities for people who have never gambled online. If you are one of these people, this Utah sports betting article will help you in many ways. It will introduce you to the basics of sports betting, and the top sportsbooks in Utah.

Most importantly, this guide will answer a key question: Can you bet on sports online in Utah?

No, sports betting is illegal in Utah. In fact, there are no sports betting sites in Utah that you can bet on. Section 76-10-1102 of the Utah Criminal Code bans all forms of online betting.

Offenders risk being jailed for up to 6 months and receiving a fine of $1,000. If you are caught again, the jail term and the fine go up to $2,500 and 1 year, respectively.

The only way to get over this problem is to cross the state lines and wager online in Nevada.

Another way to get your betting fix is to visit offshore betting sites operating sites in Utah. However, this is a dangerous route because such sites can cheat you of your hard-earned money.

Though Utah doesn’t allow sports betting within its borders, several online bookmakers are planning to launch here.

Upcoming sports betting sites in Utah

This section has listed only legit websites. Furthermore, all these Utah sports betting platforms offer multiple betting options, sports, and bonuses to their players.

Caesars Utah

As a sportsbook platform, Caesars is a legit entity and is currently operating in 8 states. Caesars has obtained licenses from the respective states that it is operating. You must be 21 to play at this Utah sports betting site.

Caesars offers multiple betting types, such as totals, money lines, parlays, and points spread. You can see these betting types prominently on the home screen. Players can wager on their favorite sports from the Caesars platform. What’s more, this online sportsbook also has a live betting platform.

Gamblers can place bets on the go, thanks to the well-designed Caesars mobile app. They can download this interface from the Android and iOS Play Stores. The Caesars mobile app is always stable and works with every major browser.

Coming to banking options, you can fund your Caesars account with six different gateways. These are cards, PayPal, online banking, wire transfer, Skrill, and cash. There are no processing charges when you deposit cash. However, other options attract charges, which can be as low as $5.

You can use the above gateways to withdraw your money as well. Players have another option in this regard, which is check-based payments. Please note down associated charges and processing times while choosing your option.

PointsBet Utah

This is one of the best sports betting sites in the US and in Utah. PointsBet offers a wide range of sports, leagues, and betting lines to its customers. This Utah sports betting site has competitive odds, a unique PointsBet wallet, and other benefits for its players.

PointsBet is new in the US online gambling market. It entered the domestic market immediately after the Supreme Court nullified the Federal ban on gambling and betting.

Customers can expect a range of bonuses and other promotions on this platform. As soon as you sign-up with PointsBet, you receive a few free bets that you can use on selected sports. Fresh players might also get welcome bonuses, cashback, and other rewards for playing more on this betting website. You can deposit money via cards, e-wallets, prepaid vouchers, and cash. Some of these options are also available for withdrawals. However, every gateway has its own payment processing time, so exercise your choice wisely.

What makes Pointsbet unique? Well, its interface allows you to switch from the casino to the sportsbook, and vice versa. Furthermore, the PointsBet wallet works seamlessly across both platforms. While PointsBet has a well-designed website, it also has a simple and sleek mobile app. Punters can install this app in a few steps from the Play Stores. Most browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox, work with the PointsBet mobile app.

DraftKings Utah

Many punters consider DraftKings one of the finest sportsbooks in the world. Though its interface, it’s still clean and usable. DraftKings in Utah is present on iOS, Android, Windows, and other devices. You can expect quality customer care from this betting website.

DraftKings is legit because it’s present in 14 states. Furthermore, it holds a license in every state where it operates. For example, in New Jersey, DraftKings holds a license from the New Jersey Division of Gaming.

Every new player receives a welcome bonus upon signing up with this Utah betting site. Please note, this bonus is subject to several terms and conditions. DraftKings also offers cashback, free bets, risk-free bets, and other promotions frequently. You can read more about these on this sportsbook’s official page.

DraftKings is now in the NFT business, and you can see some recent drops in the DraftKings marketplace. A few prominent names are Naomi Osaka, Simon Biles, and Derek Jieter. Furthermore, this Utah sportsbook has also partnered with Michael Jordan, so many people are going to be interested in DraftKings.

Punters rate this sporting app high because they can wager on several popular American and international sports. These include Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Cricket, Boxing, Football, Golf, and many others. DraftKings also covers major international sports leagues, such as NBA, NHL, MMA, Champions League, Europa League, and others.

BetRivers Utah

The top reasons for liking BetRivers in Utah are the following. It is legit and works in 13 territories, including Canada. BetRivers is easy to set up and is available in many betting markets. Finally, this sports betting app has a live-streaming platform that broadcasts matches in excellent clarity.

All eligible fresh players receive a welcome bonus as soon as they sign up with this platform. You can claim this reward by meeting this sportsbook’s wagering requirements, which are quite straightforward. Once you become a customer, BetRivers will provide you with several promotions, such as cashback, loyalty bonuses, and other offers.

Players have the option to wager on their favorite sports using this platform. The sports selection includes Baseball, Basketball, MMA, and other popular sports. You can also pick your favorite league or match; some leagues worth wagering are NBA, NHL, MAA, and so on.

BetRivers works with several trusted payment gateways. These are ACH, Visa, Mastercard, PayNearMe, Prepaid Card, and Cash at Cage.

You can use some of these options for receiving money as well. BetRivers is expected to add other payment options, like PayPal, shortly.

FanDuel Utah

This is a fully legit and legal betting site available in several states, including New Jersey. You can trust FanDuel because it holds multiple licenses, is secure and verifies all its players.

FanDuel started as a fantasy sports site in 2009 but is currently regarded as one of the best sportsbooks in the world. There are several betting types to choose from, such as parlays, totals, points spread, totals, and money lines. In addition, FanDuel also lets players wager on future sporting events.

All the major, and not-so-major, sports are available on FanDuel. Some of these are Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Hockey, Soccer, and Cycling. Bettors can also wager on their favorite leagues and sporting events using the FanDuel platform. What’s more, the live betting functionality makes things easier for punters.

FanDuel’s live streaming has improved over the years. However, this facility is limited to a handful of sports, like Ice Hockey and Tennis. You can live-stream with your desktop, phone, or tablet. However, players must register on the FanDuel platform before starting this faculty.

Find your sports booking account with credit and debit cards, E-check, PayPal, Green Dot Money Pak, and PayNearMe. There are other options also, such as FanDuel Racing Prepaid Card, Gift Cards, Money Orders, and Checks.

You can use some of the above-listed options for receiving your winnings. All these payment gateways are safe, reliable, and trustworthy. Processing charges apply with individual payment gateways.

Customer support and security

FanDuel supports its customers via Live Chat, Email, and Phone. In addition, this Utah sportsbook has a helpful FAQs section, which contains several topics on gambling. Save your time by consulting this section before contacting the sportsbook.

All payments on the FanDuel platform are safe. This is because FanDuel encrypts its data with the latest encryption technologies. If you look at the URL of this website, you will see a lock-like symbol there. This means all payments are secure and can’t be seen by hackers.

Who regulates sports betting in Utah?

There are two gambling statutes that regulate sports betting in Utah. These are Utah Codes 76-10-1101 and 4-38-1. The former applies to gambling, while Code 4-38-1 controls horse racing in the state.

Utah’s gaming and gambling laws cover everything from state lotteries, and election wagers to horse racing and Indian casinos. These laws also have provisions for gaming commissions and government divisions that regulate the industry. In addition, all casinos on tribal lands must comply with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

A guide to taxes on sports betting wins in Utah

No taxation is in place in Utah because all forms of gambling are disallowed here. But what if this industry were allowed in the state? What would the tax structure be like?

The tax rate for all sports betting winnings in Nevada is 25%, which is the federal gambling tax. There are separate state-level taxes at play in Nevada.

On the other hand, New Mexico, which allowed gambling in 2018, has a 6% state gambling tax. Therefore, we can infer Utah’s gambling and sports betting tax would lie somewhere in between.

The latest news on online sports betting in Utah

It is unlikely Utah will legalize online sports betting in the immediate future. Utah has a Mormon past, and this legacy stops the state to allow sports betting within its borders.

In fact, Chapter 10, Part 11 of the state’s Criminal Code allows Utah to override any federal laws that allow gambling in the state.

From a betting perspective, the one sport that’s likely to be legalized is basketball. In fact, two teams, Utah Jazz, and Brigham Young University are the major force behind the legalization of this sport.


What is the minimum betting age for online sports in Utah?

There is no minimum betting age for online sports in UT. As said before, Utah is against all forms of gambling and has therefore not defined any legal age. That said, many offshore sites in Utah allow players who are 18 and above to use their operations. However, please note these websites don't work under federal and state laws, and therefore are dangerous to use.

Do all sports betting sites in Utah require a license?

Yes, all sports betting sites in USA and Utah must have valid licenses. But these licenses are impossible to get because UT disallows all forms of sports betting. Players also have the option to bet on offshore websites, which have licenses from foreign governments. However, from a UT standpoint, these licensed entities are untrustworthy.

Is DFS betting allowed in Utah?

Yes, Utah allows betting on daily fantasy sports. This may be surprising to you because UT disallows online sports betting. The reason DFS is allowed is that there is no ruling on skill-based sports in Utah. DraftKings and FanDuel are the two DFS operators currently in Utah.