A free bet is one of the most common bonuses available for bettors to claim at US sportsbooks that offer football betting. Several things make the free bet football bonus a good one to go for. It boosts players’ bankrolls, giving them a chance to place more bets on their favorite football games, whether in the NFL or NCAAF.

Almost every US sportsbook offers free football bets. At some betting sites, bettors need to enter a promo code to claim the offer, while at others, no code is needed.

About free bets on football

A free bet on football is a bonus that a sportsbook offers a bettor, allowing them to place a wager for free. However, players usually need to perform a task before getting the free football bet. For example, a US sports betting platform may offer a free bet to players when they place a bet on a particular game. They will get the bet whether they win or lose their original wager.

One of the good things about free bets is that it eliminates the risk of losing your own cash. Some bettors may even offer free bets with no deposit or betting requirements. In this case, such a bonus is a no deposit bonus.

Free bets can be offered not only on football. Some betting operators offer NFL free bets, which allow bettors to place NFL bets without risking their money. You may also find free bets on college football games in the US. One thing to note is that free bets work the same way whether it is specific to football events or not.

How to get a free bet on football

Getting a free bet for your football betting is not as complicated as some may think. In fact, a free bet is one of the most common bonus types that sportsbook offers. The first thing you need to do is find a top online sportsbook that offers a free bet of your preference.

You can do this by checking the promotions section of sports betting sites to know if they have the type of offer you want. It may not make sense to claim free bets on NCAAF when you only love betting on NFL. Once you’ve found a sportsbook with a free bet on football, check if it is licensed by the appropriate regulatory body in the state you reside. Each legitimate betting platform provides its licensing details at the footer of its site.

Depending on the betting site, you may need to enter a promo code to receive your free bet. This is an alphanumeric digit associated with a particular bonus. However, check the wagering requirements and other applicable terms and conditions when considering what’s on the offer. The last phase of claiming the free bet is to make the required deposit or place the required bet, per the instruction of the bonus. Once you do that, the bonus will be added to your bankroll, and you can start using it to bet on your preferred football betting events.

Here is a quick recap of how to get a free bet on football:

  1. Sign up for a sportsbook with a free bet promo on football.
  2. Check the site is licensed.
  3. Sign up with your personal details.
  4. Enter a promo code to receive your free bet.
  5. Read the wagering requirements of the free bet.
  6. Deposit funds.
  7. Place your free football bet.

Why bettors love free football bets

You may be wondering why bettors love free football bets. The reasons are not far-fetched. First, these type of bets are bonuses that help players boost their bankroll and place more bets than they could with their hard-earned money. Sportsbook sites usually offer the bonus for free, so bettors don’t need to risk their money. Besides, if you claim a good free bet on football games at US sportsbooks and manage to fulfill the wagering requirement, you may be lucky enough to win big from it.

Another good reason many players love to claim free bets on football events is that it gives them a chance to try out new bets. Top sports betting platforms in the US offer a wide range of betting markets for football. These include regular bets like Moneylines, spread betting, and totals under/over and special bets like props and combination bets. You can try out these different bets with free bets to see which one suits you better. For example, if you are used to only Moneyline bets on NFL and NCAAF events, you can try out totals under/over or proposition bets. However, avoid playing all your free bet money on a single game whenever possible. This is because you may lose all at once. Instead, split the free bet over multiple bets, if allowed, and try to go for less risky options. This way, you can stand a better chance of winning money from the bonus.

Below are some points to remember on why bettors love free football bets.

  • No risk to your own bankroll.
  • Try out new bet types that you’re not familiar with.

Common rules for football free bets

Free bets are like every other sportsbook betting bonus, meaning they are subject to rules that bettors must adhere to if they want to claim and win from the offer. It is vital to read the terms and conditions of free football bets whether no deposit bonus or deposit bonus. This way, you can know whether a particular offer suits your preference and is worthwhile to claim.

Below are some common rules that apply to free bets offered for football games:

  • Bet within a limited time – Every free bet on football is offered within a limited time. You must claim and use the bonus within the stipulated period. Otherwise, it will become invalid, and any winnings you’ve made from it may become void. Some free football bets are valid for only 30 days after claiming them. You can read the terms and conditions of a betting bonus to know the validity period.
  • Bet on selected games – It is also common for sports betting platforms to offer football free bets on specific competitions or games. For instance, you may claim a free bet bonus that applies to only NFL games and not NCAAF. You must consider the selected games before claiming a football free bet bonus to know if it is usable in your preferred competition or leagues.
  • Limited bet types – Another common rule of football free bets is the limited bet types. Most US sportsbooks that offer this type of bonus may limit it to only some specific types of bets. For example, you may be offered a free bet bonus on football events and be allowed to place only Moneyline bets with it. So, if you prefer proposition betting, the bonus may not be the right one for you.
  • Wagering requirements – Almost every online sports betting bonus, including free bets, are subject to wagering requirements. This refers to the number of times you must bet the bonus before collecting the winnings. So if a particular free bet offer on football events has a 5x rollover requirement, you must bet it a minimum of 5 times to collect the winnings from it. The lower the wagering requirements, the better the offer is for bettors. Some top betting operators in the US offer wager-free bets where you only need to bet the bonus once to collect the winnings.
  • Max win – Some sportsbooks can also limit the amount players can win from their free bet offers for football betting. After all, these gambling platforms are in it to make money, so they try as much as possible to avoid paying huge amounts to players through free bonuses. You may find some free bets with a maximum win of $100. This means that you cannot win more than $100 through the bonus. However, some operators are more generous, placing higher winning limits on free bets.
  • Minimum odds – Like most betting bonuses, free bets on football games may also come with minimum odds. Betting operators can specify the least odds of a single event that you can bet with free bets. For instance, you may find a free bet offer where the betting platform requires players to place bets on minimum odds of -200 for single events. Likewise, some bettors may require that bettors accumulate a particular number of bets for their free bet offer.
  • Payment method restrictions – It is also possible that some US sportsbooks limit the payment method that can claim their free bet bonuses for football events. For example, some operators may allow payments via credit/debit cards, ACH eCheck, and bank transfers to claim free bet offers but deny deposits via Skrill or Neteller. It is vital you pay attention to the payment method restrictions so you do not make a deposit with the wrong option and miss out on a free bet offer.


Do free football bets come with a catch?

Yes, in most cases free football bets come with a catch. They have rules and conditions that bettors must follow to claim them and keep winnings made from them. You must read the bonus requirements to know how to claim it and the best way to use it.

Can you get a free bet for college football?

Yes, you can get a free bet for college football betting. Top online sports betting platforms offer free college football bets. You can claim the bonus and use it to place bets on your preferred NCAA football games. The free bet bonus may be specific to a particular college football game or the entire NCAA competition, depending on the sportsbook and promotion.

Do I need a promo code to get a free bet on football?

Yes, in most cases you need a betting promo code to get a free bet on football. However, this depends on the sports gambling platform. Some operators require players to enter a bonus code in a designated field to claim its free bet bonuses. However, you may not need to enter a promo code at other betting sites.