Residents of Missouri have the opportunity to place real money bets on their favorite sports. As laws around betting and gambling change in Missouri, you should start doing your research about which are the best Missouri sports betting sites and what to look out for when picking one.

That’s why we’ve put this article together for you. We want you to have a fair chance of getting as much knowledge as you can when you’re asked: Is sports betting legal in Missouri? Notable dates about the changes in the laws and regulations will all be covered.

In addition to the above, there are a lot of factors you need to keep in mind. These include transaction-related information such as deposit method options, and withdrawal waiting times. Also, very important is the range of betting markets available to you. You need to make sure that you’re getting access to your favorite leagues in America and around the world.

Another thing to keep an eye on is customer service. You need assurance that you’ll get the help you need when there’s an issue. Furthermore, when looking for the best sportsbook offering ​​ online sports betting in Missouri, check what type of promotions and bonuses they have. This will give you a good idea of how generous they are to customers.

Sports Betting Sites that are Expected to Launch in MO

There are many sports betting sites in the USA. However, each state has its own laws and regulations which the sportsbooks have to adhere to. This means that, just because a sportsbook is licensed in one state, it’ll also be licensed in another. As a player, you need to be careful in making sure that you are joining a sportsbook that’s allowed to operate in Missouri. This will help to keep you safe from illegitimate sites. You need to do your own due diligence to make sure that you’re also staying within the confines of Missouri betting and gambling laws.

At the same time, the sportsbooks work on ensuring that they are following the laws. Harsh penalties await them if they don’t. So when you sign up with a Missouri sportsbook, expect to provide some personal details such as your ID. this is to prove that you’re over the legal betting age to bet in Missouri. Also, you need to prove that you’re physically located in the state. You’ll have to enable geolocation software on your device in order to make this happen. Remember, regulated sportsbooks will not abuse their access to your devices. But, it’s always a good idea to read their Privacy Policy. With the above in mind, it’s time to take a look at the sportsbooks expected to launch in Missouri soon. These have been selected based on how well they’ve performed in other American states where sports betting is legal.

Bally Bet Missouri

All kinds of Missouri punters have the chance to place bets on exciting games in America and all over the world. Those new to online sports betting have the chance to explore this easy-to-use website. At the same time, seasoned punters can enjoy various betting types to maximize their winnings.

Some of the other top reasons to join Bally Bet are:

  • Varied transaction types: There are many deposit options including Visa, online bank transfer, prepaid cards, Skrill, and more. For making withdrawals, you can get your payouts via Play+, e-check, and even cash at the cage,
  • A great app: The Bally Bet app is sleek, attractive, and caters to the needs of the customers. Making a deposit, withdrawing, and placing bets is very easy and only takes a few minutes.

BetMGM Missouri

As Missouri works on legalizing online sports betting, BetMGM is in a great position to continue improving its leading online sportsbook for bettors in the state. It’s one of the best sports betting sites in the country and has a number of sponsorships with pro teams playing in major leagues.

The most exciting reasons to get a BetMGM account are:

  • A reputable platform with many years of experience
  • Fast payment methods that are easy to use
  • Daily promotional offers such as odds boost and other regular bonuses
  • Parlay betting types to add an extra layer of excitement to your wager

Barstool Missouri

For an action-packed betting experience, create an account with Barstool Missouris. There’s a lot to explore and experiment with because of the modern features of the site. The mobile app, specifically, has been developed to give you everything you need to elevate your sports betting experience in Missouri.

Download it for:

  • Personalized app experiences: Access your favorite sports and leagues in just one click.
  • Customized bonuses and promotions: These are developed based on your betting style and preferences.
  • Keep up with all the action with live scoreboards: These give you more betting opportunities for popular sports such as MLB, Tennis, NHL, and more.

Caesars Missouri

Casino lovers who also enjoy some time in a sportsbook love Caesars. It basically gives them the best of both worlds from a trusted operator. Local and international betting markets are readily available for Missouri punters. When you download the Caesars app, you’ll get access to:

  • A single account that can be used across both the sportsbook and the casino.
  • Ability to earn loyalty points from both the sportsbook and casino. So, you can earn more points faster to be redeemed for exciting gifts.
  • A responsive customer support team that can be quickly contacted via Live Chat.

DraftKings Missouri

This sportsbook is one of the most well-known in America. It has made a name for itself as being reliable and trustworthy. A lot of brand activity can be seen through the many sponsorships and partnerships they have with American professional sports teams. DraftKings is loved by bettors because of:

  • Enjoy quick withdrawals depending on the payout method you choose.
  • Top industry betting technology to give you the best possible experience on the app and website.
  • Advanced security features for safe betting for anyone using the site, including high-rollers.
  • Exciting betting types such as sportsbook pools and in-game betting.

BetRivers Missouri

The action never ends when you join BetRivers. The sportsbook has so many benefits, their customers always come back again and again to place bets. The user-friendly site and mobile app are focused on giving customers a stress-free and easy betting experience.

Other great reasons to join BetRivers are:

  • A wide range of transaction options
  • Fast withdrawals that come with automated cash-out approvals for identified customers.
  • Exciting NFL betting types to football lovers.
  • Professional and responsive customer support.

FanDuel Missouri

Daily Fantasy Sports, racing and sports betting fans have the chance to enjoy FanDuel and its many betting features. Get an upper hand on your wagers with their regular promotions and bonus offers. New customers, in particular, have the chance to enjoy FanDuel with some exciting welcome bonuses that can’t be missed. Join FanDuel for:

  • Fast payouts in as little as 24 hours
  • The latest betting odds on the biggest sports events happening in Missouri and around the world
  • A world-class customer service team that’s been trained to put the customer first.

As it stands, in 2022, online sports betting is not yet legal in Missouri. It’ll only be in 2023 that the laws may be passed.

Who Oversees Online Sports Betting in Missouri

Since online sports betting is not yet legal in MO, there’s currently no regulator for this. However, once it becomes legal, the most likely regulators will be the Missouri Gaming Commission which regulates riverboat casinos, which have been legal since 1993. This is in accordance with the 2021 Senate Bill 98 which indicated that online and physical location sports betting would be regulated by the Missouri Gaming Commission.

An alternative could be the Missouri Lottery authority which regulates the state’s lottery. They are also expected to license and regulate VLTs (video lottery terminals). Whichever body ends up regulating online sports betting, you can be assured of strict and professional conduct from them. The main aim is to make sure that bettors are safe from unscrupulous sportsbooks and are protected if things go wrong.

Also, the sportsbook needs to be held accountable for their sites and prove the fairness of their sites. A regulatory body will keep an eye on them on behalf of consumers.

Though the legal age for real money betting on Daily Fantasy Sports is 18, when it becomes legal to bet on sports in MO, you’ll need to be over 21 years old. The current gambling facilities in the state have set this precedent as you need to be over 21 years to visit a riverboat casino, for example. So, therefore, the MO General Assembly measures have made it clear that you’ll need to be over 21 years of age.

With the above in mind, the onus will be on the sportsbook to make sure that their customers are of legal age. Proof of age in the form of a copy of a government-issued ID is likely. This will probably form part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process as you create your account or need to make your first withdrawals.

Notable Dates on Online Sports Betting in MO

Legislators in Missouri have been working hard over the last few years to make sports betting legal in the state. This comes as many other states in America have legalized online sports betting and have been getting high amounts of money from the sportsbooks’ profits. This is because US sports betting apps are obliged to pay taxes as a percentage of their profits.

The road towards legalizing sports betting in Missouri looks good, though, as a number of initial steps in the right direction have been made. Below, we’ll give you a brief timeline of the journey toward legalizing online sports betting in MO.

  • 2016: Daily fantasy sports became legal. Anyone over the age of 18 can, not only play DFS, but they can also bet on fantasy sports with real money. This is an indication that sports betting is generally acceptable in the state.
  • 2018: As the Supreme Court gets rid of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PAPSA), MO legislators stepped up their goal of legalizing sports betting. They drew up six bills in preparation for the Supreme Court ruling.
  • 2019: A lot of fact-finding was conducted in order to make sure that the new betting laws protect both the consumers and the sportsbooks. But not much else was done in terms of progress.
  • 2020: There was the belief that the new sports betting bills would finally be passed in 2020, but the legislature had other businesses they considered more urgent.
  • 2022: The gambling industry and other important stakeholders such as pro sports teams firmly made their support for legalization clear. Two crucial bills have been progressing through the state legislature.


Do I pay taxes on online sports bet wins in MO?

Yes. Since winnings from a bet are considered income, you have to pay taxes. How much you pay is based on MO tax laws for gambling and betting-related earnings. To get a clear understanding of how much you need to pay when consulting a professional financial advisor or account. If you can find one who specializes in betting-related issues, even better,

Can I bet on DFS in Missouri?

Yes. Daily Fantasy Sports betting has been legal in Missouri since 2016. As long as you’re over the age of 18, you have the opportunity to place real money bets at regulated sites in the state.

Does Missouri allow online horse race betting?

Since there are no racetracks in MO, it’s not legal to bet on horse races in the state. Punters who want to bet on horses will have to visit neighboring states where this is legal. If you come across an offshore site offering horse race betting, know that they are not eligible to operate legally in MO.